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S03.E04: The Book of Occupation: Chapter Four: Lynn's Ouroboros

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Jefferson faces new challenges due to the shocking state of Freeland. Lynn finds herself under intense pressure as she desperately tries to find a solution to the continuing crisis in Freeland. Meanwhile, Anissa continues her work at the clinic. Lastly, Jennifer finds her confidence shaken.

The episode was written by Adam Giaudrone and directed Mary Lou Belli.

Airdate: 10/28/2019.


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Damn.. When Odell finally falls.. He's gonna fall hard.. Cuz Jeff is gonna eventually find out that he's got his wife/ex-wife hooked on drugs and is turning his youngest into a dark-phoenix esque true believer... And that's without anissa blabbing secrets to grace ( who I love)  and generally feeling herself... Also glad they explained her loft... New kid is probably a meta.. I'm good with that.. I appreciate him so far being a differing opinion without being a super jerk... 

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Well, this was an absolute bleach-chugger of an episode. I mean, it wasn't bad, but it's depressing as fuck. When Principal Lowry gets busted in the face twice and I don't get a thrill, I know it's a bad time.

Did the Head Bitch In Charge actually say "rebel scum"? Please tell me I imagined that.

Okay, Jefferson and Nissa got to bust heads and free some innocents, and Nissa and Grace got a few moments of comfort . . . but it's getting to point when disbelief needs to be expelled, and not just suspended.

Once again . .  . Principal Lowry got nailed . . . twice! And in front of a class! But he was trying to defend one of his students, so I didn't get the cheap chuckle I wanted.

And Khalil is still killing guys. Great. You know Jennifer is going to snap him out of it, and you know it's going to be painful. Honestly, Khalil could sacrifice his life this season, and I wouldn't be shocked. His codename is "Painkiller," yet he gets pain inflicted on him all the damn time. If it's not Tobias, it's Odell.

Speaking of Odell  . . . shit, he's got Jennifer under his thumb. And he actually convinced Lynn to take Greenlight to treat her patients . . . AND she thought it was her idea. Honestly, if Crisis were to at least halve the depressing shit that happens in Freeland, I wouldn't disapprove too much about the writers copping out.

New kid is Troy Polamanu's son. That hair . . . that hair.

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Oh man, I can't wait until Odell bites it. The Markovians have nothing on him! The real Big Bad. Villains tend to come back on this show, so maybe several people can kill him, just to be sure.

The Jefferson/Anissa shouting match just seemed like drama for drama's sake, to me.

Do the writers hate Lynn? I feel like she gets the worst storylines.

Anissa/Grace seem to be competing with Brainy/Nia for weirdest couple in the multiverse.

Jen - you know Odell and the ASA are shady - stop trusting this dude!

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Still can't believe they brought Principal Lowry back and it ended with me actually feeling bad for him (especially after he was his normal dickish self in the first scene.)  The guy was actually trying to protect his student and got butt of a gun for his troubles!

Odell ain't fucking around!  Not only has he got Jennifer convinced that the ASA is a necessary evil, but it looks like he somehow got Lynn addicted to green light and now has her constantly doing the ASA's bidding.  Dude is the worst.  His downfall better be epic.

Khalil continues to destroy everyone in his path.  But with Jennifer getting involved with the ASA more and more, I wonder if a potential reunion is in the cards.

Nice to see that Anissa isn't going to let the "my girlfriend can turn into a teenager when she gets scared!" issue ruin what she has with Grace!

At least Gambi's back getting shit done and will hopefully finally loosen the grip Odell and the ASA have on Freeland. 

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Odell really is the most devious shit you can imagine. Now he has Lynn hooked on green drugs AND he has just about convinced Jennifer that the ASA is totally justified in whatever they do. Even if Odell did give Jefferson a super awesome suit, he is due for a Black Lightning style take down. I am glad that they explained that Lynn was being influenced to take the drugs, as her doing the classic "let me just use this dangerous drug on myself! YOLO!" comic book trope seemed pretty out of character for her. 

The fight between Anissa and Jefferson was pretty brutal, especially when Jefferson basically told her that she shouldn't tell Grace anything because she is inevitably going to get bored of her! Right in front of Grace! I mean, he isnt wrong that Anissa has a rather love em and leave em history, including with Grace, but damn thats harsh! It was nice to see that they are doing well, I hope that we can see more of Graces powers and what she can and cant do with her powers. 

Now that Gambi is on it, I am sure that Odell and ASA will be on their way out soon! Yeah he doesent have a billion dollars and five guys working on it around the clock, but he has a ton of determination!

Damn, Principal Lowry finally stands up for his students and tries to do the right thing for once, and he gets a gun to the face for his trouble!

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5 hours ago, tennisgurl said:

The fight between Anissa and Jefferson was pretty brutal, especially when Jefferson basically told her that she shouldn't tell Grace anything because she is inevitably going to get bored of her! Right in front of Grace! I mean, he isnt wrong that Anissa has a rather love em and leave em history,

Yeah anissa really is kinda the prototypical rougish hero... Kinda morally grey in some aspects.. Not much for patience... A ladykiller... And The only problem I had with Jeff was him saying all that in front of Grace.. And only because I know how emotionally skittish Grace is... But he wasn't wrong.. About her history.. But Grace may give anissa  that  "Love of a good woman that changes the hero" that we all can't kinda stand, but I'm hoping it does play out that way... I really like Grace and minority interracial relationships are big for me. 

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14 hours ago, Perfect Xero said:

This season is crazy, did Principal Dogfood make a face turn? Are the Markovians even really evil on this show or are they just a convenient scapegoat for Odell and the ASA?

I was wondering about that, but I think his defending the student had more to do with his control freak issues. He hates Jefferson, not because Jefferson is good or bad at his job, but because the kids like him more and that challenges his authority/power. The ASA guys coming into his school and removing his students without his permission is a challenge to his authority. (But it would be more interesting if he did switch sides...or at least become more grey.) 

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