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Gotham Wish List: Hope For A Hopeless City

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Not that I want this to turn into a tween soap but it might be nice to have an episode where Bruce meets a young Zatanna who brightens up his dreary life for an episode and reminds him that life isn't all bad. For some reason I can also see them having him go to the circus and see Dick's parents as teens perform. Heck they may even teach HIM a thing or two about acrobatics.


Or meets a young Talia al Ghul. I had the same thought about the Flying Graysons!




Also count me in for some more extended Wayne family.


In Pre-Crisis Cannon, Bruce Wayne lives with his uncle (who's usually away on business). Ma Chilton is the housekeeper and becomes sort of a mother to young Bruce.

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She's possibly only recognizable to BTAS veterans.  Something tells me that FOX/the showrunners are under the impression they're somehow trying to tap into a different market that only knows Batman through theatrical movies.  Ivy DID appear in Batman & Robin, but that's the Bat movie people TRY to forget.

Oh god, is that the Clooney weird nipples one? Yeah, best forgot.

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Oh god, is that the Clooney weird nipples one? Yeah, best forgot.

Yes. It was the Clooney one. Ivy was played by Uma Thurman in that one. 


I was going to say that I wouldn't mind seeing Harley Quinn pop at some point but Arrow is already looking like they are going to take a stab at that character. Hopefully, they get it right. The only other live-action Harley there has ever been was on Birds of Prey if I recall correctly. It was a slightly different and odd version of Harley since the story was set some years after her time with the Joker but I thought Mia Sara did a good job with it. 

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6 month old Dick Grayson with a little stuffed robin toy (kidding, please don't have this)


Jokes aside, I would love to see the circus come to Gotham, with or without the Flying Graysons.

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I want to see a genuine team-up with Gordon/Bullock and Montoya/Allen, and have it not be about Bruce.  About the Waynes? Sure, but something important to what we've seen already.


Young girls can be intensely friendly and then completely cut ties to one another; I'd like to see a relatively nice Selina/Ivy friendship. Not forever,but more than just a someone's-sick kind of thing.  They can fallout over one letting the other get caught by cops or child services. Or just over someone saying the wrong thing to the other, like Bruce and Selina a couple of episodes back. Nothing dun-dun-DUN!, but something big that separates them after a bit of mutual help.


We got a delicious taste of early Bullock in Spirit of the Goat, so maybe a return of Dan Hedeya's Dix? It could show us a bit more of Gotham BTWM (Before The Wayne Murder.)


I want Butch  to be okay.


I would like a little more on Fish and Harvey. It's so tantalizing.

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I want to see a genuine team-up with Gordon/Bullock and Montoya/Allen, and have it not be about Bruce.  About the Waynes? Sure, but something important to what we've seen already.


Quoting myself, but I still want to see our super-cops team up to take down someone, like Loeb or one of the big Dons. Maybe that is where we are headed for Season 2. I just think that it's a waste to not use Montoya and Allen.


I would also like to see Barbara go very gray and be Penguin's art person. If he is trying to take over Fish's turf, then presumably, the Gotham Arts District would fall to Penguin. Or maybe if the club is going well enough, he can try to add Barbara's gallery to his portfolio? 


I am excited at the prospect of Lucius Fox being embodied in this show, but I am not sure how he and Bruce can secretly meet. Bruce didn't seem to grasp the "truly stoic" line at the time, but maybe he will tell Alfred.


I sort of want Lee and Ed to be friendly. Lee seems like she would be sad if Ed goes bad.(Not that she wouldn't be horrified if his list of crimes grows, but he truly seems so lonely. Kudos to Cory Michael Smith!)

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Season 2 Wishlist ....


- Better writing for Barbara. I think they revealed her killer tendencies a bit too soon. Should've saved it for next season.

- Both Edward and Ivy to get specific episodes named after them that properly focus on them too.

- Slow down with the rogue gallery introductions.

- A slow descent for Harvey Dent.

- Another new regular original villain like Fish but not strictly a mobster type.

- More interactions with various characters as well.

- A Christmas episode in a similar vein to Christmas With The Joker or Holiday Knights.

- Better use for Montoya/Allen. They don't need to be in every episode but every three or four wouldn't hurt.

- Don't advance the Joker stuff too much if it's Jerome.

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The Lovecraft plot made me hopeful that down the line they'll do a version of the Court of the Owls storyline.

Young Bruce does pinpoint his parents murder to them, before he gets tricked into thinking he was wrong.


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More Ivy.

Butch surviving another season.

Mama Cobblepot surviving another season.

An explanation for why Montoya and the other guy completely vanished after the last episode they appeared in. Like, were they suspended after screwing up with the whole penguin/jim murder stuff???

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What I would like to see is Gotham slowly getting better over the length of the show as Gordon's efforts seem to be bearing fruit. As it is, there's no sense of hope whatsoever, Gotham just gets more and more over the top in vileness with each passing episode while Gordon's attempts to help fix the city at best keep sending him back to square one, and as a result it gets more and more ridiculous that anyone including Gordon even tries anymore and doesn't get the hell out of the city. It's hard to get invested in a show about a protagonist's attempt to clean up a city when the show doesn't even attempt to PRETEND that the protagonist's efforts are actually going to accomplish anything or worse consistently backfire. This is a big issue in the Batman comics too, but this show has the opportunity to be a bit more nuanced than "everything is just as bad or even worse at the end of every episode" as the comics do.


Of course, then there would be a few seasons when the show is about to get wrapped up where after everything is finally coming up roses and the city seems all clean and prosperous everything starts to promptly go to shit again just as bad or even worse than before in preparation for Batman. If it looks like there's a chance for Gotham to prosper it would be much less predictable.

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I have to agree, immortalfrieza. I thought last year got bogged down way too much with the darkness that it had a “numbing” effect, and I'm ready to see some positivity. I get that the show doesn't want to get “too rosy too soon” and, perhaps, they want to avoid predictable “up and down” storylines, but, frankly, I feel “overwhelmed” by the darkness that it's just become boring. I also agree that, at some point, Jim Gordon's efforts have to start working for him to be believable as an effective hero.

I do think, perhaps, as a twist the show could make the villains be the ones to give Gotham its “light”- the villains are perfectly capable of making it prosper, and making it prosper “the wrong way” would give perfect impetuous for Batman to arise to “correct” things. It would also give Batman the perfect conflict- who'd want to allow Batman to run wild if it means ending their life of prosperity?

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When talking about season 2, star Ben McKenzie made it clear that while he’s still very proud of the show they made last year, he thinks season 2 will be a bit closer to what fans want. “I think we made a mistake relatively early on in trying to introduce a villain and take care of that villain in one episode: catch them, send them to Arkham, do whatever,” McKenzie said. “That was just a mistake. We should’ve never done it.”



I'm not sure I agree with that fully.  There were plenty of continuing story arcs, but they felt haphazard and disconnected.  In the latter half of the season, Bruce, Fish, Oswald, Ed, etc. were all off doing their own thing, often completely unrelated to what Gordon was investigating.  I hope Season 2 will bring more cohesion.  At the very least, have Gordon interacting with Bruce more, and go back to the original mystery of who killed Bruce's parents, which completely disappeared from Gordon's radar.  


I'm afraid that they will run out of places for Gordon to go emotionally.  Within a single season, he made the same mistakes multiple times.  It seemed like they were going to do an interesting change of setting with Gordon working at Arkham, but he was back with the Gotham PD by the second episode after the hiatus.  Penguin too, reached his apex very quickly.  He was a surprise hit, but the writers fell too much in love with him to the point where he was eclipsing the main character.  And then they wasted their time on shock value twists like Barbara becoming a murderer, which I had zero interest in.  So I wish for more of a balance in Season 2, and more thoughtful planning for where the writers want their characters to go and building towards that.

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At the very least, have Gordon interacting with Bruce more, and go back to the original mystery of who killed Bruce's parents, which completely disappeared from Gordon's radar. 

Yeah, the whole mystery of who ordered the hit on the Waynes was completely dropped, and at the end of the season we were no closer to knowing than at the beginning of the season.  I'm hoping season 2 actually moves that plot point along.


I also want more Zsasz, especially interaction with Penguin and a returning Falcone.


Also I want the season 2 Blu/DVD to have commentaries.  Sorry, just disappointed that season 1's set has no commentaries.

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