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  1. Chelsea girl

    The L Word

    I've been binge watching the series and omg Jenny schechter is the worst character of all time!
  2. Chelsea girl

    S03.E06: Handmaids to Kitty Girls

    Banjee Warhol (shout out to the grizzly Kiki podcast!) but when I heard it I was like yup, that's me.
  3. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    Are the Russians the only ones who put all their jumps in the second half?
  4. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    The Russian programs are emotionless and sterile to me. Sure, everything is "perfect" but watching the first half of the program with just skating around and doing little arm movements is so boring. Hope Mirai can pull something out tomorrow!
  5. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    So happy for the shibs! They've been a joy to watch and have made me cry lol. V/M were incredible and deserved that gold medal!!
  6. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    lol I can't with Scott's entrance. It's like a smug and slutty villain. I live.
  7. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    Omg, my heart!!!
  8. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    The faces she's making are so unattractive. And the program itself is so slow.
  9. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    Eh, these other Americans are ..boring. What is this..50 shades on ice??
  10. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    The shib sibs were pure energy and joy. Really proud of them!!
  11. Chelsea girl

    Figure Skating

    The shibs have been fun to watch and have a freshness to them that I don't see it any of the other competitors that went after them. The Russians were lame, Hubble/donohue were so boring.
  12. OMG I spit out my water. I'm dying!!
  13. Chelsea girl


    Wow, this is quite amazing for Brazil but I must admit I was rooting for Germany!
  14. Chelsea girl

    Tennis: Lob Off

    So proud of del Potro!!! He played incredible matches and wow, what a wonderful comeback after two wrist surgeries!! Also congrats to nishikori!
  15. Chelsea girl

    Artistic Gymnastics: Stick the Landing!

    Yeah they haven't even shown Japan at all.