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Little Monsters (2019)

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Watched this today.  I was hoping it would be a fun B movie, and it was in part, but it was also a mixed bag.  It needed way more Miss Caroline beheading zombies and way less Uncle David doing anything.

I almost turned the movie off five minutes in because Uncle David was an insufferable a**hole.  I stayed to see Lupita Nyong'o.  Honestly, I think this movie would be improved by fast forwarding through the first 10 minutes.

The parts with Lupita Nyong'o are really good.  I wish it focused in just on her and the kids.  Or even her, the kids, and Josh Gad, who was at least committed to being hate-able


and had the decency to get eaten (by a puppet!).  And I think the ending is hurt by setting up a relationship between Miss Caroline and Uncle David.

The jokes that land in this, including the end credits music, are great.  It's just that there is a lot in the middle that's ... middling.

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I've watched this movie multiple times this month because I really love it. The first 10 minutes surprised me too, but that's because I expected the movie to center around Lupita's character, Miss Caroline.  I didn't realize the movie was actually David's story. I thought the first 10 minutes were needed for David's story arc, so I didn't mind (although the movie would have been even better had it centered entirely around Miss Caroline). Lupita was great, as were the children.

I thoroughly enjoyed that the children in the movie didn't get the Hollywood treatment. I don't know why children are such obnoxious brats in American TV and film. This little Australian movie portrayed children as, well, children. They were very innocent and age-appropriate. I liked that.

Josh Gad's character was was a trip and he cussed A LOT. I wasn't quite prepared for that. I was also expecting more zombie gore and violence. I was kind of relieved that that was less than what I anticipated. In fact, I was surprised that the whole movie was more rom-com than zombie/horror. That was unexpected too. Anyway, I had a good time.

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On 10/30/2019 at 12:09 PM, LydiaMoon1 said:

This little Australian movie portrayed children as, well, children. They were very innocent and age-appropriate. I liked that.

I liked this as well.  They were cute without being precious and it was a relief that they weren't portrayed wise beyond their years, constantly quipping, etc.  David's nephew dressing up as Darth Vader was fun.  I was stressed worrying about the last lamb and in my mind it escaped unscathed.

I've only seen the trailer I posted above, which smartly doesn't show anything of the first 15 min or whatever of gross David and his girlfriend screaming at each other and everything that happens with that.  Ugh, what a jerk.  I didn't need two masturbation scenes either.   Did they have to make him so unlikable? Or a character in the movie at all? LOL.  He was just the worst.

That's my only complaint.  Lupita was great; all of her scenes were fun and we definitely needed more of her chopping up zombies.  Josh Gad was nastily funny - even though we see the "I don't give a shit" scene in the trailer, I still LOLd when it popped up in the movie. 

Overall I liked it.  The zombie stuff was fun and it was good to watch one of these movies that wasn't totally nihilistic.  It would be improved by cutting all of the David/girlfriend scenes and editing out a bunch of the David/sister/nephew scenes.  Add more scenes of Miss Caroline instead. 

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