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  1. I feel the same away about the show as I'm still waiting to be wowed by at least one episode this season. They do have a solid cast of characters who have interesting points of views but the writing & plotting as you mentioned leaves a lot to be desired IMO. It's not the actors fault who are all doing a fine job with what they are given. And the comedy overtones are fine with me as well as the musical choices that pop up in each episode, so it all comes down for the execute of the overall story arc for the season. I'm hoping the writers can fix that next season and plot a more interesting arc as I do hope it gets renewed for another season. This could be a really good show IMO.
  2. I interpreted that scene as if Lucy was wishing it could be Tim taking her to the restaurant instead. Cute scene though. I also remember him from the god awful final season of Sleepy Hollow. After such a promising start that show really fell off the tracks quickly. Thankfully I'm happy that the Rookie seems to have found it's niche this season and has been consistent. Ratings were great last night again for the Rookie.
  3. I'm good with the romance and I think ABC is starting to realize how popular this potential pairing is with the fans. I like that both Bradford and Chen seem to have their own stories being fleshed out each week on this show that is independent of everything else. They are being much more developed as characters that the others on the show (except Nolan of course). Another thing that I forgot to mention in my previous post, is that I appreciate all the great songs that have been featured on the show. Pretty much are all unknown to me so I've discovered some great artists along the way.
  4. Thanks I probably will. I have to admit one of the reasons for getting the region free player was that I wanted to pick up the remaining seasons of Picket Fences along with Hunter. I have the U.S. release for Hunter but after you posted one of the YouTube clips with the original music, I lost interest in revisiting that version of Hunter from the U.S. release. PS: On the "Rookie", I'm thinking Bradford needs a catchphrase .... how about "works for me!" It would suit his character 🙂
  5. I agree. Not getting a renewal at this point would be a shock. That 0.8 demo in the 18-49 is fantastic for a 10 pm. slot and as you said, the highest rating for all scripted shows. ABC must be really happy as this is the 4th week in a row of solid Rookie ratings. For me, this has been a pleasant surprise on Sunday nights. While not the best show, I stay up to watch it. Last time I did this for an ABC show on a Sunday night was for Boston Legal over 15 years ago! Denny Crane!
  6. Me too. It may have been cheesy but the Love Boat was fun to watch.
  7. I was hoping that would include a physical release too as Shout did a fantastic job when they got the rights to WKRP. But if it's only streaming maybe they can fix Hunter along with Wiseguy and Greatest American Hero to include original broadcast music. I did finally get my region free blu-ray player (LG as you suggested/recommended) so I'm good to order the European version of Hunter. Finding the time to watch is always the challenge, but nice to have the region free player available.
  8. The Golden age for Canadian TV is when "The Littlest Hobo" aired 🙂 back in the late 70s and early 80s. Seriously though, it's definitely a great time for Canadian TV and the Canadian film industry has been promoting that recently with commercials highlighting all the great things that have been coming out of Canada recently.
  9. Couldn't agree more! I don't normally ship couples but they are so much fun to watch that I would be disappointed if they didn't go there. Me too. Seeing some of the low ratings this season for other scripted shows for ABC, I can't help but wish they would have given Whiskey another season. I wonder if the ABC execs have 2nd regrets now (probably not!). I thought the cast was fantastic and oh those wonderful opening credits too. I was able to catch recently the French translation on TV and watched most of the series again. It was still as much fun this time around.
  10. I have to admit, I thought the move to Sundays was the kiss of death too for this show and have been pleasantly surprised at the ratings so far. ABC must be pleased too. It's been performing really well in the ratings for it's time slot with the demos easily winning the night for ABC at 10 p.m.. Hopefully last night's ratings is inline with the last 2 episodes. ABC should have given the Rookie's old time slot to Whiskey Cavalier.
  11. Yup. Scaramucci made a very keen observation on the dangerous impact of having monetary policy keeping interest rates soo low for such a long time. This has fuelled as Scaramucci said the rapid rise of assets (over valued stock markets and equally importantly over priced real estate) around the world. We are now in situations in many countries that have over-valued real estate (housing bubbles) that could utterly devastate & destroy the middle class if home prices were too fall. It's been happening already in Australia. Doesn't matter if rates go back up, a recession and substantial job losses resulting in home owners unable to make their mortgage payments could trigger a bigger economic downturn than the last one over 10 years ago. Instead of having a continued discussion on this very important point, all we got is Ross Douthat making stupid annoying faces. Please don't invite Douthat ever again Bill! And that includes as others have mentioned, the equally annoying Bari Weiss.
  12. I'm in the opposite camp and actually hope they do as the actors have IMO great chemistry together. Him being her TO is a natural obstacle for the writers to keep them apart and draw out the storyline until he's no longer her TO before finally putting them together. With the departure of Bishop (my favourite character last season), I find myself more interested in the storylines of Chen and Bradford this season over anything involving Nolan.
  13. Same here. There was something off in the pacing of the episode. It didn't flow naturally. But the scooter scene was hilarious. Bonus points for me for the casting of Doc from the Love Boat as the old neighbour.
  14. Lol I thought the same thing too! She should have kept whacking him. At least she didn't run up the stairs like in most movies and she bolted for the door instead. Chen probably figured that she would be safe by running outside not realizing that they were in the middle of nowhere.
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