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S01.E07: Hers Was a World of One

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Well, at least we got the gay content that I was briefly faked out about on the previous episode. Unfortunately, the gay couple are very much he supporting cast to the straight woman whose child they're adopting, and they seem to go out of their way not to have them be overly affectionate. It's like something out of the 1990s.

Didn't work overall, except as a vast improvement over the previous episode. The characters just didn't ring true, especially the articulate but vaguely troubled homeless pregnant girl, who might want to jump back a few episodes and talk with Anne Hathaway about her problems. This just did not feel like any sort of real world.

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This was a lot better than the last episode, and finding out this was the Dan Savage story really puts the pieces together. Its pretty impressive that the actress playing Carla and Andrew Scott were able to keep their British accents at bay together! 

While Andrew Scotts character was harsh with Carla and said some pretty awful things to her when she brought that guy back to their place, I dont blame him for being upset. Its not about being prejudged against homeless people, I would think that its about not being comfortable with a stranger in their house with them not around, and her not asking them, thats just being polite.

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