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Found 7.8k results

  1. http://www.drphil.com/shows/show/2197 Holy moly. This was a shitshow of epic proportions. Phil laces (ha!) into the mother for being a dumbass enabler and she was completely blindsided. Then the methy daughter comes on and goes on about how everyone in the world betrays her (even the McDonald's worker who forgot she didn't want onions) and that's why she does drugs (not a lot, just a little, all the time, you know, it's not a problem, but it is, but rehab is for junkies and I'm not one, but I need help, and I'm not on any now, except all the ones you found in my drug test this morning) and that's why her life isn't good. Dr. Phil has her older sister on and she barely says anything. Lacey turns to her, glares and mouths "I warned you". The sister looks shaken. The mother thought Dr. Phil was going to nominate her for saint of the year. Boy, was she shocked. The daughter thought Dr. Phil was going to baby her and tell her she was right about everything and wave some magic wand. The daughter is now 20 and is so angry. Her life experiences suck big time. She keeps putting herself into situations where bad things are inevitable. Then she gets to cry victim. Phil wants to do out patient therapy with Lacey. It will be interesting if they do a follow-up in a year.
  2. But is anyone actually getting married in 'The Wedding'? View the full article
  3. It's Jim and Cindy's twentieth wedding anniversary, and apparently Stuart can't stand anyone else to have the spotlight. View the full article
  4. Wedding plans get interrupted by a doctor-turned-cabbie/war widower...OR IS HE??? View the full article
  5. Fall - will there be a Fall Festival?
  6. We kick off the Netflix revival during Winter in Stars Hollow!
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