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Suzanne and Anthony were my favorites.  And Julia's rants (especially how she took on that predator Ray Don or whatever his name was...I had to do that once so I was cheering her on big time). Wish I knew the names of some of those character actors who played the eccentrics.

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19 minutes ago, annzeepark914 said:

You said it!  The right words used, the delivery and timing + the facial expression (or lack of one).  All of DW's actors were topnotch at this talent.  I remember reading Annie Pott's remarks (back in the early days of the show) that what she loved about DW scripts was that they weren't the typical sitcom ba-dump-dump patter (she described it better but you know what I mean).  She said she liked the southern style of talking and a certain type of southern humor that was in each storyline.  I'm not a southerner but lived in Raleigh for many years and every once in a while I'd come across a southerner with that hilarious sense of humor.  The humor would just sneak up on you making it even funnier (very subtle, not mean, very funny).

I can't imagine the reboot without Dixie Carter...who could be both deadpan and dramatic...and be funny in both delivery styles.

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