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  1. Same here. It seemed like this cast gelled together mores than in previous years. I'm surprised that there was only one injury during the cross country skiing portion. There were some pretty gnarly falls happening. I was also half-expecting Cory and the others who removed their skis to get penalized for doing so, but then I realized that Teej's instructions never actually said they had to keep the skis on, just that they had to strap them on. I had to go look up how long ago it was that Johnny stiffed Sarah on the money because he looked so different in that flashback clip. That was only four years ago. Johnny looks so much better now.
  2. This does not seem to be a very strategic thinking group, so the realization that the more red skulls one person gets the fewer there will be for the rest of the group may have flown right over their heads. And Wes/Johnny acting like grownups and expressing regrets over their rivalry getting in the way of a friendship hit me in the feels. Real adult behavior is not something often seen on this show.
  3. I wonder if the Bananas underpants were gear from another Challenge that he's repurposed or he's wearing gear from this Challenge? I know I've seen the guys wear stuff like that before, especially for swimming/muck related events. That poor producer in the middle of the Big T injury mess. She remained calm in the midst of the crazy, but the look on her face screamed "I am re-evaluating my life choices."
  4. How long did those noodles stay on the floor? Are they trying to entice the ants from the Big Brother house to also star on The Challenge? Reading this article on Stop Being Polite puts Nelson's whole dig about the port-a-potty in a whole new light. (TL;DR the potties in the bunker stopped working, so production brought in port-a-potties in rather than fix the plumbing.)
  5. Going into this season, I would have thought that Anne would have been the one to smack down Bananas, not Tyler.
  6. Jay kind of looks like a scrawnier version of Cole Sprouse from Riverdale. I never thought of this. OTOH, Johnny and Wes together could be kind of hilarious as they try to keep the other's scheming under control.
  7. I work in advertising, and I'd be willing to bet that many of those ads are using stock footage or b-roll from previous shoots with remotely recorded voiceovers. The editing and such can all be done by art directors and video editors working from home. It's interesting that PW's eldest daughter and BF are both on the ranch instead of hunkering down at their home(s) in Dallas.
  8. Bananas is spreading his reality TV wings and will appear on Food Network's Worst Cooks in America Celebrity edition. Source: https://www.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/shows/2020/4/a-fresh-batch-of-celebrity-worst-cooks
  9. I'm honestly not sure what was more random...the green card marriage proposal or the presence of Andre Reed. But props to the producers for getting in two shoutouts to The Greatest Comeback in NFL History and only one reference to the four Super Bowls.
  10. The one security guard had a look of "I do not get paid enough to deal with this shit" during the Maddie/Ashley fight. I would have liked to have seen production do more to balance the water temperatures between rounds to ensure that the playing field was even. The first group had 61 degree water, then the next groups were in the 50s. I'm also surprised that Tori was the only one to realize that if her breakers added ice that the water would be colder when their group went in.
  11. Or she was off filming her appearance in the Arrow finale. Another Michael Nouri role was Eli David on NCIS.
  12. That would be fantastic. Those two had such chemistry on The West Wing. I spent TK's on-screen time trying to figure out what is on the medallion on the chain around his neck.
  13. I like that phrase! Showing the security is definitely new for this show, but a regular occurrence on The Challenge. And it appears that here we have just as much security for one-third as many people as The Challenge, which is interesting. I need more on this Jeremiah/Gus off-show backstory. There's way more going on than they are sharing with the rest of the class.
  14. I thought the puzzle time out during the gurney carrying challenge was fine - but give them at least a half hour, especially if the teams are so far apart and you're trying to "fake" an equalizer. Timing out on the puzzle before the swim? Uh uh, you stay and complete that challenge until Teej comes out and tells you that you are the dummiest dummies who ever dummied for not figuring out that Slot A goes into Hole B. A Phil Keogan guest appearance in this case would also be fine. And its been 20+ years, but it's still TOO SOON for a Bills joke.
  15. For a hot minute I thought Jana was being thankful for the Anne Lamott book. But then I realized that Anne, while a wonderful writer and hilarious twitter follow, isn't the right kind of Christian for the Duggars.
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