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  1. There has to be something we're not seeing in terms of Ashley and Jared... right? She seems like a doofus, but maybe he is leading her on just a bit by agreeing that they are best friends, and that he cares deeply for her, etc. Those things might be true, and it does seem like they have a friendship that goes beyond the cameras -- but he should also tell her that despite all this and under no uncertain terms, he does not want to be in any kind of committed romantic relationship with her. Threatening to leave the show is such a weak move, and if he did, would only prolong her obsession. Sh
  2. Josh is so, so repulsive to me. The definition of smarmy. Also, to me, he comes off as quite dumb. I also strongly dislike Evan, but he was right in saying that Josh talks in cliches. His inability to say anything of meaning in regards to Andi's book besides "its a completely fictional story" and "God has a plan" is almost comical. It would be much more convincing if he said something along the line of 'relationships are complicated, everyone says and does things they don't mean, Andy exaggerated many things to make me look bad and made some stuff up, etc." Basically how Nick has handled i
  3. I liked it. What a great bunch of kids. Emma is absolutely adorable, and so is Tahani. Tate was surprisingly good at hiphop. I think Tate and Emma are my frontrunners. I love Jordan but I am not super impressed by her dancing, but as a contemporary dancer she's kind of got the stiffest competition in her genre (with Tate). I'm looking forward to watching her in other genres. I thought Maddie was better this episode then last episode. I actually don't have a problem with her judging -- she may not be a better dancer then these kids (although she is probably a better lyrical/conte
  4. Yeah I remember watching her as a little kid in hip hop and being so impressed! I didn't love this solo either. People were raving about it, but I didn't find it that appealing. But, like you said, you gotta give her credit for going outside the box. I loved her solo 'Bang Bang' at the last dance awards she competed in (and won as a Teen). But honestly, to me she's more impressive in classes and conventions rather then competitive solos. Even in group dances, she just has a quality of movement that I appreciate. I get the sense that she has rhythm and can dance rather then that she
  5. Simrin won 5th overall with a hiphop solo, and was 2nd runner up for Best Dancer with this solo: But she is well known for actually being versatile.
  6. Kalani was 2nd runner up, I think. Emma Sutherland won, this was her solo: Beautiful dancer.
  7. Yes, Maddie competed as a Junior and her improv was surprisingly good - made me think that the ALDC choreography actually really holds her back. This Kalani dance solo impressed me though - she is really dancing with her whole body, and so fluid. I think she really wants to win this year.
  8. Chloe was fine in the movie. It was just a really bad movie. Anyway, came here to post Kalani's new solo. She is up for best dancer at TDA again this year (she's top 3 - results are on Friday). I think this is Travis Wall choreography but I am not sure. She competed under her real studio Club Dance. It is beautiful and so much better then anything we've ever seen from her on the show. Seeing how she actually dances makes watching her do the silly group dances on the show even more ridiculous.
  9. I actually agree with you about Sophia. I think she is starting to fizzle now as other dancers catch up to her and are better performers. The reason you don't remember Bostyn, though, is because they didn't show her dancing. I also like Jordan - I'm not saying she shouldn't have been picked over Bostyn. Just that this show is not all about who is the best dancer/performer. They also need to cast certain "types" - but we all know that already!
  10. Yeah, I thought Quinn's mother's reaction was odd as well -- "we'll go home and work harder"? Really? She seemed like she works hard enough! Some of the choices are clearly based on ratings/entertainment and not who the best dancer is. If it was about who was the best dancer, there is no way someone like Sophia Lucia would go home while that little boy stayed, or even that little girl Jordan. The little girl that got booted off for Jordan - Bostyn - a quick youtube search also reveals is very good, and very versatile.
  11. Yeah, it is interesting. You have to keep in mind that its not always just a competition -at least not the more reputable ones... its a huge convention with 2-3 days of classes with some of the best teachers and choreographers. Also, since she's won best dancer before I'm pretty sure she has scholarships to all of the conventions associated with The Dance Awards (which may even include travel costs, I don't know).
  12. He's a poor man's Jim. His ears also need to be different somehow. John Krasinski is definitely better looking... however, Derek *did* actually look straight at the camera and smirk during the nip slip scene. At least I think that's what I saw...
  13. By Youtube thing do you mean having solos up on youtube? A lot of the contemporary kids are big competition winners so you can easily find their dancing on youtube... some that come to my mind who are on teams are Sophia, Gavin, Bostyn, Avery, Brooklin, and Tate. Tate has never gone anywhere near Dance Moms. But she did compete with Maddie at last year's Dance Awards (not filmed), so they definitely know each other. Also, I'm pretty sure every single one of the kids on the hip hop team is in Wildabeast's "Immabeast" hip hop company (they're all "lil beasts" lol) so you can see
  14. Jordan is so clearly not that into Jojo... and he is so clearly her favorite... thats not going to end well. And yes, Derek looks just like John Krasinski!
  15. I figured Tate's biggest contemporary competition would be Avery or Sophia. But Tate and Avery are on the same team, so only one will make it through (is that how it works?), which doesn't seem right.
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