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  1. In the first episode, Pine gives MI6 what appears to be an agreement between Ironlast (Roper's company) and Freddie Hamid that describes, in detail, the illegal arms that Ironlast will be selling to Freddie. Even if you ignore the ridiculous notion that an illegal arms trade would have a paper trail like that, how is that the Roper was never charged/convicted based on this evidence alone? Also, doesn't it go against Roper's M.O. to use his own company, Ironlast, in business dealings like this when, later in the series, he explains to Pine that he uses a middleman to create a front company to a
  2. I don't find June and Nick's relationship romantic in the least. Aside from the fact that Nick is someone who participates in a regime that persecutes women like June, their relationship is just a heartbreaking reminder of Gilead's destruction of once-happy families and friendships. I can't look at June and Nick together without thinking of what could have been for her, Luke, and Hannah if Gilead never existed. So, for me, a happy ending would be with June, Nick, and Hannah repairing and restoring their family, however farfetched that may be.
  3. I'm tired of the June show. I have never been one to subscribe to the belief that the title of the show--The Handmaid's Tale--necessarily means that it is solely June's story, so my wish is for the show is to branch out and focus on other characters. I hate that she is suddenly the leader of Mayday and everyone is taking direction from her when we know that Mayday was established before June's involvement and likely spearheaded by other badass women. It really feels like peak white feminism and I absolutely abhor it.
  4. So sudden and heartbreaking. She was far too young. She truly elevated Peaky Blinders.
  5. I just finished binge watching all 5 seasons. My overarching take is that this show has the elements to be a truly great show--the ensemble and the setting are truly fantastic. But the writing just can't get it there. Despite great moments and some great arcs, the writing is inconsistent and disjointed. The show primarily fails in the writing of its female characters. Grace had so much potential before she was abruptly killed. We never got to know her or her background. She was just a prop for Tommy's pain. And it's so obvious there are no female writers on staff. In season 1, Grace basi
  6. My mistake. I will delete my original post.
  7. I couldn't agree more. The series paid too much time on these people. Do we even know if these "web sleuths" had prominent followings or was the series giving a platform to obscure Youtubers who no one would have heard of if not for this series? I don't think the last episode discrediting these people justifies the amount of time they were given in the first three episodes, especially when the series itself did not have a clear viewpoint that these "web sleuths" were dangerous and irresponsible. I also agree with other posters who felt that the series was dragged out. It is obvious that
  8. Hava


    I've never been able to figure this out--when House first went to the hospital for his leg, did he know Cuddy? When did he start working for the hospital?
  9. Hava


    I need Jimmy to have a romance on the show. It's just a waste of his sexiness not to.
  10. Hava


    Me: the perfect man doesn't exist Jimmy Perez: Hi But, in all seriousness, I love this show. I much prefer the season long stories as opposed to the standalone stories of the earlier seasons.
  11. Anyone also not like Saracen? Bueller? Bueller?
  12. I probably could accept her as an antagonist if the show treated her as such, but I don't think it did. Each time she did an awful thing, Alan either supported her or she came around to the right decision and the audience and the characters were supposed to just move on. I actually hate the premise of the show that these two people were in love with each other their whole live's and were pining for each other while married to other people. If I were Gillian, I could not move past that. I was hoping the show would end with Alan leaving Celia.
  13. Ugh, this show would have been nearly perfect without Celia. She's horrid. And Alan is spineless to not stand up to her.
  14. I saw that differently. I saw that as Abby recognizing that this woman would not be able to get an abortion (that she voiced wanting) if her husband was involved. And, also, her husband was not entitled to information about his wife. And the abortion clinic storyline left a really bad taste in my mouth, I think ending with Kerry's patient (who wanted an abortion) being an asshole.
  15. The focus on Abby was irritating, but there was one moment or episode that made me like her character. It was with a pregnant woman who was basically only having children for her husband, and Abby actually counseled her about the possibility of abortion. The show up to this point had a hostile attitude towards abortion and was, to my eyes anyway, very pro-birth and pro-motherhood, so for Abby to have this moment was very refreshing and very in line with what I would expect from an ethical physician presenting all options to a patient.
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