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  1. It's not a specific interview, more what I remember them saying in various places over the years. They were asked how much they knew at various points, and they said they'd been told the ending, but that the real details didn't come until after season 3 (which you can really tell, in my opinion, from how the writing started to shift after that point). That's the thing, though, we're evidently meant to take Littlefinger at face value, as the writers and actors certainly seem to. And Sansa did have autonomy, when she revealed herself to the Vale lords and got some measure of security fro
  2. She's doing a lot more than 'complaining', and the reason she's speaking to Tim is because she trusts him more than her parents at this point. I really have a hard time seeing her just stomaching that the organization her parents work for (and will continue to work for) murdered her mentor, when, even more than the average citizen, she lives right next to somebody who could help her.
  3. The main thing they knew in advance was the ultimate resolution, not really the plots going there.
  4. The writers say they've been planning this since Season 2, which was well before they got significant details about the unpublished material. I don't think considerations relating to Sansa's book story are relevant, since they were prepared to go completely off it before they even knew anything about it. The impression I get, based on everything they've said, is that the starting point for this was that they thought that replacing Jeyne with Sansa would amp up that plot, and that considerations relating to Sansa's own arc were secondary, at best (though they're obviously spinning the latt
  5. The big problem with killing Tim is that I don't see how that doesn't lead to Paige going to Stan, the FBI counterintelligence officer who lives right across the street. Try to make it look like an accident or whatever, Paige isn't an idiot -- I'm sure she could make the connection between her revealing to Tim that her parents are spies and his sudden, immediate death thereafter.
  6. There are other spoiler sources apart from leaked episodes, and these guys have had reliable spoilers about GOT last season; they have legit insider sources (somehow). Two are Mance and Barristan, and I expect the third will be Trant. About the fourth, I don't know.
  7. With all the 'dragon has three heads' discussion, I'm not sure there's going to be just one person fulfilling the role. And I really don't believe any of the Nissa Nissa theories, regarding Dany or any of the series' other major female POVs; the idea that the culmination of their stories is going to be to die so that a male character can save the day is a really regressive notion.
  8. No court would ever give Rafael full custody. This is one area where the court have an extremely strong preference for mothers, even if there were any other reason to deny Jane, which their isn't, as she's of pretty much unblemished character. Conversely, I don't know that I think Jane's argument against Rafael would have worked, but it was less about whether that would have worked than what ugliness would have resulted from such a battle.
  9. The poster said that dragons are not useful outside of open warfare. Aegon conquered six of the seven kingdoms when their armies met him in the field. The only one he couldn't conquer and hold was Dorne, because the Dornish refused to face him in open combat. The letter claims that. Most don't believe it.
  10. This season has been said to be more or less TWOW spoiler-free, so I doubt it'll be any time soon.
  11. Roose also wanted him to stop torturing Jeyne in the books, but he didn't. And having Ramsay say "I won't hurt her" right after Littlefinger admits he knows nothing about Ramsay is blatant foreshadowing that he's going to hurt her.
  12. There's a lot of fuss made about the warden positions in the early chapters of the book which the rest of the series really doesn't justify, as they really don't see to be that important.
  13. They've been doing that in Europe since A Storm of Swords.
  14. Earlier in the season a lot of us were speculating that Nadine worked for Sin Rostro, but I'd discounted that theory since nothing really came of it, so it was interesting to see that revived and confirmed now. Lina, as a character, has always felt way more peripheral to the show than her status as Jane's supposed best friend seemed to suggest she was meant to be (as did the few episodes that tried to sell that as an important connection). This episode, I thought, went a long way toward establishing some grounding and an emotional connection between the two of them.
  15. The scene with Lyanna establishes that she's the Lady of Bear Island, so that means no adult Mormonts (none have been cast, anyway, that we know of). Non-Stark noble houses have been nonentities on the show apart from the Boltons and (briefly) the Karstarks, so I'm skeptical about the show changing that, unfortunately.
  16. Actually, Lollys said "when mother dies" in this episode, seemingly retconning last season's changing of the ruler of Stokeworth into a man.
  17. No, Cersei is Lady of the Rock in the books. Women can inherit if they don't have brothers. They haven't established that Cersei is the owner of the Rock in the show, though.
  18. She has no reason to trust Brienne -- same as Arya, who also turned her down.
  19. Rewriting a main character's story to include brutal sexual assault, as if she's interchangeable with a very minor character, and turning her into a victim that needs to be rescued yet again, is a rather obvious cause of "fuss".
  20. Iwan Rheon has given indications that he'll be in season 6. There's been nothing to suggest Sansa's going to be doing anything other what Jeyne Poole did. The whole "least like a Stark" thing is one of those ideas that I really dislike. There's no one way to be a Stark -- all the kids are different (it's especially the case when people treat Ned as the paragon of Stark-ness, when we know his siblings Brandon and Lyanna were nothing like him). Sansa definitely started out as the person who was the least interested in aspects of Northern culture, but one of the main themes of her story is
  21. We know that Sansa is going to Winterfell from the trailers. We know there's a marriage at Winterfell, per Michael McElhatton. And we know that there's a new main character joining the storyline, and that Ramsay gets a new plaything, who he horrifically abuses. It's all quite clear that Sansa is getting Jeyne Poole's plot, more or less unchanged.
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