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Found 830 results

  1. Michael Jessen met model Juliana Custodio de Sousa during a yacht party in Croatia. The first time they applied for a tourist visa for Juliana to come to America, it was denied. Michael then proposed to Juliana and applied for the K-1 visa. Now, Juliana will be leaving Brazil and traveling to Greenwich, Connecticut and meeting Michael’s kids for the first time.
  2. What makes Martin tick? What makes him kill? What makes him smile? Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  3. Dedicated to his work ... and to the Whitlys. Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  4. Her taste in men, her priorities, her youthful appearance. Spoiler tags are not needed for episodes that have aired (U.S. eastern time).
  5. Compare and contrast the book, movie, and show here!
  6. They may (or may not) have fooled Penn & Teller, but did they fool you? Think you spotted how the trick was pulled off? Post your rampant speculation here.
  7. A friend of mine is doing radio interviews with last year's winner, Alan, this coming weekend. You can find the links at the bottom of the article, and it will be streamed online. http://drdansfreedomforum.com/survival-skills/
  8. Carly and Sonny take their toxic romance on a trip down memory lane during the anniversary episode next week. Lulu & Dante change baby Ben's name to Rocco.
  9. So, you are saying they are back in the new season show along with the new people? Or do they have their own spots so that avoiding them is entirely possible?
  10. As Peter's season is nearly getting to wrap up, who the bachelorette for 2020 will be? Discuss.
  11. Figured I'd get this going after Derek Haas (showrunner) posted this tweet regarding the finale. Any thoughts?
  12. What are some movie deaths that have stuck with you? You know, the ones that you'll leave the room to avoid it? A few of mine: The Shoe, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - that poor toon shoe being slowly lowered into "the dip" is one of the most scarring movie moments in my memory Ricky, Boyz In The Hood - the slow motion in that scene as he takes a shotgun blast to the back is very affecting. Ritchie, La Bamba - I think this was the first movie I saw where someone died. I wasn't ready lol. The song "Sleepwalk" will always be a little sad to me. I can still hear Esai Morales screaming "Ritchieeeeeee!!!!" in my head when the song gets to those final chords Apollo Creed, Rocky IV - Just startled the hell out of me as a child
  13. With an 11 year age difference between them, Robert and Anny are hoping to take their relationship from social media to everyday life. Anny and Robert have met before, though. Robert booked a cruise to the Dominican Republic and proposed to Anny after only spending eight hours with her. Sounds like a relationship that is destined to work, right?
  14. Benjamin, 33 (Arizona) and Akinyi, 25 (Kenya) As a divorced father with a five-year-old, Benjamin wasn’t having much luck with meeting women from his hometown, so he broadened his search and found Akinyi. Benjamin now has his bags packed for his first-ever international trip to meet her in Kenya and ask her parents for her hand in marriage. It won’t be easy, as Benjamin is not only the first boyfriend Akinyi has ever introduced her family, but also—as far as they can remember—the first white man to visit their village.
  15. Since the show is still currently shooting, these are casting notices for the second half of the season: Women to play clients at an abortion clinic Guests at an upscale New Years Eve party A spoiler from Entertainment Weekly:
  16. As we inch closer to the premiere date, news about the show is gonna start leaking out. (Like, f'r instance, clips of audition tapes turning up on a comic book news site). So hey, if you come across any verified news about the show, post it here.
  17. The Top 10 has leaked and it's actually a Top 11. Apparently, the judges used their save. Arthur Gunn Dillon James Francisco Martin Grace Leer Jonny West Jovin Webb Julia Gargano Louis Knight Makayla Phillips Just Sam Sophia James
  18. Cynthia is a single mom of 5 (including her own little Cinderella) and a teacher, who proclaimed proudly: "I don't agree with Dr Now. I DON'T NEED NO THERAPY!!!"; "I don't have no emotional triggers. I have no food addiction. I just love to eat'; "I am going to stop living up to other people's expectations, including Dr Now's." Let's see how her sleeve is holding up. Dottie is back for Where Are They Now #3. When last we saw her, she was extremely depressed which was exacerbated by the death of her disabled son. Somehow she shared an episode with Sean and they were in an epic battle for most depressed poundticipant. This is the regular episode thread. It will open after the US East Coast showing. Original air date 2020.05.06.
  19. It’s time for a Series 12 spoilers and news topic with occasional production news coming in http://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-12-jamie-stone-directs-the-first-filming-block The director of the first filming block, partially done in South Africa and the rest in Cardiff currently, is reportedly Jamie Stone. Stone directed a Who short The Last Day
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