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Bjorn: Mama's Viking Boy

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I actually love Bjorn -- and I love that his personality stands in stark contrast to Ragnar.  Ragnar is clever and manipulative -- in ways that I mostly, but not entirely, love.  With Bjorn -- he says what thinks, thinks what he says, and what you see is what you get.  Not to repeat myself from another site, but I love that baby Bjorn just flat out told Aslaug that her stupid tree was not magical, and that they don't have a bond and that he doesn't want one with her.  Thank goodness, someone had to call her on some of her crap.  Later, Big Bjorn tells his mother that if her husband hits her again, he'll kill him, and sure enough, he stands outside her bedroom door with a knife, intending to do exactly that.  I enjoy watching Ragnar and Siggy plot, as well as the other characters, but Bjorn is kind of refreshing.  Not saying it would be fun to actually parent him, but I like his no B.S. style.  It will be interesting to see if he changes, in emulation of his father.

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Well, you can say this for the kid, he certainly puts his money where his mouth is.  Just caught a re-airing of Answers in Blood, and Bjorn handily slits a guy's throat when he and Ragnar snuck into, er, "town," to destroy the winter grain, he got right into the killing during the battle, and he wacked that sacrifice guy's head off like it was just another chore. 

Obviously he's been taught how to fight, but is this his first time at it?  He's only like 16 or 17 years old.  When Lagertha's husband mocked him at dinner by asking if they should invade a neighboring village so he could slaughter everyone, was he mocking Bjorn because he'd never actually been raiding (my initial thought) OR was there some sort of scary precedent and Sigvard really meant that Bjorn needs to chill out on all the slaughtering.  Probably the first option, but if this was Bjorn's first time, wow, he's a natural.

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