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  1. Same here. The writers could still have him turn out to be guilty of murder which would be a nice twist for me.
  2. Looks like Chen has been stealing baby Jackson's little boots and hiding them in Tim's locker.
  3. Really strong premiere IMO despite the silly premise that they could storm a compound in a foreign country. Bradford continues to be my favorite character. Did anyone notice the picture of the dog he adopted next to his bed? Oh, bring on the Bradford and Chen romance! Took a while but I'm okay with it since the show seems to be going in that direction. I guess there was a lot of things happening behind the scenes involving the actor playing Jackson. Not sure we'll get the true story. He couldn't even come back for the first episode. His death was brutal and senseless.
  4. Revisiting this show is such a great time capsule to all those 80's cop shows that I grew up with and Hunter holds up really well IMO. Obviously it doesn't have the visual appeal/style that a show like Miami Vice had in the 80s with it use of vibrant colors but it's still fun to watch for the 80's throwback. Despite watching the show religiously back in the 80s, I have little recollection of any of the episodes so it's like watching the show for the first time. I've been sampling episodes from the early seasons based on the episode titles only. I don't see myself having the time to rew
  5. So true. Also, the action scenes in Guatemala look like they recycled some sets from an old A-team episode. Soldiers of fortune living in the Los Angeles underground on a dangerous mission they are not. Still it looks like a fun intense season premiere. Speculation based on an important cast member not in the Promo
  6. Wow. To come back after 40 years with this kind of quality is truly amazing. It's like they never left. Those 2 songs hit all the right emotional beats for me. Abba doesn't need the money or the fame with this new album. They just came back for the love of music and for their fans. What a beautiful gift to the fans.
  7. Promo is up for the season premiere which is only 3 weeks away. Lots of interesting speculation based on that promo. Episode is titled "Life and Death". Season 4 Promo
  8. Yikes. Not the best lead in for the Rookie come this fall.
  9. This show is very Castle-ish in how the big season ending cliffhanger gets resolved pretty quickly on the following season premiere so that they can go back to their weekly episodic stories. I expect that too with season 4, which is good because I don't want to watch a storyline involving a pregnancy in danger or a pregnant character being threatened. This show has been pretty good in depicting not too much graphic violence. Let Angela have her baby in peace. I'm actually surprised they wrapped up (for now) the Lucy undercover plot. I was expecting the summer hiatus to reflect the sever
  10. Thank you ABC for the renewal. But I'm still mad about you cancelling "Forever" and "Whisky Cavalier" but this renewal helps 😜. Honestly, I could easily see the Rookie going into a 5th season the way the ratings have been consistent for 2 years now since moving to Sunday nights. The ratings on Sunday night for the key demo are very good overall considering the time slot.
  11. Her cover will be blown a few days into the UC mission on the following Sunday night when the members of the drug cartel she infiltrated all sit down to watch American Idol. They like to unwind on Sunday nights by catching their favorite show after a long hard week. Despite the betrayal of having a cop hiding in their inner circle, they'll equally be disappointed that Lucy never went on to compete at Hollywood Week on American Idol. Lucy got talent.
  12. They sure like to do tease the Bradford and Chen shippers but I think they'll pull the trigger for them in season 4. Think of the wedding dance as an appetizer of what's to come next season 😀
  13. TIm: Lucy it's the last dance of the night. I've been waiting all night for this moment. Will you dance with me? Lucy: I would love to Tim. They move closer to each other, waiting for the moment the slow music starts. Their eyes remained locked as Tim gently puts his hand behind Lucy's back and moves her closer to him. Tim smiles as Lucy moves in even closer ... Then DJ Smitty plays YMCA by the Village People. * Chenford army throw bricks at the TV *
  14. Decent episode with some interesting points covered although I still can't stand Rick Wilson even if he bashes Trump and gives props to Biden. I would have preferred the discussion on population growth had been brought up at the beginning of the panel so that more time could have been allocated to it. I'm on the side that even without increasing the population on the planet, we are still facing some serious crisis over the next few decades just from the damage we've already done to the eco system along with the increasing rate that we are using up so much of the world's natural resources. I
  15. Great news. I'm going to celebrate with a bowl of corn flakes.
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