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Welcome to Plathville in the Media: All The Articles About Them They'll Never Read

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The family's matriarch Kim revealed that in a tragic accident she had killed her 17-month-old son, Joshua.


The incident took place in September 2008 when Kim was pregnant with her eighth child. Kim accidentally ran over Joshua while she was transplanting fruit trees, Kim wrote on the website. "In a panic, I realized what had happened.  I ran over our Joshua.  I lived the next hour nonstop in my brain for the next 8  months. My husband Barry followed an ambulance home from work that day.  Joshua died before he got there.  I lived in Hell on earth," she wrote.  Kim revealed the struggle she went through in the coming days. 

She wrote, "My husband was dealing with losing his son and his wife.  I was gone.  Checked out.  Unavailable for conversations or reality.  If someone said Joshua’s name I had to leave the room. I  thought of the accusations I would have thrown at Barry if the situation had been reversed.  I knew what would have happened if Barry ever said anything like that to me.  I was so fragile and had totally lost my will to live."

Kim further added that having faith in God helped her get through her tough time. "I can’t explain it other than: He re-wrote the bad coding in my brain.  He took the ruts in my brain that had been running that same movie in my mind and filled them with  His Spirit. The movie stopped.  I wanted to live again.  I was with my family again.  I could hear Joshua’s name and I could talk about him again," she wrote. 

However, some of the fans questioned the incident as one of the Twitter users pointed out "So @TLC is giving these nutjobs in true TLC fashion their own show. THE WOMAN KILLED ONE OF HER KIDS. Welcome to Plathville I guess.  TLC really steering towards cultish people with that creepy #CountingOn family and now," read the tweet. 

The user further explained the incident by adding, "Oh yeah. She ran it over on the farm because “she didn’t see it." This is not the only incident that has fans questioning the family. According to the Plath family, they have been away from social media, technology or any other form of distraction. 

But surprisingly, the family has a Facebook page, YouTube page, and an official website. Fans even questioned their decision to come on television even though they prefer not using one. "But they choose to do a tv show?? Do they plan on watching? I’m sure they hope others don’t have their same beliefs or the show won’t be a success," wrote one user. 

Another added, "So tell me HOW these people are found?!? I would LOVE a show on TLC but apparently being real isn’t good enough..." It seems like the show has raised a lot of red flags among the audience and looking at this, makes us wonder if the first season will survive the test of audience views. 

'Welcome to Plathville' premieres on November 5 on TLC. 

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1 hour ago, Giant Misfit said:

So I guess TLC is desperate for another fundie family reality series. 


Apparently these people pride themselves on not using technology, but yet -- here is their

YouTube channel

Facebook page

Their own website featuring one helluva creepy picture

I know how to use technology and have none of these things.

So another TLC scripted fake reality series.

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On 10/30/2019 at 11:34 AM, Giant Misfit said:

Their own website featuring one helluva creepy picture

THE PICTURE!  I can't stop switching between laughing and gasping in horror.  Who picks THAT pic as their best one?  Who decides to pose like that to begin with? 


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This is the Media topic for the show. Please post and discuss any articles in the media in this thread. All show-specific comments should be made in the episode threads

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on their website it has Kim listed as a "Naturopathic Doctor".... just what is that??

And ole Barry got 25 yrs in ... I guess this TLC gig is his part of his retirement income.

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I'm too cultured to watch this crap...HAHAHAHA, I kill me...but I don't watch this show because they are too obvious with their lies. A Youtuber I cannot watch because she drove me crazy when she was reporting on the Amber DV situation on Teen Mom by taking ten minutes to make one statement, apparently recently posted a video of her interviewing the older kids who have suggested that the Mom is mentally ill. I didn't seek out that video, but saw a post by an Instagrammer who posts 90DF memes and posted these about this show and I thought people here may be interested. It looks like it is a pretty dead forum; they must creep out everyone, because we certainly don't have viewing standards. 

Two slides:

Single slide:

There is another post that has screencaps from the Olivia who is in that last gram, but I didn't post it. There is also a post about a raid at a home and business, but when I pulled it up, it looks like the comments are saying it is about the Duggars being raided by Homeland Security not this family, so I didn't post it either. 

For those who want to read the posts but don't do Instagram, click on one of the slides above and it will take you to the master page, or click this direct link. I think this account is going to be for this show only, so I won't be following it.

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if this is the truth (information she received during a 2 hour phone interview with Olivia Plath), it explains so much about why Kim doesn’t like Olivia, how she and Ethan met and how her own upbringing has shaped her views on why she feels strongly about supporting the older Plath kids who want to break free. 


This video helps me see a different side to Ethan and have a less critical view of them as a match. 

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Welcome to Plathville isn't Moriah's first time in front of the cameras.


As revealed on the Plath family's website, Moriah made her acting debut in a 2018 short film called THERE. The film, which can be viewed on Vimeo, features Moriah as Brittany — a troubled daughter who has a strained relationship with her father. 

She makes her acting debut at about 2:30. This was filmed on January 8, 2018.

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I roll my eyes when people announce they’re “taking a break from social media.” Just go.

I wonder how the parents pitched this show to make the network interested. 

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