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Found 830 results

  1. A topic to discuss previous contestants and winners and where they are now. This article covers a few of them. Most of the winners have websites, blogs, and/or published books. I only realized today that S4's Ruby has a column with The Guardian. Snark and appreciation allowed! Title credit goes to the lovely SilverStormm.
  2. I have skimmed through 10 hours, thanks to @Armchair Critic for sharing. I have headache from Usman and BGL. Love ro read what everyone else thought.
  3. Your Spoilers & Speculation Topic!
  4. Lisa, 52 (York, PA) and Usman "SojaBoy", 30 (Nigeria) Lisa was immediately smitten when she stumbled across Usman’s profile on social media. She later learned that he is a famous musician in Nigeria, and he even wrote a song about her. Unfortunately, Lisa can’t hide her jealousy over Usman’s female fans and has had trouble accepting his career. Will Lisa be able to win over Usman’s family and prove she’s strong enough to handle his lifestyle?
  5. Avery, 32 (Seattle, WA) and Ash, 38 (Australia) Ash and Avery’s physical attraction to one another eventually turned into love, but the couple isn’t sure whether their relationship is ready to be taken to the next level. Ash’s career as a relationship coach has become an issue for Avery, who is concerned about how he conducts business with his female clients. Will Ash help Avery overcome her doubts about his commitment and prove he is the perfect man?
  6. Here's your place for spoilers and spoiler discussion!
  7. So I've been wondering why Redmond hadn't had any news about Survivor 41 (which is usually in its casting phases by now), and wondered if that was a bad sign for the franchise. However, it looks like S41 and 42 are likely a go. There's not really spoilers, yet, except that we may be getting another Second Chance season. It might explain why some Survivors are suddenly talking about wanting to go back out there, and some are coming out of the woodwork again. Donathan had an IG story where he mentioned putting weight on for something, and Caleb made his monthly Twitter pitch asking who wanted to see him back to finish what he started (judging by the responses, not many people).
  8. Let's talk all things Carlin and Evan. For this show, that likely means wedding and babies and babies and wanting babies and talking about babies and potentially poorly done home decorating.
  9. Season 7 is looming. Who will return? Who will fade away to sit on the porch and sip (likely heavily spiked) sweet tea? What are your hopes for the upcoming season? Speculate, post your investigative findings, and share your hopes, dreams and fears here. Note: Spoilers for the season are allowed. Read at your own risk.
  10. To compare the differences between a book and its movie or TV adaptation. Spoilers ahoy!
  11. The trend of villain apologia and why we hate it popped up in the Unpopular Opinions thread, and it got me to thinking that we should have thread for our favorite (and least favorite) cinematic baddies! Who sends chills up your spine? Who has you rolling your eyes at their lameness? Who gives you impish delight in being engaged in their fiendish plans? And who makes you thrilled to see their defeat? Discuss motive, portrayals, and why we love to hate (or hate to love) the thorns in heroes' sides. And, yes, we can also discuss our feelings about villain apologia and, as always, respect each others' opinions. Note: In case it wasn't obvious, the topic name is from a lyric from the Elvis Presley song "Trouble" (Because I'm evil/My middle name is misery...).
  12. Spoil away! I read a detailed summary of Tuesday's episode on Reddit (massively spoilery, obviously). Not sure if it's accurate, but it sounds intriguing! This show could really use a shakeup.
  13. Your thread for all things related to the movie. As the movie is now out, this thread does contain spoilers. This thread may be moved to Movies forum later. Teaser Trailer:
  14. Timothy, 38 (North Carolina) and Jeniffer, 25 (Colombia) After coming across Jeniffer’s online profile, Timothy was instantly smitten. Now, he’s traveling to Colombia to meet her in person for the first time and plans to propose. But with Jeniffer being a total knockout, he’s worried she won’t fall head over heels when they finally meet. Plus Tim’s close relationship with his ex-fiancé, Veronica, as well as the pressure of proving himself to be a capable step-father to Jeniffer’s 18-month-old daughter, may be hurdles that neither of them are fully prepared for.
  15. Joe

    The Star Wars Saga

    Filming for Episode VII has begun, so it's time to have a thread about it. All of it. I'd say that Star Wars is my favourite franchise of all time. Whatever medium it moves to, I will follow. It's racked up movies, TV, books, comics, and audio so far. I don't love everything that has been produced, but I love having the option. In other news, I've been listening to the Rebel Force Radio commentary tracks, with Sam Witwer. He's played several characters over the years, and has also talked about the series with George Lucas. He's funny, but he also has some insights. The original plan, in universe, was for Bail Organa, Obi-Wan, and Yoda to wait for Luke and Leia to come of age, then train them quickly to overthrow the emperor. Then Alderaan was blown up, throwing the plan to hell. The cave on Dagobah shows signs of being deliberately manufactured. Considering how much George has fiddled with the movies, that can't be an oversight. There's more to Dagobah than just that place where Yoda lives. So what are some of your favourite Star Wars stories?
  16. Thought it might be time to check out the Sportsbet odds again to see if anything has changed in the past few weeks. https://www.sportsbet.com.au/betting/novelty-bets/masterchef-australia/masterchef-australia-2020-back-to-win-5042016 Reynold being odds-on at this early stage doesn't surprise me and Poh being part of the top three is probably a given. Laura will make it a long way (hopefully not because of Jock). But Reece at number five and Callum in the bottom six? I can't see how that could possibly happen!
  17. Here is the thread for the Most Disturbing TV Moments, such as the "Red Wedding" from Game Of Thrones, in which a whole wedding party was killed, including Robb Stark, his mother Catelyn and even his pregnant wife at the behest of the Lannisters, who are the Stark's enemies. As someone who has never read the books, that scene not only freaked me out, at the risk of aging myself, it reminded me of the infamous "Moldavian Massacre" from Dynasty. Post your picks for the most shocking, horrifying and downright disgusting TV moments here-if you dare.
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