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25 Words or Less is an American television game show based off the board game of the same name. Hosted by Meredith Vieira.

I caught this show because it replaced Do You Want to Be a Millionaire? Not the best of games but usually pretty fun depending on who the guess stars are. I have been amazed how many "stars" have been on that I have no idea who they are unless I have seen them on other game shows! They have had a lot of wrestlers on that I  have not a clue about since I have never watched wrestling! 

It is fun to watch someone get a word that you wouldn't think anyone would and other times when the easiest word is missed! Has anyone else been watching?

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I'm watching and enjoying it.  I appreciate that they make episodes available on YouTube: I often can't watch daytime syndicated games as I don't have TV anymore.  I've gotten through maybe the first ten shows so far and been impressed by the mix of guests, enjoyed the gameplay, and found the quality of contestants and celebrities to be a big improvement on the other current word game I've been watching, "$100K Pyramid."  Meredith is great as always.

The only change I would make is speeding up the bidding process.  Maybe a few moments to look at the words and make faces at one another, then a very short timer between bids or withdrawal.  It's usually not too overdone and has even struck me funny a few times, but in general I'm not interested in the good-spirited "trash talk" and long pauses in these sections.  Tightening this up could yield just a bit more gameplay, I think, even just a few more words.

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