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Found 179 results

  1. Ronald D. Moore (Outlander, Battlestar Galactica) show premiering on Apple's streaming service. The show imagines what would have happened if the space race had never ended.
  2. DOOL is going digital. Please read the following initial rules for the thread. These are pretty specific, we know, but we'd appreciate everyone working to adhere to them. Discussion of the DOOL Digital Series can only be discussed in this thread. Any mention of this show, as it directly relates to the main show, needs to be spoiler tagged in the general thread and limited. Discussion of the main show should not be discussed in this thread at all unless it directly impacts the digital show. (i.e. Jennifer falls into a coma. Abby is told she has fallen into a coma.) This includes past storylines. Things like a brief mention of history is okay but long discussions about who was right and who was wrong in a feud is not. Spoilers for the digital show should be spoiler tagged and discussed here, not the spoiler thread. This includes whether or not any of the characters are TV-DOOL bound. Any digital series-bound, currently airing DOOL characters also need to be spoilered in both threads. For this initial thread,we're going to say that what has been released by the media so far is okay to discuss. So you can talk about the premise (Chad and Abby in Paris) and the characters set to appear at this moment: Chad, Abby, Austin and the new character who we know nothing about. If we learn any more than that, it should be spoilered. Specifically, if we ever find out why Austin shows up, put it under tags. Whew. Speculate away.
  3. Original air date: 8/9/19
  4. Premiere date: July 26, 2019
  5. All discussion of Absentia goes here.
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