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Notes from the Mods

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Welcome to the forum for Netflix's The Politician! A little bit of housekeeping;

  • Just like many other forums across the Primetimer site, the episode topics are for discussion of the episode itself. Please be aware of what topic you are posting in before you do so; if you post about a future episode in a topic (e.g.; you post about Jane's bad perm from episode 5 in the episode 3 topic [NOT a real spoiler; or I'm psychic!]), your post will be removed.
  • We will update the topics with episode titles and descriptions once they have been released by Netflix, some time on Friday.
  • If you choose to binge and want to discuss the season overall, please use the final episode topic as a de facto 'All Episode Talk' topic.

As always, if you have any questions on these issues or any other questions for the moderators, please PM us - and enjoy the show!

@Athena & @saoirse

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