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Pam: Tell It To The Dolphin

Tara Ariano
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Can someone specify when Lana, Cheryl and Mallory each slept with Pam? I believe they all did, I just can't remember the specific incidents.

I think there was a threesome with Pam, Lana, and possibly with Ray back in Season 1 or Season 2. It's that or it's by extension that everyone has slept with each other (I can't possibly remember how Krieger fits into all of this but their was a threesome with Lana, Pam, and Ray, and another threesome with Pam, a rich guy Mallory wanted to woo, and Mallory). Man, IMHO, we need a chart to sort this out.


Apparently,  the Archer wiki has listed all of Pam's sexual partners:


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Can someone specify when Lana, Cheryl and Mallory each slept with Pam? I believe they all did, I just can't remember the specific incidents.

Lana slept with Pam after she found out Cyril had been cheating on her. Pam got upset that no one in the office wanted to bang her so Lana agreed if she never told anyone.

Mallory had a three way with Pam while in a foreign country. I forget which one. It was the episode with the young girl who kept making everyone think Archer was seducing her even though she was sixteen. Pam had better luck with her rich father then Mallory did and the three of them all got drunk and had sex.

I don't remember if Cheryl ever had sex with Pam.

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From the Archer Wiki:


Sexual Partners

Sterling Archer
Lana Kane
Malory Archer
Doctor Krieger
Conrad Schlotz

Cyril Figgis (while Cyril was passed out in Blood Test and later when both were both blackout drunk in Heart of Archness: Part III)

Unnamed guy with a roommate (El Secuestro)

The gang members in Jeu Monégasque, Cyril referred to Pam "handing out blow jobs like puffy stickers".

Three members of the Yakuza.

By the end of Season 4, Pam has had sex with all of her major co-workers at ISIS (male or female) except for Cheryl and Ray. She briefly had a friends-with-benefits arrangement with Archer, and sexually assaulted Cyril while he was passed out. A frustrated Lana had pity sex with her in season 1, claiming she was going to pretend Pam was Alex Karras during the act. An intoxicated Malory had sex with Pam by way of a threesome with Conrad Schlotz, who upon sobering up threatened to kill Pam if she ever told anybody.



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Straight Outta Archer, Crazy Mother Fucker named POOVEY.

If you ain't down with the Capital P-A-M, boy you can't... oh sorry I am totally white. This is vastly inappropriate. Please allow me to start over.

This video is dedicated to the incredible greatness that is Pam Poovey as voiced by the incomparable Amber Nash. You know how many tv shows on the IMDB have an 8.9 rating from 59,000 users? Well good for you, because I have no idea. But I bet it isn't very many.

Additionally, it is a fact that the majority of those high ratings are directly related to the world's love for Pamela Poovey. Despite this, I noticed there was a strange dearth of Poovey related media on Youtube.

So I have fixed that.

You're welcome world.

Like this.
Love this.
Share this.
Embrace this.
Take this out for a drink.
Romance this.
Start a family with this.
But mostly share this.

But you owe me.

No seriously... big time.

P.S. Remember to click on HD to see the video in all of its Poovey glory.



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