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Found 830 results

  1. Here is a place to talk about what is going to be happening in S4, based on info released/leaked by the show (or nameless sources) ahead of airing.
  2. I am starting to wonder if Deirdre could be working for Stahma or Datak. They only approved of Christie because Rafe owned the mines. Now that he doesn't anymore, Christie doesn't have the connections that the Tarrs need. Christie is pregnant, but we have no idea how Stahma or Datak feel about a half human grandchild. If they want the child, then they just have to wait until Christie gives birth & then have her killed. I don't think anyone is planning on Deirdre becoming the next Mrs Tarr, if there is a plan, she would be paid off or killed I think.
  3. This is basically scenes on television shows that was a great moment for you, made it stand out in the series, seasons, made you fall in love with a certain character, fall in love with the show, etc. I think you all get the point. For those that don't watch certain shows it will contain spoilers if you ever think about watching it. Season 2 of Revenge was just abysmal but this was S2's most crowning moment, probably the one IMO. Helen kind of dared Victoria about killing people and Victoria showed her that she's capable of doing it. One of the reasons I fell in love with Victoria Grayson.
  4. Have you heard anything about what will happen in Bon Temps? Post it here.
  5. Changes made from books to show? Will they include X? Why did they change Y? Discuss it here!
  6. I thought I'd start a topic for people who are following both the manga and anime. Manga and anime spoilers ahoy, of course. One of the criticisms I see about the manga is that it's too much like Lost; it piles on the questions without answering any of them. I disagree because I think it's clear that Isayama has a plan and answers. You see him planting seeds early and answering smaller questions along the way. "Ymir's people" is a good example. I think Isayama's major weakness is pacing, which the manga has improved upon. Isayama's other weakness is his art. Sometimes it's difficult to tell characters apart, but I'm happy to see this is an anime with a cast of snowflakes. Oh, and they're prettier, too (even some of the titans ;p). Speaking of Ymir, I was wondering how the dub was going to handle naming her, because, you know, Ymir. The first time she appeared, I looked for her name in the credits. I don't think I saw even a reference to the character. In episode 9, she's referred to as "Freckles" in the credits. I get why FUNimation decided not to name her because the name is pretty dang spoilery and exposes one of the biggest revelations very early. I'm curious to see how they treat the character from now on. Are any characters going to mention her by name? It would be pretty odd if Christa doesn't.
  7. Here's a thread to discuss the house in general or subsets of it instead of an individual character.
  8. When I was recapping this show for TWoP, I thought it would be helpful if I read the book. I didn't make it all the way through before the site shut down, but here's what I can report. The most interesting difference is that when the book starts, there are already lots and lots of Returned. Agent Bellamy works for the government agency that's been created to handle the constant influx of formerly dead people. The story still focuses on Jacob's return to his parents, who have grown old without him, but the book gets to skip past the problem of everyone wondering if he's really Jacob.
  9. This was a very effective thread at another site, so I thought I'd bring it to life here, in anticipation of the season about to begin.This thread is for nagging little questions or confusions you might have after watching an episode. Things that don't deserve an entire thread because it will probably take just one or two answers to clear the matter up. It saves the board from seeing dozens and dozens of new threads opening up after each episode just to answer a single question at a time. Example, during the opening credits, after Winterfell burned, I kept focusing in on that...white spot? in the middle of destroyed Winterfell. What the hell IS that? I asked in the Little Questions thread, a couple people answered and the issue was solved to my satisfaction. Viewer consensus is, its apparently the Godswood, it apparently survived the burning of Winterfell. Example: My sister bought me this t-shirt and we can't identify the flag in the middle. What is it? Answer: The flag of the Brotherhood Without Banners, it consists of tattered bits of of other House flags. Example: Why did Robb and Talisa get married under the Seven, when neither of them follows those gods? Bryan Cogman, the show writer, eventually answered (not very effectively, IMO) Example: Just re-watching season 1 and in the prologue there seems to be a symbol layed out from the body parts. I was just wandering what this symbol is meant to represent? From memory it seemed to be a circle with a line through it or something like that.. My own personal answer: I believe that layout matches the way HBO shows GoT titles and announcements, always with the double straight lines through any capital O. Example: Many inquiries about the music/musicians in various parts of various episodes. Many answers. You see the direction. Got a little question that's nagging at you about what you just saw? Post it here--someone will probably have your answer!
  10. According to Reality Steve the show began filming last night (Wednesday) with the limo arrivals and all-night cocktail party. Today was a day off and tomorrow is the first 1-on-1. Saturday is the group date. Sunday is the next 1-on-1 and Monday is night is the second rose ceremony. Here's what he says about the group date: "As for Saturday’s group date, I can tell you now that it’ll be taking place in the Hollywood & Highland area and the “Hollywood Men” (a male exotic dance group) will be part of the date. So my guess is the guys will have to partake in some sort of male dancing show with minimal clothing on." He also has a list of 9 of Andi's guys so far (he claims to have more that he will release soon). You can read the full list and more details here. I'll reproduce the names and hometowns below. Eric Hill: 30, Salt Lake City, Utah Will Barry: 26, Philadelphia, PA. JJ O’Brien: 31, San Francisco, CA Pat Jagodzinski: 28 or 29, from Lebanon, New Jersey, but currently lives in Orange County, CA. Bradley Wisk: 32, Chicago, Ill. Tasos Hernandez: Age 30, Denver, CO Marquel Martin 26, Las Vegas, NV. Dylan Petitt; 26, Boston, MA Josh Murray: 29, Athens, GA There are several interesting things to say about these guys, but I'll reserve them for their individual threads. However, Josh Murray bears a mention. He is, according to Reality Steve, the older brother of recently graduated University of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray. And, it just so happens that Andi's dad is one of the world's biggest UGA fans. What a coinkidink! Yeah, as Steve says, there's no way he doesn't at least make it to hometown dates, just for dad's sake if nothing else.
  11. A couple tidbits from TVLine: Here and here. Videos (and articles) may contain spoilers, so beware if you're spoiler free! Bones SDCC pic for 2014 (holdover pic all the way back from S5, but a good one, IMO!).
  12. While the show deviated from the books long ago minus some characters being in both it makes me wonder if the show would have been better if it had stuck closer to its literary counterpart. Agree? Disagree? What book characters do you wish had made it on to the show and what show characters do you wish were in the books?
  13. Mina Harker turned evil? All I got was that she was cheated on and next thing I know she's evil! Please explained what happened in between! Thanks
  14. Note: This thread is for discussing the totality of season 1, including possible spoilers from episodes you have not seen. PROCEED WITH CAUTION IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED THE SEASON. Use this thread to discuss things that carry on over multiple episodes or things related to the season as a whole that cannot be discussed in individual episode threads.
  15. Serious spoilers ahead in this topic for all the episodes that have aired to this date. And probably later episodes as well. This is a theory thread for the main thing possessing Vanessa. From most discussions about this show I've had with other people, the consensus seems to be that her mostly invisible friend, (whom I'm just going to nickname Mr. Nightingale for lack of another name) is Satan or perhaps a demon of some kind. I've had an idea about him spinning around in my head since S1E5 "Closer Than Sisters". What if he isn't the Devil at all, but Death itself? Why do I think that? Well, this will probably be shot to heck and back when the final three episodes of the season air, but I still want to put it out there just for fun. Reasons/utterly baseless speculation as to why Vanessa's pal might be the Big D: Vampires fear him, and by extension, Vanessa. What would a nigh immortal (or at least long-lived) creature fear? Probably Death. That Keats's poem, "Ode to a Nightingale", offered a possible clue: "[...] Darkling I listen; and, for many a time/I have been half in love with easeful Death,/Call’d him soft names in many a mused rhyme,/To take into the air my quiet breath; [...]" Oh Vanessa, you and your taxidermy skills have snagged you a terrific beau, you morbid poppet, by naming all those dead things. Just before their "bedroom scene" V calls him many names, but he never exactly confirms that he is the Devil, and the suggestion does seem to amuse him (and maybe just offend him a little). The seance had a line that the possessed Vanessa spoke, explicitly dismissing the suggestion that her body buddy was Amunet. If I remember correctly, it/he said, "No, not Amunet, girl. Much older." As far as religions go, Christianity hasn't been around as long as Ancient Egyptian myths have. The concept of the Devil as a figure of temptation and part-time leaser of human bodies is not found in Judaism either (Satan is more of an adversarial "role" in the Hebrew tradition rather than a force of evil). Death, however, would be older than any religion. Of course, Penny Dreadful's internal "gods" (a.k.a. the writers) could just basically do whatever they want and make their fictional universe run in a different direction, but this is a theory thread, so ... throwing out whatever "evidence" I can twist is A-OK. ;) His very presence can kill people (Mrs. Ives). He can also either call on the dead (Peter Murray) or give Vanessa the ability to call on the dead. Vanessa also foretold that Peter was going to die. In the scene where she was talking to the asylum doctor, she (or Nightingale) mention watching sailors die. Dead people seem to be a running theme with Vanessa and her BFF. Granted, this could just as easily be demonic powers, but let me dream. "You have to name a thing to make it live." Notably, if Mr. Nightingale isn't Satan, then Vanessa hasn't technically "named" him, so in a way, it's almost as if he doesn't live. But what sort of entity would exist without living? Death. So, that about wraps up the reasons for my theory. Does anyone else have a different idea? I'd love to see what other people think about Mr. Nightingale.
  16. I think Hannah Murray may be the most under-rated actress on the show. Please note: I said "most under-rated," not "greatest." There are plenty of great actresses on the show, but in most cases everyone realizes it. Even those of ud who were getting tired of Ygritte admit that the problems were with how she was scripted, not how she was acted. Same deal with Sansa, or Danaerys, or... whoever. But Gilly's role is so under-stated, and so full of subtle reactions to things that she simply does not care about like the other characters do, that it wasn't until my recent rewatch that I noticed how spot-on she always is. Her bland, mechanical recitation to the Crows when Literal Babydaddy called her over to praise him was exactly what I would expect of someone who completely hates their situation but simply does not want any bullshit and knows entirely too well how painful and unpleasant bullshit can be. Her early reactions to Sam were great- ranging from subtle optimism about escaping with him to, eventually, disgusted exasperation when he instead opted to offer her that stupid thimble like it was his class ring or something and that would somehow make him... only 99.99 per cent of a virgin? I hated the way their relationship seemed like it was being forced on us whether we cared about it or not, but every moment in it has been very true to both characters. Yes, Sam really was that big a nerd. I've known at least one Sam in real life. And Gilly, even with very few lines to say, did a great job of portraying someone who wasn't a romantic, had very low expectations as far as happy endings went, and thought very little of anyone who couldn't understand the rather obvious fact that all she wanted was to get the fuck out of Crazy Craster's House of Incest. Sam is so well acted, and often well-scripted, that I can't help liking him, but he's such a goofy romanticist that he needs someone in his scenes to balance him. And Jon Snow is almost as big a romanticist as Sam is, even though he's tougher and quieter about it. Gilly is a complete no-bullshit pragmatist, which is why I've come to really appreciate having her around. So does that mean I'm finally actually shipping her and Sam like we're obviously supposed to? Beats me. But I like having her on the show. And at the rate they're going, who knows? Maybe in another two seasons Sam will finally see a booby. Besides, if Castle Black loses its Smurfette, then a lot of Crows are going to have to go sleep at night dreaming of Jon Snow.
  17. Here's a link to the John/Astrid picture https://24.media.tumblr.com/282ad3157f8a1def6a7a590bb185768e/tumblr_n3ogpl91Gi1qgrut2o1_400.jpg
  18. Oberyn's poem probably went something like this: Roses red as Blood, Violets blue as the Sky, You killed my Sister, Prepare to Die!
  19. Ok, not completely sure if this is spoiler or just speculation based on the promos (I think it's the latter) but just to be sure I'll put it here. Is Will going to jail to protect Alicia?
  20. So the first episode they are going to China. Or so I read. That's all I know, but I'm sure the whole route has already been uncovered by those who obsess over such things, so feel free to discuss that and other spoilers here.
  21. Facts we know about Skitters. They move quickly on six legs, attack with formidable claws, and possess a tough exoskeleton. They are able to use harnessed children to communicate with humans. While performing a dissection, Anne and Lourdes find a harness beneath a Skitter’s exoskeleton, suggesting skitters are the enslaved or bio engineered subjects of the Espheni overlords. Skitters may have once been a different type of life form, as the harness seems to genetically modify the host. (It is revealed in the episode "Mutiny" that the harnesses will gradually transform the harnessed kids, a process that can continue even if the harnesses are removed. Examples of this can be seen by Rick's ability to stick to walls in addition to his enhanced strength, speed, and agility. In addition to this Megan was shown to have scales on the sides of her head). - Squick. Any other facts and/or speculations?
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