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  1. Elmopalooza and bitterapple you guys are my rock lol. But it's not cute for him to behave like this its like give me what I want and the heck with you. He is really manipulative and could take a few pointers from sister Zoey.
  2. Thanks Karen you're sweet for saying so. Thanks Karen you're sweet for saying so. Joanne 3482 yes Will did lose it when hebsaw that ice cream truck mine probably would have asked a few times but not went into a tizzy. I would have said we will complete our pictures and do a few more fun things then when you ask nicely for ice cream the next time you see an ice cream truck we may get one. But no way would I use food as a bargaining tool when he screams. Imagine a trip to grocery shop with all those goodies by the check out.
  3. Karen Zoey is sharp and really focused and I was sooooo proud of Jen for having the kids share luckily Zoey didn't mind Will holding the container that was something most kids would flip over but she was content just to have bites. And I didn't mention it but before the farm trip I was very impressed with Bill while dying eggs will kept putting the wire in his mouth Bill gave one warning and will stuck it back in his mouth Bill was firm and removed his eggs and tools thats when Will decided to speak with a clear few words he tried to whine but Bill was a champ. KUDOS big dadeeee way to go and
  4. Steff I see your point but your little one made up the cute name woof woof you probably didn't and then teach it as the proper way to describe the puppy...just sayin. I get the point on will being tired but still Jen just had chemo idk it's just my opinion no harm meant.
  5. Ok dont be too hard on me but I am watching this episode. Zoey is following dads lead picking berries. The sign clearly says do not eat strawberries but guess who is cramming a mouth full? Yep William and they laugh. Also why not say chicken instead of bak bak he went to the live chicken pen and said eat bak bak. Just say chicken he cant go to school and read the word chicken with pictures attached he will associate bak bak with chicken I can only imagine how that's gonna turn out. Anyway whilst Will was gorging on berries after having a treat from the ice cream truck Zoey had completed the t
  6. Omg im just now seeing the easter nepisode im commenting between commercials. Jen and Zoey at the farm to hunt eggs how cute can they be? Jen you gotta enter the mommy n me pageants you are stunning and she's a doll.
  7. Now thats true lillybee I didn't think of it that way.
  8. Joan I was thinking the same for his speech. Is grandma communicating with him in mandarin because I saw a few videos of him in china before adoption he seemed like he understood and heard what was being said in mandarin and he seemed really engaged. I never saw any of the yelling and behavior I see now. Also he was playing with other kids in the orphanage and he seemed happy. I wonder if he would respond better to his birth name. I think it changed from ming to josiah to will. I bet his grandma reminds him of one of the women I saw on those videos.
  9. Do you think it contradictory for Bill to say its not "cool" to hold Wills hand at 4 but its fine to kiss him in the lip or for Will to lick Bills hand? I still hold my kids hands.
  10. @ all4mom I agree but watch the video again I had to a few times Will pinched Jen when he was demanding cake and she was wiping his face.. she was really trying her best but bill did nothing. I am with you give them some good pot roast or meatloaf maybe chicken and dumplings to fill the babes up. Love your post.
  11. Karen you are seeing the same thing as I am the behavior wont just go away. How do they cope when cameras are off I wonder? No teacher will deal with it and I worr they are setting him up for major problems.
  12. Of course dressing up our girls is a right of passage so to speak. I did it too. And I agree that Jen has alot on her plate most moms do its a given. But I don't agree that Will is closer to Bill because hes home alot he works too I think Bill just gives in to Will so the kid prefers the easy road paved with cekkk lol. Jen just wants the best and goes the distance. I've never seen Will hit his dad. Btw...no parent is perfect I just feel like Bill should discipline and teach as does Jen. Parenting is not about being a playmate or a carpet. I'd love to see the kids have play time with peers thei
  13. True lola I adore Jen and her husband all im saying is that I don't like the way she tries so hard to make life happy but Will is not being good to her as a son loving mama would be he adores bill because he gets to do anything he wants and theres no pressure to excel but jen is trying to give discipline and I think will resents her for it so she gives in. But they are on tv and if we didn't watch and we're not allowed to comment or give perspectives tlc would cancel its all about giving Jen the respct she deserves I dont want to see her having to bend her motherly instincts in discipline to b
  14. Jean e its true no teacher is going to chang big poopy diapers from a newr 5 year old stubborn agressive grunting kid. Not gonna happen they are setting him up for failure. You are seeing what alot of us are too many issues early on they need real help. Will probably has no idea how to play with kids his age and yes...omg stop kissing him on the lips hes too big for it and he will be like a kid in school recently who got into lots of trouble because in kindergarten he kept kissing the other kids in their mouth...not cute and if he can demand kekkkk to shovel in then I just bet he can have goo
  15. Right only if Will can have all the cekk and baba /daddy lets him run the shop but then he eats all the puppy biscuits He could though in all seriousness be a food critic or if his agression and selfish stubborn ways change he could do great things like his parents but remember from the 411 were given Jens mom treated her as a regular kid with focus on success they encourage will to continue to be limited in his speech. I bet jen and bills parents didnt baby them and make excuses thats what half the delinquent kids use for an out nowdays the I was different had problems....Jen was a firecracke
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