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Paola Shea: Pao... Right In The Kisser

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Despised her from the pre-show stuff. She just seemed loud, full of herself, and fake. Was meh from the first episode.

But in the few episodes since then she's kind of grown on me. Admittedly I'm not seeing live feeds (and only intermittently reading updates about all of that), but on the broadcast show I've noticed she gives Good Diary Room, at the very least. I don't know if she could ever qualify as witty, and she's loud as shit, but nevertheless she's funny in a more basic kind of way.

I may come back to this topic later and rant about how much I (again) hate her. But for now? It's tolerance and amusement.

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What exactly is the pre-show stuff?

The interviews they do before the show first airs.  You see this online in various places days earlier, as well as it forming the canned footage we get when we first meet them on the first episode, before they enter the house. Also, they have bios on the BB website beforehand as well.

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