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  1. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    I just read it(that's why) and evidently it was relevant to you as you responded. And he still doesn't have a job, so still relevant.
  2. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    The problem is there is no free speech when it comes to your job, so mentioning is incorrect. An employer establishes rules for conduct. There is no wrong or right. An employer can make any rules they want. I just read it. Didn't know there was a statue of limitations on replying to posts. Nope, they can make any rules they want, just like any job can.
  3. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    After a further review, the play stands as called. It's a suicide.
  4. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    No, I think most owners and coaches would like to keep politics out of their sport. Plus, Kap's kneeling was so stupid. What was it actually going to accomplish? It was symbolical posturing and more about look at me than about any issue. His talents are sad now and his decision making was stupid. Most NFL fans are patriotic and kneeling for the NA is the wrong way to protest. Plus, Kap thought there would be no repercussions for his action. That's why he was so quick to do it. You think if he knew what would happen, he would take the same action? Nope. Yeah, because gambling, drinking and women don't exist in any other cities. This was a business decision. Oakland has a crummy stadium and they couldn't work out a stadium deal.
  5. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    Last time I looked, they have a right to sign or not sign anyone they want. The Constitution has nothing to do with it.
  6. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    Sorry, but he had no right to kneel during the games. Only what the team or league gave him. Teams and coaches in different leagues and organizations have told players they won't be doing that. Just like any job, you can't just protest or say what you want and hide behind the freedom of speech. Making it to the SB does not make one a better QB. They are many QB's that have made the SB who were barely above average and great ones who never made it. There are too many factors determining a SB appearance to base quality of player solely on that.
  7. Jordan27

    NFL Thread

    You mean like Manning who took them to two SB's and won one. It was really good for Cleveland. They had a lot of cap room and just basically paid for a 2nd round pick. A 2nd round pick for cash is mostly unheard of.
  8. Jordan27

    S07.E15: Something They Need

    The Stargate ep I was watching during the commercials was better than this. What has happened to the WD? The last two eps were of the quality of FTWD and that's not good.
  9. Jordan27

    S07.E14: The Other Side

    My sentiments exactly. When the biggest thing that happened was someone knocking vegetables or fruit out of someone's hands, you know it's a snoozer. Talk, talk, talk and do some gardening. I'm such a big WD fan, but the season has been a disappointment. From the Negan porn violence in Ep 1 to talking about way too much stuff and doing nothing. When does getting rid of the Saviors begin? And this episode was the most boring ever. No idea what most of them were babbling about. Me and a friend were watching S1 of Stargate during the commercials and found it more interesting than WD. I couldn't wait for the WD scenes to end so we could get back to SG.
  10. Jordan27

    S01.E13: Three Sentences

    You might want to read your own proof. It is said to have used once in a poker game in the 50's. Not popular. I never heard that term used until about 5 or so years ago. And I deal with the public a lot.
  11. Jordan27

    S01.E13: Three Sentences

    There was a expression mistake in this ep. Jack asks one of the kids a question and he responds with, "I'm good". That's an annoying expression used today and only in the last 5 or so years. Certainly wasn't used last century.
  12. Jordan27

    S02.E03: The Nightcomers

    Wow, Patti Lupone was outstanding. Best guest role I've seen on a show this year. The show is outstanding. I can't say enough Eva Green, my new favorite actress.
  13. Jordan27

    S02.E02: Verbis Diablo

    I thought it might have been a shout out to her most famous role of Rose on Doctor Who.
  14. Jordan27

    S01.E10: The Bicameral Mind

    I really enjoyed this series. Kept me interested every episode. Good acting by all involved. Looking forward to next year. And I'm a guest, not a host. Well, that's what I was told...........
  15. Jordan27

    S01.E04: Demimonde

    Wow, this show is just getting better. The acting is really good. Bet roles for Dalton and Hartnett ever.