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  1. Except in "Saturday Night Glee-ver", where Santana's not wanting to go to college was an act of egotism that needed to be bludgeoned out of her, even though as soon as she did that, everybody started shaming her for going to college and calling her a coward for not doing what she was planning to do before. Ah, Glee.
  2. I think people tend to overstate the degree to which GRRM subverts expectations.
  3. Ah, yes, the "Theatricality" imbroglio. As I recall, the TWOP episode thread on that ran to 50+ pages. That storyline was one of the canaries in the coal mine as far as the direction the show was heading in. Among other things, it showed the writers' previously strong grasp of tonal balance being completely lost, and them failing to understand the implications of it -- for instance, a lot of the debate around Kurt being "creepy" relates to stuff he did before that was meant to be funny; but if you drag the whole storyline into pure drama, which is what they did in "Theatricality", then e
  4. The Good Wife, How to Get Away with Murder, The Blacklist and, of all things, Mom also got nominations. And maybe Downton Abbey, depending on how you classify PBS.
  5. Mad Men didn't even get nominated this year, so it's not a likely threat. The HFPA tends to reward new things, with some exceptions (e.g., Breaking Bad), so I don't think the Globes' handling of them reflects their chances elsewhere. I think they've got a pretty strong chance at winning SAG Ensemble this year.
  6. Yay for Gina. After she became almost the default pick for so many prognosticators I was weirdly worried that it wouldn't pan out, but it did, and she gave a charming speech.
  7. I expected that the critics' and awards support would get it renewed. Yay.
  8. The analogy they're trying to draw between factory workers being laid off and Peggy's situation does not work, though. Peggy wasn't replacing anybody; she was working alongside men. The concept that seemingly the entire SSR has forgotten about her contributions, when she would have been a highly visible member, and was fairly high up the chain, is a pretty hard sell. Nancy Wake and Pearl Witherington weren't forgotten, and they were low-level compared to Peggy. That said, I quite liked the show. The fight scene in the second episode that's intercut with the radio show (and their practi
  9. Women can pass on the family name, which generally happens when they're rulers in their own right. In the main series, you have Maege Mormont, Arwyn Oakheart, Anya Waynwood, and Lyessa Flint, all of whose sons and daughters have their surnames.
  10. I didn't see anything about it as "gay panic". They thought that Luisa was imagining a relationship with her stepmother -- which there is apparently a family history of.
  11. I think Billy's connection to the hotel is way too recent (from what we can see) for that.
  12. That's one of the worst instances where the show's general habit of only caring about the choruses of songs (understandable, to an extent, since they aren't performing original music tailored specifically to their needs [except when they are, of course]). Though if the storyline surrounding it had been good, I don't think people would have cared; but since IKAG was heinous, the titular song just became emblematic of everything that was wrong with the handling of that storyline. As far as things like the differing treatments of Brittany inadvertently revealing stuff about her and Santana v
  13. Hey, Santana's sudden friendship with Rachel started in season 3, when Rachel randomly accosted Santana at her locker and asserted that they were friends now, to which the only logical response should have been "when did that happen?" That's another demonstration of the writing skills of the staff. On most programs, two longtime rivals setting aside differences and learning to appreciate each other would be an actual story.
  14. In honour of Christmas, the Glee Christmas episodes, ranked from execrable to best: 4. A Very Glee Christmas - the nadir of the show's infantilizing treatment of Brittany (actually, there's been a few of those, but I don't want to think about them all enough to decide which is worst), and the terrible season 2 Rachel/Finn breakup/makeup plot drags on with Finn's sanctimonious behaviour and Rachel's abject begging. Bonus "points" for the ReWalk, one of those things the writers had to have known would never be mentioned again even as they wrote the episode. Grade: F. 3. Glee, Actuall
  15. On the contrary, I think few things better signify the problems with this show than the show's obstinate clinging to the idea of ND and its members as uncool well past the point where their various accomplishments, individual and collective, would have changed that situation. Indeed, that problem started to manifest itself as early as episode 3, though it took a while before it really started to grind down on them.
  16. I was amused to see that described as "a moment of inspiration" on Rachel's part, since bringing back graduated characters to teach the newbies lessons is pretty much the default for how New Directions has worked.
  17. I'll miss the Chancellor if they make another season of this.
  18. Mei's attempt really didn't make sense to me. If she's desperate enough to attempt the kill in a way that completely disregards her own safety, she shouldn't have any problem getting close to the Empress and killing her with her bare hands.
  19. She and Brittany are off pursuing their careers, from the spoilers we've been given. I'm a bit surprised that they aren't going for a big cast reunion in the finale, but a number of shows have used the technique of gradually phasing castmembers out over the final season, and in a way they're going to get more attention in 6.08 than they would in 6.13.
  20. Mike Huckabee actually was there in at least one shot.
  21. I don't think Jane's break is unusual by TV standards, so hopefully it will work okay. If Gina and/or the show actually win, she'd get to make a speech on TV for a decent audience, so that would be great too (I think Gina can definitely win).
  22. No, she wouldn't have rights to the child. Petra having rights would hinge on Jane being a surrogate, which she isn't. Likewise, I don't believe that agreement would give her any rights vis a vis Rafael either, because Jane isn't a surrogate, so the child isn't Rafael's and Petra's, it's Rafael's and Jane's; one parent can't unilaterally contract away their share of parental rights to a third party.
  23. The fact that they've introduced the idea of Rafael being Sin Rostro here more or less means that he isn't. The flashbacks also kind of make it seem like Magda isn't either, though, which is interesting. I like the way they handle Jane and Rafael's different perspectives on things (also, count me on Team Rafael regarding school choices). Much like last week's throwaway joke about Jane have a cheap lawyer, this week's Petra lawsuit plot was resolved by episode's end, but, for the sake of nitpicking: getting that lawsuit thrown out of court would take about ten minutes. Rule 1 of cont
  24. Since the show typically introduces the season's plot threads over the first two episodes, I was thinking on what the distribution for season 5 will be like. There's a bit of awkwardness in that there's three groups of characters we won't have seen since 4.08 (Sansa and co., Theon and co., Ellaria), who it might therefore be good to see in the premiere, but they're also the less urgent characters to appear for much the same reason. Anyway: 1. Jon and the Night's Watch - very obviously 5.01. They're as much a book behind other characters, and have to get a move-on. 2. King's Landing -
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