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  1. Saw the episode today with David, Anna's brother-in-law. There are no words. He was talking about Josh's body within two minutes of seeing him and yikes all the touching. David is so very very fabulous.
  2. Watching the throwback Duggar episodes on DVR right when they found out they were expecting "The Miracle Child" Josie. Jim Bob and Michelle go to Weight Watchers because in this episode he's on a diet. Jane goes with them because apparently she's been going to WW meetings for years. I have nothing against WW, but what did Jana need it for and whose idea was it for her to go in the first place. Some of the girls have round faces, but none of them are even close to overweight. Michelle says it was so she would make healthy choices in her eating, but who knows. While registering for the meetings,
  3. I am currently doing a rewatch of the series and it's just nice to have it on again. I forgot how much I had loved the show, thank God for DVDs! I have to say that my favorite season hands down is Season Four. I am a sucker for "kid goes to college" seasons or shows which is usually an unpopular opinion, but I like them and I loved Rory's arrival at Yale and it was nice to have a non-romantic season for Rory. Bless AB, but she had what is described as "anti-chemistry" with men on the show, even Milo whom she dated. I only briefly liked Rory with Dean and that was during Season Four/Season
  4. GrapeEarth


    I recently listened to the audio books of the Flowers In The Attic series and I'll agree that they were oddly written, but oddly addictive. I liked the Lifetime adaptations so I wanted to read the source material and while listening to the first novel, I kept thinking that Carrie was such a brat and that I wasn't at all upset at the Grandmother's behavior towards her. Of course I felt bad for thinking this, but it is what it is, lol.
  5. I recently found episodes of Empty Nest to watch onlne and while they're not always the best quality, it's nice to get to see it in order. I have only seen a handful of episodes when Hallmark ran the series late at night a few years back and they were later in the series run. I have always been curious about the show since it's a GG spin off and takes place on the same street and I really cannot wait to get to the Sophia episodes, but it's always intrigued me how the girls would show up at random in some episodes, it's like finding an episode of GG that you never watched before or something wh
  6. He played the cop who brought the news to Blanche that her boyfriend was in police custody at the end of the pilot episode. I've always noticed that being a fan of Designing Women. It's sad how the cast of DW are dying off now, I still think of them as younger than the GG cast so it was bizarre when Dixie Carter died and I realized that she was in her 70's when it happened.
  7. I had heard about this series because my mother insisted I read it and it just didn't sound like something I would like. I do enjoy dystopian themed shows and books, but this one just didn't interest me very much. I was intrigued when I read that Emma Roberts was starring as I enjoyed her in Scream Four and then on American Horror Story especially. I was a bit disappointed that this didn't go to series, but happy to see Hulu put up the pilot. It had it's flaws, but overall I liked it and thought it was a nice set up for a series. I have lots of questions and I guess I will go ahead and rea
  8. I downloaded the audio version because I feel like Kristen Bell should narrate everything, seriously has she done audio books for any other series cause I'm interested! I really didn't know if I would like this because I'm not big on fan fiction or show related book series, but I actually loved it and it was nice to hear KB as Veronica, although I agree with someone above who said at times Veronica didn't sound like Veronica. I thought KB's Mac voice was spot on and it impressed the hell out of me. I love that Mac and Veronica are still working together and I have always been a fan of thei
  9. I really missed this show! I didn't realize it until watching the opener, but it's nice to have it back, now to just figure out if I should binge watch or drag it out some. It was somewhat of a slow episode, but I liked the background on Piper and to be honest I wasn't really sure where the show was going with this transfer. I don't really read spoilers, but the Laura Prepon news was all over the place so I knew she might not be around, though I thought I had read where she would be in most of the episodes and I think it's been downgraded to just four now, but I could be wrong. I was actua
  10. I recall watching a special about Lucy and Desi years ago where someone mentioned how during the filming of The Lucy/Desi Comedy Hour episode where they visit Japan, things between Lucy and Desi were at the end and the makeup artist had to keep reapplying white face paint to Lucy in her geisha girl costume because she kept crying so much. I had seen that particular episode a few times, but ever since then I cannot bring myself to watch it after knowing that little information.
  11. I always wanted Dorothy to have someone like Rose did in Miles/Arnie and I wanted to see a return of the man Blanche dated in the final season that wanted to take things slow and she finally felt like a lady. I thought that was a sweet storyline, not to mention hilarious with their date that began at the jungle themed motel. Classic!
  12. I always fanwank that Janet and her husband enjoyed their second honeymoon and had another child to try and save the marriage. One thing I always appreciated was that in one episode Blanche makes the comment that she worries about her son even though he is only a CPA and then in an episode of "The Golden Palace" ( I'm a completest, who are you to judge me?) the same son comes to visit and surprises her by revealing that he's quit his CPA job to become a stand up comedian.
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