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S26.E01: Helen Mirren, Jack Whitehall, Simon Reeve, RuPaul, Alphabeat

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Together on Graham’s sofa tonight are Oscar-winner Dame Helen Mirren, starring in new TV drama Catherine the Great, comedian and actor Jack Whitehall, author, adventurer and documentary-maker Simon Reeve, and the one and only RuPaul, bringing his hit show to the BBC in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. With music from Danish popsters Alphabeat

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Thanks for the update! This might be my absolute favorite show on TV. I only get to watch it on YouTube so most episodes are OLD. But nonetheless, always a fun time!

I ran across an episode from a really long time ago with Pink as (the only) guest and it was the best if the best. Graham had a guest on (along with Pink) who claimed she could ""read" a man's personality and character by critiquing his penis. The men were covered by a lower half-screen while the "expert" was reading their penis. So we could see everything from the waist up.

However, Pink was part of the reading and could look at the penises too. Then she wrote on a PowerPoint type board (aka: chalkboard) what she thought of the "expert's" evaluation. It was so f'n funny.

Anyway, I don't know how to post YouTube videos on PT forums otherwise I would save all of you the time.

The YT title of video is "pink on the Graham Norton show" 2003. YouTube uploader name: cRosKy

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This was one of those gems of an episode and proof of Graham's genius.  You couldn't really imagine a more disparate group, but they gelled wonderfully, were generous to each other in terms of sharing the couch (doesn't always happen), and were generally hilarious.

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"Tell her to her face." I thought Graham's little story about what Lucille Ball would say when guests at her dinner party returned from the loo was hilarious. Graham's delivery was spot on. He really is a treasure.

I could have done with a little more Jackie Black Ball, but this was a very fun couch.

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On 10/6/2019 at 5:18 PM, lb60 said:

Graham's delivery was spot on. He really is a treasure.

He really is!  He is such a lively little sprite.  A great couch to come back to.  

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