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Will the show be similar in tone to Gotham?

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I'm honestly impressed that they're spending the money to shoot some exteriors in Chicago.   I don't expect the inspired production design that Gotham brought to the table, but at least they're making an effort.

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Couldn't think of a better place to put this, but here goes.

Probably the thing I like most about this show is that unlike Gotham and the Batman mythos in general Gotham City is not hopeless, at least so far. In the Crows and what little we've seen of the GCPD it's got some semi-competent law enforcement. Batwoman is there more to handle the things that are just a bit beyond those people than to be a one woman police force for the entire city. With Gotham the show started pretty dark and hopeless at the start and just nosedived down and down more and more as the seasons went on until Gotham City was clearly beyond any hope of redemption or even being remotely livable of a city to the point it was impossible to care anymore. Even as bad as it got even Star City never got as bad as Gotham City did in that show.

I hope that, for all the trials that Batwoman has to go through to help Gotham City it never goes anywhere CLOSE to what the titular city of Gotham became.

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