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The Cast in Other Lands/Roles

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I've stumbled upon bits of Other Roles and kept meaning to post but didn't get around to it. I'm sure everyone noticed that Jamie Dornan (Graham) was in Belfast. He didn't get an Oscar nomination, but he got good reviews. I suppose his acting has had a chance to grow in ten years (I thought he was a bit wooden in OUAT), though it might also help to be working from an Oscar-caliber script by Kenneth Branagh and be directed by Kenneth Branagh. The promo interviews I saw confirmed my suspicion that he was trying to do an accent on OUAT because his normal speaking voice is really different. I think he was kind of aiming at American, or possibly a generic British-ish accent.

Speaking of accents, I started watching The Right Stuff, and it took some mental adjusting to get used to Colin in that role, with the familiar face (mostly the eyes) and voice, but in a totally different context and totally different accent. Although my passport says I'm from Oklahoma, I'm no expert on the accent, but I think he did pretty well. It's not generic southern, and if I didn't know he was Irish, I wouldn't have guessed it from this. He certainly does the Eyes of Pain well.

A very young Liam Garrigan (Arthur) was in The Pillars of the Earth (I found the DVDs at the library and checked the set out because I read the book ages ago). His character isn't too different from Arthur. He's a sneaky jerk who blames all his problems on other people. He nearly gets a woman burned as a witch because he lies about what he saw her doing, and he spends most of his screen time either bullying Eddie Redmayne or creeping in Hayley Atwell. I have one episode to go, and there's a chance he might pull a turnaround, like Arthur did. It was apparently originally on Starz, so if you want to see quite a bit more of him, you do get a bit of an eyeful (or possibly his body double, but this was one of his earliest roles, so I doubt they'd have hired secondary cast members who didn't want to do nudity).

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