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  1. Xica

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    Empire's showrunner blew a great opportunity to keep AZ Kelsey on the show. The characters Jeff and Tracy Kingsley had so many layers. I found both characters and actors compelling to watch. Both, have so many stories left to tell. And it's unfortunate that Mahoney sucks at his job and took the predictable out by killing off a great character like Jeff Kingsley. I have to give a major shout out to Amanda Detmer. She played that part. Tracy is such a disgusting character. But, I couldn't look away from her. The chemistry between Ms. Detmer's character Tracy and Mr. Howard's Lucious was
  2. Facts! Gabby's got skills. This was her debut as a director. My goodness! The directorial skills in this episode was that of a seasoned professional. I truly want more episodes with Gabby as director.
  3. I honestly don't get the Chloe, Noah and Addison love fest. They lacked voice range and emotional connection to the songs they sing. And I think they've coasted by on fan popularity. The best voices this season by far were Janice, Jon, Brooke, Davon, Keisha, Moriah, Emily, Hannah, Ignatius and Chris Weaver. Unfortunately the latter five didn't make the cut and three of the former will probably be shown the exit tonight.
  4. Also, The Central Park Five (Jerome being a member of the Prospect Three).
  5. Another tired ripped from the headlines tale. Another episode without Fin and Barba. Looks like Fin is slowly being phased out of the show.
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