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  1. Yikes. Not the best lead in for the Rookie come this fall.
  2. This show is very Castle-ish in how the big season ending cliffhanger gets resolved pretty quickly on the following season premiere so that they can go back to their weekly episodic stories. I expect that too with season 4, which is good because I don't want to watch a storyline involving a pregnancy in danger or a pregnant character being threatened. This show has been pretty good in depicting not too much graphic violence. Let Angela have her baby in peace. I'm actually surprised they wrapped up (for now) the Lucy undercover plot. I was expecting the summer hiatus to reflect the sever
  3. Thank you ABC for the renewal. But I'm still mad about you cancelling "Forever" and "Whisky Cavalier" but this renewal helps 😜. Honestly, I could easily see the Rookie going into a 5th season the way the ratings have been consistent for 2 years now since moving to Sunday nights. The ratings on Sunday night for the key demo are very good overall considering the time slot.
  4. Her cover will be blown a few days into the UC mission on the following Sunday night when the members of the drug cartel she infiltrated all sit down to watch American Idol. They like to unwind on Sunday nights by catching their favorite show after a long hard week. Despite the betrayal of having a cop hiding in their inner circle, they'll equally be disappointed that Lucy never went on to compete at Hollywood Week on American Idol. Lucy got talent.
  5. They sure like to do tease the Bradford and Chen shippers but I think they'll pull the trigger for them in season 4. Think of the wedding dance as an appetizer of what's to come next season 😀
  6. TIm: Lucy it's the last dance of the night. I've been waiting all night for this moment. Will you dance with me? Lucy: I would love to Tim. They move closer to each other, waiting for the moment the slow music starts. Their eyes remained locked as Tim gently puts his hand behind Lucy's back and moves her closer to him. Tim smiles as Lucy moves in even closer ... Then DJ Smitty plays YMCA by the Village People. * Chenford army throw bricks at the TV *
  7. Decent episode with some interesting points covered although I still can't stand Rick Wilson even if he bashes Trump and gives props to Biden. I would have preferred the discussion on population growth had been brought up at the beginning of the panel so that more time could have been allocated to it. I'm on the side that even without increasing the population on the planet, we are still facing some serious crisis over the next few decades just from the damage we've already done to the eco system along with the increasing rate that we are using up so much of the world's natural resources. I
  8. Great news. I'm going to celebrate with a bowl of corn flakes.
  9. The back end of season 3 has been really strong IMO. Another great episode last night. Bring on season 4.
  10. that episode of Magnum is airing again tonight for those that want to see her MMA skills. I really hope they bring her back and keep Tim as her TO.
  11. Very good episode last night but as usual I find the Nolan stories the least entertaining for me. Bradford continues to my favorite character by far and I hope they continue to give him more interesting storylines. As others have mentioned, I really hope they bring back Barnes and keep her with Bradford. Knowing the actress has some serious real life fighting skills, I would expect the writers to incorporate that into the show at one point. Boo to Badger being fired so quickly. A missed the opportunity for a Smitty & Badger team-up. Come on writers ... gold 😀
  12. I've been taking my time, but since last fall I've been watching the show for the first time since it aired on ABC. I'm currently midway through season 3 and damn this show is still hilarious. I recently watched the one with the Remington Steele Cameo. Yes the fashion is so 80s, but the screwball comedy aspect still works for me and could easily work today IMO. So many great one liners and they show really took some great creative chances in those first 3 seasons. I'm one of those that lost interest due to the constant repeats (and not because the characters hooked up) so I don't think I e
  13. I believe that it was the show runner who said that he wasn't planning on putting them together in an article last summer. IMO reading between the lines I took it as he was saying that Tim's character would never cross the line since he was her training officer. Now that Tim is no longer her TO, who knows what the show runner has in mind. Not that I'm shipper, but I do think the actors have pretty good chemistry so I don't mind if they go the relationship route for these two especially if they can make an interesting story out of it. I thought Lucy's fake out with Tim was pretty hilarious e
  14. When you say Smitty gets reassigned, I hope you mean he gets reassigned to Chicago where he teams up with a Canadian Mountie and his pet wolf. Together all 3 help solve crimes in Chicago. I'm totally down for a Smitty spinoff. 😀 Seriously though I really enjoyed last night's episode. One of the better ones in a long-time for me despite most of the scenes being inside the police cruisers. And I'm with Shapeshifter, I believe that Bradford and Chen will continue to be in each other's orbit leading to an eventual romance.
  15. Welcome back show. As other have said, I missed you too 🙂 Hopefully this will be a positive trend of covering topics happening in the world that don't involve the former president. While I enjoyed the discussion, honestly I felt a bit underwhelmed by last night's episode because there is so much to be covered by a discussion on a Pandemic and for me certain areas were simply not addressed or was simply glossed over by the show. For instance, my belief is that over population on this planet is a huge threat and a contributing factor for the next pandemic. I don't see how this planet c
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