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  1. I thought Michaela killed Sam when she hit him with the trophy.....or something. OR maybe it was Laurel? Or a combination of people accidentally whacking him upside the head? Or, er, yeah. Nonetheless, I do think the whole reason everyone landed in this mess is because of Wes's obsession with Rebecca. Had he not insisted they defend her, the killing of Sam likely wouldn't have happened. There have been so many murders on this show, I can't really remember who did what to whom anymore. This show was more interesting when they also included law cases, as in the first season. Does
  2. And there it is! Her sex-face is like her trademark so it's hard to forget!
  3. Now that Kate Mansi is back, am I actually expected to forget that Abigail slept with EJ? I was able to forget this indiscretion when Marci Miller was in the role, but EJ and the cabin and the shower and the closet is all I see when I see Kate Mansi. Ugh.
  4. Was it ever explained why he left the first wife? I guess I was surprised when he declared his love for the ex-wife in the letter. That was more surprising to me than his desire to be with his son, although I'm also baffled as to why he couldn't maintain a relationship with the son even with a divorce from the ex-wife. (I assume the rest of the back-story will be explained later on, but he's the one character on the show who is difficult to understand. I even get why Frank and Bonnie are the way they are but Sam baffles me. There really isn't a good reason as to why he sucks so much. Is it the
  5. Eve makes 16 year old Sami look mature. Goodness gracious. She's an attractive woman physically but is also proof-positive how someone's whiny personality can kill any objective appraisal of her beauty. Why is Ciara surprised that Ben tried to break her and Tripp up. Duh, he's a former serial killer. This is actually low on his list of indiscretions. The former I can forgive. The latter, not so much.
  6. Every time I tune in to this show after an absence, Abigail still remains boring. I just don't get it. (I don't even dislike Marci Miller. She's pretty and can act, but, man, this character). Don't even get me started on Ciara...even the most fabulous hair can't make this lady seem interesting to me...
  7. Oh that's right. I made a mistake. He killed the girl Sam wanted murdered. Anyway, when Frank and Bonnie and the rest of the kids are doing the killing, I guess that seems more tolerable to me. But I'd prefer Analise and Nate aren't tainted like that.
  8. How many people is Bonnie going to kill? I also don't like that they compromised Nate's character like this. Not sure I get the point of any of what's happening this season. Sam's death was tolerable because Frank (A HIT MAN) did it. No one cared about Rebecca, so in a way maybe Bonnie did viewers a favour. And, er, well, it's Bonnie. I mean, she's friends with Frank. Killing probably comes naturally to her. But who wants to see a guy like Nate, a police officer and generally someone who has a "clean" record (by, er, this show's standards), get compromised to the point that h
  9. I was upset after this episode. Really, really upset.
  10. That's what I noticed yesterday - that they looked the same age. It was a bit jarring because we know Belle is supposed to be a lot younger. At what point I was trying to assess if Sami might look younger depending on make-up and styling. On another note, John seems way less cheesy as an older guy in his senior years and with get hair. Go figure. He was always handsome, but also extremely cheesy. Now he just seems like a handsome older guy acting appropriately dignified for his age. Is EJ being recast? I think part of the difficulty in recasting EJ is that James Scott
  11. Ugh, Chad, just give up on Abigail. Not one of her many personalities is interesting. She can't even give a black wig life. Not to sound cruel (but I probably do anyway -- it happens when I need to be blunt and I have no other way of sugar-coating my question), but why exactly does Abigail want this baby?
  12. How is it possible for Abigail to be the most boring person alive (or, heck, dead), even with multiple-personality disorder?
  13. Abigail is so boring. OMG. I have no words. No wonder the serial killer seems more entertaining.
  14. Eve always seems...desperate? I think that's why I don't get Brady's attraction to her. I know he's the dumbest man alive, but I feel he should sense how much she oozes it.
  15. Hope is a lot more patient with Ciara than I would be.
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