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  1. Thinking about it I very much prefer RNM Isobel to OG Roswell Isobel. Katherines Isobel was very cold. I just remember her being bitchy most of the time.
  2. I enjoyed Isobel kicking Jones butt. That was fun. Where is Kyle and why did no one mention him :( Nathan is having so fun with Jones. Much more entertaining than Max ever was. Malex getting their shit together. Michael taking his hat off was funny to me.
  3. Liz thinking something was off should have been the huge indicator that he was Jones lol. I do find Jones a hell of a lot more interesting than Max. Plus his dog Lucky is so cute.
  4. Ok but why did it take the whole episode for Liz to realize it was Jones. Come on, it was so obvious. I just rolled my eyes at her figuring it out.
  5. Finally someone in the pod squad apologizes to Rosa. Scene of the episode. Max and his not all cops BS can stfu. Kyle/Liz/Max being tethered together is amusing. Poor Kyle.
  6. My only hope for this Finn/Sheila/Steffy storyline is that Liam doesn't ride to the rescue for Steffy. Keep him far away.
  7. I found this ep. pretty boring minus the last 5 mins. I find Liz so boring in LA. Rosa/Wyatt plot is not only dull but pointless. Feels like they are on a different show. Isobel/Maria were amusing but it felt like waste of time till the end. Kyle and Michael were fun. Not Kyle :(
  8. Who did/does Sheila hate more Lauren Fenmore or Stephanie?
  9. Really could have done without Liam/Hopes commentary on Sheila/Finn/Steffy. Liam is as threatening as a whiny toddler. Good for Eric reminding them that Jack and Li are Finns parents.
  10. How could Jack not know what Shelia has done? Makes no sense. The Forrester's are a high profile family. I get why Ridge would think Finn and Sheila were teaming up but not Steffy. Finn is kinda rude to Li. Poor girl. She is your mom. Hate them but Liam/Hope had funny background looks. That would be fun to play as actors.
  11. I mean the rest of the characters tend to ignore or forget about Malex so them not hearing Alex being upset at the funeral wouldn't phase them. So I was glad Alex told Michael it wasn't him because he wasn't upset. He would never cover up his murder. Maria should know that at least. Just odd.
  12. I like Jones better than Max tbh. Nathan is doing a great job with him.
  13. Max gets mad that Iz/Michael visited Jones on their own, Max then goes to see him alone. Usual, hypocrite, Max. I am so sick of his life being in danger. Love love love Kyle. He is so good at calling out other peoples shit. Bless Isobel for telling him to take care of himself. Are those 2 going to hook up? Damn, Alex looked good in a leather jacket and beanie. Nice to see him and Gregory together. Also thank you Alex, for voicing what I have said to myself that no way would he cover up Michael's death if he died. Why didn't anyone else think of that? like really.
  14. I love how Liam acts like he is not the reason for Steffy/Hope having conflicts. I want to punch him every time he makes a comment about them getting along.
  15. Hope basically spelt out in her speech that a shit storm was coming. I am excited for Shelia to cause drama for Steffy. Something that has nothing to do with waffle head. Why would Finn just accept this random woman was his mother.
  16. Aren't Katie and Donna Logans. I didn't expect them to be there. They dont seem close to Steffy. And Beth isn't Steffy or Finns kid. Glad Wyatt and Flo didn't get an invite. They are useless.
  17. Hopes dress was awful. So unflattering for her body. Is the actress pregnant in RL or something. Also awful was the earrings Paris was wearing. Didn't like the one long sleeve on Brooke. I liked Steffys dress. It was nice and not ugly like her previous wedding dresses. Didnt mind her hair. Kelly was cute. Her bouncing out before the vows was funny. She was like my job is done, see ya.
  18. Oh, please, there is nothing Liam could do to make Brooke dislike him. She is obsessed with him. He can do no wrong. I would hate having my mother walk in unannounced to my house. IDK why Hope lives in such a small house in her mothers yard. Quinn/Carter are getting a little repetitive. They need to do more than just have sex all the time.
  19. Ugh, the break from Hope/Liam was nice while it lasted. Hopes dress was ugly. Is Hope going to ask Liam how he feels about Steffy every time she makes a life decision. Its pathetic she has to ask how he feels. Oh, Steffy why would you want Lope to be at your wedding. Did she even ask Finn how he felt about Liam being there. Of course she has to acknowledge st. Hope.
  20. I am glad its not Shauna. DR is not good. and further away Steffy/Finn are to her and Flo the better. Steffy having a literal crazy MIL should be fun.
  21. The Wyatt story is disturbing. I dont want to see a racist be redeemed. I hate any time he has screen time over any of my faves. i.e Kyle or Alex. Rosa deserves a better story than this gross plot. I like that Alex has an interesting arc this year. I hope he will be more incorporated with the rest of the cast soon. Glad to see they remembered that Rosa and Kyle are brother and sister this year.
  22. I have to admit Thomas was working that man bun today. They should just recast Taylor already if the actress doesn't want to come back. She is missing so much of her children's/grandkids lives. IDK about the Forresters being great people, Finn. I would be worried marrying into that family.
  23. I dont really know why but I do find this show enjoyable. I liked this season better than the first. I like it when the 5 of them are together in one place doing shady shit. Ward really cant die can he. He has like 9 lives. The ending was not that shocking. I was calling it since last season.
  24. The buttons on Quinn's pants are a No. Is Brooke Eric's mother or something. Why does she tell him what to do and who not to talk to. She treats him like a child who cannot do anything without her. Finn being adopted... how not surprising. Let me guess that his birth parent/s are already on the show.
  25. God, Brooke and her shrill voice demanding that Quinn is not allowed in the building. STFU. Good for Quinn for telling Eric off. None of the Forrester's are perfect.
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