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S01.E02: 177 Minutes

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On 10/4/2019 at 10:41 PM, dargosmydaddy said:

I was thinking of Medium as well, but I was contrasting the two shows. Medium made the three daughters distinct characters in their own rights-- they had their own personalities, and didn't always get along. Granted we're only two episodes into Evil, but it seems like the daughters here are deliberately presented as a single chaotic unit, and I'm trying to figure out why. The constantly talking over one another and always being together is quickly wearing thin, and I question whether they (particularly the oldest girl... I think someone posted in the pilot thread that the actress is 14, and I'm assuming the character is meant to be at least 12-13) would really always want to be doing everything together. I am still wondering why there has to be four of them, too-- three would have still been enough for chaos and baggage, but might allow for more character development/ individual personalities. 

As for the daughter with the heart condition, I know nothing about such things, but given their shoddy medical knowledge in the main storyline in the episode, does anyone know if this is being presented accurately? Is the kid not a candidate for some kind of valve replacement, or even a heart transplant if the check-up shows a deterioration? I also wondered if Laura was aware of her situation. I really hope not-- I mean, I assume she knows something is wrong with her heart, but surely a nine year old doesn't need to know she could possibly drop dead at any moment and there's nothing she can do to prevent it-- but the way Kristen was talking to David, I wasn't really sure.

I realize this thread is a few months old but I wanted to respond to this inquiry about accuracy. As a congenital heart patient and nurse, I can tell you it’s definitely not accurate. I was born with several congenital heart defects and had multiple surgeries as a child, including a valve replacement. Granted, it was an aortic valve replacement but Laura could most definitely be a candidate for a mitral valve repair or replacement and worst case scenario, a transplant. People with heart defects (surgery or no surgery) are at risk for arrhythmia and sudden cardiac arrest but that would more likely be from lack of intervention on her valve which led to an enlarged heart. 

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I've just now started watching this on Netflix, and couldn't agree more about the autopsy, that was just dumb that they didn't undress her first and I think she still had her shoes on, lol. And why in the hell would they cut her face like that, I don't think that's how they get to the brain.

I was really hoping this would be like the X-Files or The Exorcist tv show but I don't know what it's going to be. The demon was creepy as hell when it first appeared until it spoke, George sounds like a regular guy, which takes the creep factor out of it for me.

So Kristen and David have only known each other a couple of weeks and they're already lusting after each other. Good grief!

I've been a big Michael Emerson fan ever since LOST so I was excited to see him and will keep watching because of him.


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