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S01.E02: Camera Wheelbarrow Tiger Pillow

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With the start of the Christmas show season I am starting on my DVR shows.  Just finishing this episode and I do like it mostly because I am a big fan of Allison.  (I still have Downward Dog on my DVR, just thought it was a cute show).  I am so hoping this doesn’t turn into another Lost which I had to give up after a few episodes out of frustration.  

So I am asking if you think it is worth my time to finish as I just looked it up and it is ‘on the bubble’. 🙄. Thanks for any input.

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I didn't watch LOST, so I can't compare to that.

I can say I love this show, but I don't know if you'd feel the same.

It is fast-paced and doesn't drag out plot points. They answer questions within a reasonable time and somehow manage to keep things interesting without being coy about what's happening (shouldn't be a big deal, but a lot of shows don't know how to do it).

I also like the psychological/character beats.

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I'm just catching up on my dvr, and saved this one to binge over my holiday time off, and just finished the second episode.

On 10/2/2019 at 10:07 PM, mandigirl said:

Yeah, they haven't explained anything about the husband so far at all. How they met, what's his job or any indication of why they broke up. I love me some Donald Faison, but he and the female lead have zero romantic chemistry to me. It improved from the pilot, but I get 'friend' at best from those two. If they want to sell 'regret breaking up', they have long road for that. 

I wondered about them being childhood friends who married before the husband processed he was gay.  It would explain why a couple that clearly still cares very much for each other and have a friendly relationship would be divorced.

Of course, this is the second episode, and it's a TV show, so "convenient love triangle" is probably more likely.  Crap.


Also, I will admit that I did not watch Lost, and did watch Once Upon a Time.  Since the OUaT creators were more determined to insert Lost eggs than they were to create solid mythos for their own show, I find Lost references almost toxic.  

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In real life, absolutely.  But in fiction, the next love interest is usually conveniently plot-centric.   I figured if Jo were interested in women, the British reporter would be female.

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