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S02:E01: 459

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Did anyone watch the season premiere? I really like this show. Dax and Lake are really charming together and I am *loving* the burgeoning relationship between Constance and Ruby. I forgot though, why did Beau move out again?

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Mike and Rio host the town's Huskers kickoff party, but no one believes they can pull it off; Rio loses Portia, the pig that's been selected for the lucky pig race; Beau and Kay frantically try to hide the fact that they've split up.

Air date: 09/24;2019

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I watched. I liked it. I liked that there was a lot less of Rio's mother. Nice to see them get somewhat of a win and the beginning of acceptance from the town. It was getting painful to watch last season. Hoping it continues to improve over the course of this season. I love Dax Shepard too much for how much I disliked this show at the beginning.

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Rio's mother and Rudy are the two funniest things on the show IMO. The Bowman kid is pretty funny too. That's kind of the problem - the show isn't really funny enough. I love Dax and Lake and want them to succeed but there's something about this show that doesn't quite work and I think it's that the two main characters are being played more or less straight and reacting to the crazies around them instead of being funny themselves. They try to make an effort with Rio being a fish out of water trying to fit in but it just comes off as awkward rather than funny.

Ratings aren't great. They've got a strong lead-in but they're losing a lot of it.

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It must just be me then that finds the show hilarious. I cracked up when Rio said that she wasn't sure if this was the right time to say anything but that farming has done wonders for Mike's body and Mike goes, "It's never the wrong time to tell me that." And I loved Rio's internal struggle over letting the local hairdresser do her highlights (I was like, giiiiiirl. . . no). I love how earnest they both are about embracing their new life. And like I said before, I'm loving Constance and Rudy. It's a fun little show.

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In the first two scenes with the pig, the pig was dark on top - lots of "freckles."  Then the pig ran away and the one they were chasing was much pinker and less freckled.  I expected the ending to be the pig's owner asking Rio where she got the pig from because her pig had returned home the night before.   

This isn't my favorite show, but I find it charming enough to keep recording it.  

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I liked this episode. It showed a nice progression of time, with them having been there seven months at this point. Also, David Keochner's, "I've been jean to peen for 3 days now!" has been one of my favorite marriages of a line and delivery of this fall premiere season.

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11 hours ago, auntiemel said:

Also, David Keochner's, "I've been jean to peen for 3 days now!" has been one of my favorite marriages of a line and delivery of this fall premiere season.

I had to rewind that to make sure I heard it right and absolutely howled.

All those snakes coming out of the wall was horrific. That would've been the end of my farming experiment. I would've burned the house down and gone back to New York. 😂

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