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Movie Quotes: Memorable Lines We Like To Quote Over & Over

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Totally spaced on a movie that I have stolen quite a few lines from, Scent of a Woman

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who stand up and face the music, and those who run for cover. Cover is better.

The day we stop lookin', Charlie, is the day we die.

Uh-oh, we got a moron here.

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AH YESH! We constantly quote Bane of The Dark Knight Rises. Thanks, Banecat!




That is fantastic!  If I tried to put anything like that on my cat I would be shredded. 




Also from the Princess Bride:


Miracle Max: Sonny, true love is the greatest thing, in the world-except for a nice MLT – mutton, lettuce and tomato sandwich, where the mutton is nice and lean and the tomato is ripe. They’re so perky, I love that.




Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Every Christmas, while picking up or putting up our tree: "Lot's of sap in here!" and, my husband is always saying, to my chagrin, "Bend over, I'll show you" (only to certain people--he doesn't say it to people who won't get it :) 


ETA:  Those are from Christmas Vacation, in case anyone is unsure.

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Rick Blaine, Casablanca  - "I was misinformed."  (When challenged on his assertion he came to Casablanca for the waters."


John Blutarsky, Animal House - "You fucked up.  You trusted us."


Dean Wormer, Animal House - "No more fun of any kind!"

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You can take the bitch out the ghetto, but you just can't take the bitch out the ghetto. Thick as Thieves

Sine you kitty on the runny side. Pootie Tang (no really, I'm serious)

Hey Stew! Your rent's due Mutha Fucka! And don't be pulling that falling down the stairs shit either! Coming to America

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From The Bodyguard

Random Woman: I've been watching you all night from across the room.

Frank: Why don't you go back there and keep watching.

The Bodyguard wasn't a great movie, but that's one of the coldest lines I've ever heard lol.

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Someone on another thread mentioned Brighton Beach Memoirs and that reminded me of another Neil Simon play/screenplay:  Biloxi Blues.  Whenever it's really hot outside, I break into "It's hot.  It's really hot. Like Africa kind of hot.  Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot.  Is it always going to be this hot?"  That's probably not exact, but I've only seen the movie once and that was when it came out in 1988 and that scene where he was continually complaining about how hot it was is one that I never forgot.

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Another from Princess Bride - "I don't think it means what you think it means."



I use that one constantly in my every day life.


My Mean Girls quote I'll use consistently varies between "YOU CANT SIT WITH US!" and ":On Wednesdays, we wear pink".  But my favorite quote from the whole movie is:

"If you're from Africa...why are you white?"

"OMG Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white!"


And if I'm ever describing why I'm mad, I'll quite often use Mrs. White's line from Clue: "Flames! Flames on the side of my face! Flames...on the side of my face, breathing....breathless"

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And if I'm ever describing why I'm mad, I'll quite often use Mrs. White's line from Clue: "Flames! Flames on the side of my face! Flames...on the side of my face, breathing....breathless"


Yes! Madeline Kahn's delivery was hysterical, as were the awkward looks from everyone else. Timeless dialogue, heh.

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From Soapdish:  "Peppy and cheap! " and "You people have the morals of guinea pigs!" And one I loved, but don't use for obvious reasons, regarding them bringing back a character who had been killed off by being decapitated. One writer couldn't even begin to imagine how to bring him back. The other says "They found the head, put it on ice, then sewed it back on during a grueling three day operation. Will you use your imagination?"


Does anyone remember an 80s Goldie Hawn movie called Protocol?  I saw that movie so many times I could practically recited it and to this day, I still use these two quotes:  "It must be one those gay, Arab biker sushi bars" and "I've never been out of the country.  Well, I was in Canada once, but that doesn't count because it's, like, attached." 

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The Long Kiss Goodnight is on right now

Nathan: Alice, please. Your dog, Alice. It and my appetite are mutually exclusive.

Alice: Well, what's wrong with the dog?

Nathan: Simple. He's been licking his asshole for the last three straight hours. I submit to you that there is nothing there worth more than an hour's attention. I should think that whatever he is attempting to dislodge is either gone for good, or there to stay. Wouldn't you agree?

Man: Good evening, pretty lady. How 'bout some company?

Charlie: No thanks. I'm saving myself 'til I get raped.

Charlie: Easy, sport. I got myself outta Beirut once, I think I can get outta New Jersey.

Mitch: Yeah? Well, don't be so sure. Others have tried and failed. The entire population, in fact.

Charlie: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Mitch Henessey: I hope not, 'cause I'm thinking how much my balls hurt.

That last one I've always wanted to use but never had the opportunity because nobody actually ever says "are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Also, I don't have balls.

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That first one about the dog makes me laugh every time I hear it.  Also: 


Mitch singing (a rather common misheard lyric, I'm sure)  "I'm not talkin' 'bout the linen!"

Charlie:  "Movin' in"

Mitch: "What?"

Charlie:  "It's...never mind.  The song is not about linen, ok?!"

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That movie is awesome, I love it so much...

Hal: I don't smoke, I don't drink and I don't swear. Oh shit, I DO smoke and drink!

And to change it up, here's a favorite of mine from Scary Movie:

Brenda: Everybody was drinking Cristal champagne and then started to get wild and people were getting freaky in the pool and stuff, I look over and there was your girl getting buckwild in the jacuzzi.

Cindy: So?

Brenda: With a back-up dancer! I mean that's nasty. That's--that's lower than a security guard. At least security can get you backstage. She don't love herself.

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And if I'm ever describing why I'm mad, I'll quite often use Mrs. White's line from Clue: "Flames! Flames on the side of my face! Flames...on the side of my face, breathing....breathless"

This is my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies but I don't use it as much because I can't get the cadence right.


Side story: I was working as a counselor at a summer camp for 100+ 4th-10th graders a few years ago and there were two dvd movies available to watch for movie night: my copy of 1985's Clue and Kung Fu Panda 2. I made a impassioned plea to the kids at lunch that Clue was one of my favs and we should watch that, but we would put it to a vote later that night. I figured Kung Fu Panda 2 would still win because, y'know, Dreamworks. But it was a landslide victory for Clue. They all loooved it. The line above was a popular one.  I like to think there are a bunch of teens using it as they enter middle school/high school/college.

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My best friend - who joins me in the ability to quote along with Clue in its entirety while watching it - recently showed her niece (who I'm pretty sure is nine or ten) the movie, and the girl has already rewatched it so many times she's on her way to carrying on the family tradition.  I don't like kids, so at least now when I'm cornered by her niece at family functions, I have something appealing to steer the conversation to before I make my escape.


"He didn't actually seem to like me very much.  He had even threatened to kill me in public."

"Why would he want to kill you in public?"
"I think she meant he threatened, in public, to kill her."


"Your first husband also disappeared."

"Well, that was his job; he was an illusionist."

"But he never reappeared."

"He wasn't a very good illusionist."

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Aside from quoting lines from just about every John Hughes movie, the original Vacation, Animal House, and Caddyshack (which my sister and I can both do in our sleep), the following line from The Ref is one of my all-time favorites:




(since the clip starts midway through it, it won't embed at that point.  It's definitely worth clicking on, though).


Another one of my favorites is this one from Erin Brockovich:



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Love Potion #9!

Diane: There was this experiment where an electrode was planted in the pleasure center of a monkey's brain. When the monkey hit a button, it sent a signal to the electrode, in effect, exciting the monkey sexually.

Sally: You're kidding.

Diane: No. Can you guess what happened?

Sally: Was it a male monkey?

Diane: Yes.

Sally: He slammed the button till he died.

Diane: Oh, so you know this experiment.

Sally: I know men, honey.

Gypsy: Let me see your palm... You do very badly with women.

Paul: I do all right.

Gypsy: No you don't. ...There are no women here... Are you a boy-kissy-boy?

Paul: Excuse me?

Gypsy: Are you a homosexual?

Paul: No.

Gypsy: I want my sister to see this... [takes Polaroid of his palm]

It's her breaking out the Polaroid that kills me.

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I love everyone who quoted The Emperor's New Groove, one of my all-times favorites.  ("Why do we even HAVE that lever?")  My 3 year old was sitting in a high chair in a restaurant and he grabbed a menu, pretended to read it and said "Is there anything on this menu that isn't swimming in gravy???"  We just about died laughing and are still quoting that movie to this day.


Another of my favorite quotable movies is 16 Candles.


"Dong is here for five hours and he has somebody.  I'm here all my life and I'm like a disease."


"He's wearing a red sweater, tan trousers and argyle socks.  No, he's not r*******!"


"Games, Jake, silly torturous games.  Any half-good looking chick can rob me blind 'cause I'm too torqued up to say no."


"That's why they call them crushes.  If they didn't hurt, they'd call them something else."


"I've had guys love me before, but never for six months in a row."


"I bet the guys who thought we had to get married are feeling pretty stupid right now, eh padre?"


There are so many more great lines.  I love that movie!

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Tombstone has a few that I love:

(After Morgan's been killed)

Wyatt: "I want you to know it's over."

Curly Bill: "Well....bye" Curly Bill was a dick, but the way Powers Boothe delivers that line is hilarious


Wyatt: "Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smoke-wagon and see what happens" (I like to just say that one at random)


Doc: "I'm ya huckleberry..." I can listen to Val Kilmer say that line (in his "Doc" voice only, of course) all day

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Useful (and often quoted) whenever you have to go some place you don't want to (like the tenth business meeting of the day).


King Arthur: "On second thought, let's not go to Camelot. It is a silly place" from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

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Old but still in constant use in my household.   Airplane:  "Don't call me Shirley."  



I also do:

"X?  What is it?"

"It's Y, but that's not important right now."

Here's the best Dean Wormer quote - "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son."

I remember reading that John Vernon received many, many requests from fans to record that line for their answering machines.

And another from Animal House:  "Well, what the hell we s'posed to do, you mo-ron?"

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Almost every line in the 1944 film Laura is a gem, but my favorite is  this :

" I must say for a charming intelligent girl you certainly surrounded yourself with a remarkable collection of dopes"

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Whenever someone in our family gets tongue tied, I'll come out with:  "Moses supposes his toeses are roses, but Moses supposes erroneously....."  Sometimes I stop there, sometimes I finish it.  Others from Singing in the Rain that we like are "What's the matter with the way I talk?!  Am I dumb or somethin'?" and "I can't stand him" Which has to be said twice with each accent whenever we decide to quote it. 

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