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  1. Also: what is Rowan/Eli going to do now that he doesn't have any kind of pay grade at all? SCARY.
  2. I thought for sure that Zoe was going to be one of the people killed off in the fall finale just because her character is such a zero.
  3. I know what they were promoting, but not why they'd be there for a John Goodman episode.
  4. I rewatched Go this week. Still so much fun!
  5. The HFPA loves to reward an ingenue (Jennifer Garner, Claire Danes), so Maslany might actually have a good shot. Go Regina, Saskatchewan!
  6. I loved her in Wanderlust. She's been on stage in New York, and I think she has young kids still.
  7. It seems likely that Olivia will end up running Fitz's campaign after all, no?
  8. No one could have predicted Stallone and De Niro, because (a) why and (b) no.
  9. Scarlett has REALLY turned into the show's most skippable character.
  10. I can do without Oswalt, but yay for the Crowes!
  11. I was so relieved that Brody's torment was over (also mine), and then when someone called Carrie up to talk to Lockhart at the end, I was SURE he was going to reveal that Javadi had rigged the execution somehow and that Brody was still alive. I feel like the producers wrote this whole season to put Brody in a position where there really would be no possible way for him to get out and Showtime had to let them kill him at last.
  12. I want to think Brooklyn Nine-Nine will do better than the usual "Chris Martin, what are YOU doing here?" And that episode of Undeclared was not that bad. Much better than when Adam Sandler played a character other than himself on The King Of Queens.
  13. Let's talk about Stephanie's superlatives! Seriously, Dr. Seuss?!
  14. That was Hank's father (Truxton Spangler!). I didn't notice his accent. The way this season's been going, it really could be ANYONE who blinded Cordelia, for any reason, but who's even left? The hot guy Truxton installed as his #2 over Hank seems too fancy to risk getting his hands dirty (as it were).
  15. Will this be the episode where they finally kill off Quinn? CAN it be?!
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