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S03.E03: Funny Money

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A solid, but otherwise nondescript episode.

First, I'm still not sold on Amy Farrington. She really has no chemistry with Patrick St. Esprit and it's frustrating to watch their scenes when St. Esprit does all the heavy lifting and dwarfs Farrington's presence, and not just figuratively.

They're supposed to be budding heads but I really don't know how they can do that when only one of them can bring the fire.

The case was mildly interesting, only because Adam Chambers- who played Corbett- was entertaining as the criminal who didn't want to be dragged into the enterprise but was anyway. He had some pretty good chemistry with Street and Chris, and played Corbett's emotions well.

As for Street, Alex Russell played Street staring down the barrel of a gun perfectly. Confident, but not so confident that he comes across as smug or undersells the intensity of the event

So good job in the acting department.

As for the other plot lines- there's part of me that appreciates the slow dance of Chris+Street, even though there's this air of inevitability between Street and the younger Hicks (who's name is Molly. I probably should remember that). I mean, there really feels like there's only two routes for the story- Street and Molly or Street and Chris- which kind of takes the air out of the story somewhat.

Still, Lina Esco's doing a good job with Chris' forlorn, vulnerable side. Yeah, Chris, no one believes that you're "content" with the throuple. Not when you look at Street that longingly.

Finally it looks like they are trying a redemption arc for Daddy and Mommy Harrelson. Seems like such a cliched message- "you two ain't getting any younger, might as well put the past where it belongs"- but Obba Babatunde and Debbie Allen are rocking it as the Harrelsons so this could be fun.

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I always enjoy reading your reviews! I thought Adam Chambers did a great job as Corbett. I, too, enjoy the slow dance of Chris and Street. I'm having a really hard time with Amy Farrington. I think it's a mix of her acting and not liking her character. It will be interesting to see where they take these plots this season.

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8 hours ago, dotdot said:

I always enjoy reading your reviews!...I'm having a really hard time with Amy Farrington.

Thank you. 🙂

I think the root of Farrington's issues is that she's being asked to play a character who's headstrong and difficult which plays against her strengths. She projects more of a laid-back style with hints of vulnerability which goes against everything that Piper Lynch is.

Which reinforces a point I made earlier about Lynch- she'd be better served being the Detective (or even a prosecutor- they do help investigate high profile cases) that handles investigations and interviews, because that would make use of a warm, approachable character with hints of vulnerability.

Maybe they will transition Lynch into that role, because I believe she's technically a detective, and they probably should, because "butting heads" isn't Farrington's game.

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Any time the main cast does any investigative work it throws me off.  This isn’t some hick town where the SWAT team is a bunch of  deputies decked out in military surplus tacticool gear and a few hundred hours of extra training.  LAPD SWAT are specialized officers who do specialized work.

The thing is, Southland already showed that you could split an investigative storyline with other police work (although sadly we never followed Chickie to Metro, which SWAT is a part of).  

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I really can't stand Hondo’s father, character or actor, so I'd be happy to see that narrative arc just go away but I know it is going to drag out with the health issues. 

Chris looks like she's going down the don't know what you've got till it's gone path.

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I actually like the possible pairing of Jim and Molly, to help eliminate the possibility of him getting with Chris. Because if that happens, one of them has to leave the team. You can't be fully committed to your SWAT team, which requires a clear head, if you're worried about your significant other being in danger. Jim and Chris work well as best friends. And the whole kiss last season did exactly what I feared, as it put a huge roadblock in their friendship with Chris not wanting any contact with Jim outside of work. Their relationship should remain platonic, which is not a bad thing. Friends don't need to always fall into romantic relationships with each other in these cop and medical dramas.

If Jim is with Molly, he can't screw that up because Commander Hicks will bury him if he breaks his little girl's heart.

I really am trying to like Amy Farrington, but it's just not happening. As others have said, this role just does not suit her because of the personality clash. She plays warmer characters, and she's inserted into a a Lieutenant role where she's butting heads with leaders of SWAT. It just doesn't fit. 

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