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  1. sabretooth

    Racing Wives

    CMT must be paying their Blur Editor overtime for this series. We're hitting Bachelor in Paradise levels of blur in some scenes. I don't expect the show to show an unrealistic situation where everyone is BFF, but there was an awful lot of awkward hostility at the dinner party that made it uncomfortable to watch. NASCAR cannot be happy that a series featuring some of their drivers wives is airing some dirty laundry.
  2. sabretooth

    All Episodes Talk

    I was ok with the gussied up s'mores but utterly aghast at that potato salad. In what world does marinara sauce and mayo mixed together sound appetizing?
  3. sabretooth

    S33.E16: This is the End

    There was part of me that was half expecting there to be another task at that point. Something along the lines of "you want your money, you have to jump out of this helicopter and swim to the beach to find the seal with your bag of money tied around his flipper." And this is such a refreshing attitude because most of these Challengers would throw their own mothers under a bus to win the money!
  4. sabretooth

    Floribama Shore

    My liver hurts while watching this show and I'm completely sober. I could not get over how badly sunburned some of the cast was. Did they all forget their sunscreen? They were going to be hurting when they all sobered up. I did crack up at Kodi's 'read a book that doesn't have your face on it' during the whole 'Gus doesn't know who Nelson Mandela is' scene.
  5. sabretooth

    S16.E04: Surprise...It's Restaurant Wars

    I'd also be worried about fumes from paint affecting how food tasted and/or smelled. I know it didn't have an effect on prep, as they showed one team indicating that something in the oven smelled done; but I'd still be worried about how it affected the diners. And you know damn well that even though the Cheftestants aren't responsible for the installation of tables and decor, you know they will get blamed if one potted plant is out of place or the restaurant name is crooked on the wall.
  6. And Nelson was arrested/jailed/released, which when combined with the Bananas sex tape, caused some sort of massive Twitter drama amongst the Challengers. I know, Challengers and Twitter drama is like saying water is wet and puppies are cute.
  7. sabretooth

    All Episodes Talk

    I like carrot cake. I like bread pudding. I like french toast. I do not like them all mixed together. Even when on Prednisone and ready to eat anything that's not nailed down, I would not eat that carrot cake french toast thing.
  8. sabretooth

    S32.E21: Reunion Part 1

    We've come so far. It's a smart strategy. When others are showing their asses, no need to put yours on display as well.
  9. sabretooth

    S32.E19: The Walking Dead

    Knowing that these hamsters are sometimes as dumb as rocks, I'd rather trivia be set up as live and die by your own knowledge (or lack thereof). It gets boring seeing what could be an interesting competition cut short because teams just target each other. I mean, these knuckleheads screwed up baby deer, baker's dozens and the Prime Minister of the UK. What else can they mess up? Also, I was really stressed watching them go through the electric wires thinking that someone was going to get badly zapped and get seriously hurt.
  10. sabretooth

    S02E05: Say Again Your Last

    Yes! It was the perfect song for the end of the show. And that entire recitation of the SEAL creed was really well done. I'm going to miss seeing Michael Irby as badass biker guy on Mayans MC on Tuesdays and respectable SEAL on SEAL Team on Wednesday.
  11. sabretooth

    S32.E16: The Leftovers

    That had better have been some damn good pasta for all of the ruckus it caused. Have any of the cast mentioned on Twitter how long Devin followed Bananas around for? I'm curious because it looked like Bananas was at the edge of his rope but we had no context as to how long the whole thing went on for. Are we talking minutes or more along the lines of CT on Wes on Rivals. And Teej with an oak tree's worth of shade during trivia with how many kids the cast 'knowingly' has. I enjoy the trivia challenge, just wish it would have gone on longer. It always seems like its over so fast!
  12. sabretooth

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: Los Angeles

    Hopefully Otis the sea lion survives any potential boat-related carnage! I'm enjoying Gerald McRaney's character. I hope we can keep him long term.
  13. sabretooth

    S32.E12: Unhappy Days

    I liked the Armageddon, if only for the creativity it took in planning it. I mean, who looks at toilet plungers, treadmills, playground balls and a skinny metal trash can and sees a competition?! Because 'Look at the Wall, You Stupid Idiots' was not in Teej's Challenge instructions of Branch! Key! Run! Puzzle! I was also wondering if they had permission to cut down those tree branches. Some places get rather picky if you disturb nature with no good reason.
  14. sabretooth

    S32 E03: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 2018.07.24

    During that whole argument, when Chuck was standing profile, he reminded me a lot of late-2000s Jonathan Jackson (his General Hospital days). I'm dating myself a bit with this reference, I know. This is true, but this is also The Challenge, which probably means that this format will only work for three episodes or so.
  15. sabretooth

    S14E13: Baptism By Fire 2018.07.10

    Amen. But where have Seanie-Poo and the Brenna A disappeared to? Sometimes you need a bit of chill in between the hollering/whining/dramatics of the other boats and I'm not getting that. (Ok, to be fair the Northwestern was relatively chill this week.)