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We binged The whole 20 episodes and tell all’s in a short time frame to get caught up with this season. Sorry to be behind the curve.

Im about a third of the way through this combined tell-all thread, but I need to say stuff before my addled brain forgets them. I may have to adjust when I’m done reading. Anyway:

Trying not to repeat stuff people have said, but:

Tiff and Ronald: Totally agree this was a plan all along. Completely broke in a foreign country with no employment prospects for either. Yes, let’s get knocked up. All the excuses to leave SA were painfully obvious setups for “reasons” they have to live in US.

Tiff is such a haughty 16 year old know it all. She talks down to everyone. I do not understand how this morbidly obese, bare shouldered makeup machine gets the gravitas to talk to everyone the way she does. And while Ronald is his own bag of shit, I wonder if he really thought that Tiff agreeing to stay with him and support him included the fact he was required to hang on the cross and bleed during her daily repetition of everything she has to deal with because of him. She’s friggin horrible.

Corey and Ev. From the beginning I thought they were a set up. I still think much of their deal is something they were in on from the beginning. Did anyone ever comment oh the huge sign next to the cocktail bar during the renovation with Corey and Evs pictures on it? Obvious reason to be on TV. Her cold snake act just seems like a put on. Half the time she’s laughing when she says those things. And is it physically possible to be as dim and helpless as Corey? I was emotional at his Dads death, though. And it’s funny to me that so many people Rag on Evs looks because they hate her so much. Her figure is incredible, just impossible, and most men anywhere would get dizzy if she talked to them, and her face continues to be close to model -level even with absolutely zero makeup. I can’t imagine if she was prepped for a real movie role or something.

Jihoon and Goth Girl- this couple simply doesn’t bother me at all. Jihoon is a hoot and after the girl got over her pregnancy emotional outbursts, I liked her too. They are cute together, and she’s another one that’s very attractive, except for the awful thigh tattoos. She has a lot of different looks, but the dark hair, dramatic makeup look can be stunning. Seriously needs a teeth whitening.

Laura and Bad Sex Muslim- this was a simple financial transaction. Great looking Muslim man looking for Sugar Mommy with deep purse. Another fat old white lady searching for young stud. She punches 3 levels above her weight class while Muslim gets paid. Muslim puts up with horrific repeated public examples of disrespect, included the embarrassing sex insults that no man would put up with, let alone a Muslim man. Fat old lady runs out of money. Muslim guy runs. No shit, Sherlock.

One more thing. I’ve been shocked at the complete pass this creep Liam has received the entire season. I’ve read people fawning about how wonderful he is. I thought from his opening scene with that half-crazed 24 hour grin that he was at a minimum a jerk, maybe psychologically broken and at worst dangerous. Turns out he’s a pathologically developmentally disabled child who could not get past not being Mommys full time only baby. His maniacal leering smile and laugh while dancing on his Mother’s tears at the tell-all made him the most revolting character on this series in years for me. He look like a psychopath torturing pets in the basement.

Pole. Not sure what else can be said, but I still don’t understand how she can talk to other American men on the phone constantly and when he asks her about it she tells him to f-ck off and he is made out as some sort of abuser. She is not blameless.

Jenny From the Block and Submit. I’ll go against the grain and say her helpless, delusional dope act doesn’t bother me. She accepted his catfishing and lies from day one, and while most normal people would run upon hearing he was married, I think the fact it’s arranged and he has stayed with her this many years tells me there’s actually something between those two. Him going on TV to force the issue makes sense, too. What does she have to lose staying with him now... other prospects? Lol. And I think her 6 months there were not a total disaster. She probably had the best 5 months of her life.

And call me weird, but the lesbian daughter has a lot of different looks, most not great, but she’s got some scenes that make her positively crazy hot looking, particularly with the red Tell All makeup treatment. Maybe once or twice, I think. And not telling your friends about it.


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