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Found 5.5k results

  1. Another title card from a more honest place. Read the story
  2. Ranking Season 2's baddest movers and shakers. Including three Emmy nominees! Read the story
  3. And other more accurate episode loglines for the third season of The X Files. Read the story
  4. There are two true contenders for the title of Call The Midwife's Bad-Ass Superior, but only one can reign. Read the story
  5. Two words: Gordon Freeman. One more word: crowbar. Read the story
  6. Sometimes all you need for true bad-assery is an alternate universe. Read the story
  7. From Hulu. Reminder of Rules for Posting Here: The rules here will be the same as they are for Orange is the New Black or another show that drops all at the same time: 1) Only talk about the specific episode in this thread, or reference things that happened in earlier episodes. NO DISCUSSION OF THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN FUTURE EPISODES outside of spoiler tags; 2) Comments about the season as a whole, or that reference material from multiple episodes can be put in the "Season 1 Wrap-up" thread. Or feel free to create character threads if you want to talk about a women (or several of them) individually. 3) All other threads (character threads, theme threads, etc. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS WITHOUT SPOILER TAGS as people are allowed to discuss anything from any point of the season there. So proceed with caution if you haven't finished the season.
  8. And other more accurate episode loglines for the all-over-the-place second season of The X-Files. Read the story
  9. In addition to yuppie female anti-heroes and social commentary, Jenji Kohan also likes banjo(lele)s. Read the story
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