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  1. Also, I wish I had never watched that preview show that introduced the Ambassadors. As hot as Aristotle is, I can't move past his gross, filthy apartment. Matter of fact, I feel like most of the cast smells like self tanner, cheap booze and regret.
  2. What's even more jarring than Lindsay's appearance is that damn accent from Mars. This show is ridiculous, yet here I am.
  3. I KNEW it was him. Really, really great casting on this show!
  4. Wasn't Kailah the ostracized, disliked one not too recently? She of all people should know how it feels to be treated poorly for no apparent reason. Looks like she's all too happy to join in the mean girls club as soon as she can. Also disappointed in Jem. She usually doesn't lower herself to that kind of behavior. Brittney... no words for her on the Aftershow. Proud of Cara and Kam for immediately not being down with that bullshit. ESPECIALLY Kam for telling people to handle their disagreements one on one, not by ganging up on someone. Kailah and her "you can't sit here..." BS. Bitch, please....
  5. My GOD! Ryan and Mack HATE their life together and they only thing they have to direct that at is Maci. She's "playing the damn victim"? Ok Ryan.... And Mack should really concentrate on matching that clip on hair better. Gary is spitting some TRUTH this episode!!! He's so happy to be on the outside, looking in. Poor Leah had to comfort her mom at the haunted house. Amber needed to make it all about her, as usual. New Matt is so hard on the eyes, not to mention, awkward as hell.
  6. I'll never understand why people were so outraged. Sotnikova skated beautifully. One minor bobble at the end of a combination, but her base value was still higher. I'll agree that her overall score was a little too high, but her program was one of the few that I truly enjoyed that night. The vitriol and hatred that was hurled at a TEENAGER, when she had nothing to do with the scores, was disgusting.
  7. OMG!! I can't wait for next week! Kyle literally looked like his head was going to pop off when Jen did that. She has no idea what she's unleashed!! ?????
  8. YES!!! This isn't exactly what she reminded me of. Not quite as bad as Kelly was, but close
  9. Finally caught the latest episode. Damn you Natalie for acting SO TERRIBLY that I'm on Kim Richards side. Why was Shar co-signing her horrible behavior and giggling along with everything she was bellowing. while HER poor daughter was terrified and running to the Richards room (of all places!!) for some comfort? Up until that point, I really liked her too. I think with the exception of Natalie and sometimes Heidi, the daughters are a lot better off than the mothers.
  10. Omg! There were too many posts to quote, I am dying over here. You guys brought up every point I was baffled by last night, and then some. I can't decide if if like the show or am just hate watching at this point...
  11. Nope! After seeing the quick clips of gross James and Lala on the flight over, I have a feeling my love of the show would've been killed on the spot!!! Plus planes are dirty enough, I can't imagine the disinfecting process that would need to take place after James AND Jax left the aircraft. I can barely handle seeing those two through my tv screen.ETA: Don't want to get too off topic but I thought I would share out of amusement. I am the biggest Bravo whore in my circle of friends and acquaintances. And I also do a lot of LA and OC flights. Sadly, my only Bravo airplane encounter was with Vicki from RHOOC. She walked on (in her gross fur coat that Brooks rented that was a hot button issue a few seasons ago) and I blurted out, "Hey Vicki!", like I knew her personally! I was expecting some "Vicki antics", but sadly she was pretty quiet. Lots of "tap, tap, tapping" and "WORKING!!!" on her laptop. She ended up in first class by pure coincidence. The man she was sitting next to in coach wanted to sit with his wife, who was also in coach. So he gave Vicki his seat, having zero clue who she was.. I told him he had just further fed the ego of a starving egomaniac!!
  12. Others have pretty much covered it already but a good amount of the flights out of Honolulu are at night. Most hotels there are pretty set on noon checkout because the next batch of guests come in during the afternoons. So the majority of people on those evening flights have been hanging out on the beach or wherever all day, until they can check in for their flight at night. I work a lot of those flights and everyone is generally pretty cranky, dehydrated and over it by that point. Heard they flew the airline I work for, not upset at all that I missed them!
  13. I'm now questioning EVERYTHING in my life because I almost got the dress that April was wearing for a wedding that I was the Maid of Honor in last summer. Does that make me weird? I'm in my mid 30's and I really, really loved it, but I didn't want a long dress. It had a short slip underneath and then the lace skirt was long. April looked very pretty though. Farrah... No words. Only disgust and anger.
  14. I was also wondering why no one put a stop to this in the beginning? I haven't watched this show in awhile ,but at first I thought it was a repeat of an earlier episode of a girl who gets her identity stolen but it ends up being a guy that did it. Wasn't that an early Catfish episode or am I crazy? Anyways, I would think there would be SOMEONE that you could report this kind of Internet abuse to, especially if it got to the point of encouraging people to kill themselves. No one even mentioned reporting or flagging it to Facebook! I guess it was left up to teenage renegades to fix the problem themselves and do things like create dueling fake profiles and trick crazy pants into giving them the login (what IS that whole thing anyways, I totally was confused about that part...) The whole thing was creepy and weird and I commend Falesha for having a lot of restraint. I almost wish they wouldn't have given the crazy girl any time on camera since that's what she wanted all along. The mom seemed to really miss the point of what the problem was. I keep seeing people mention that "sick child" is a common Catfish theme. What does that mean?
  15. So many really interesting thoughts and opinions on this board. So many perspectives and maybe that's why I really enjoyed the show this season. Up until the end, I was really enjoying how most of the ladies (barring the new cast members) were so much better about listening and trying to understand where the other person was coming from. Geneva is definitely not my favorite but I do feel really sad about the outcome of the yacht evening. Melissa was instigating that for at least 2, if not 3 episodes and wouldn't let it go. If there were going to be arrests, both should have been arrested. Or neither of them. But should definitely not have been only Geneva. I'm really on the fence about the Daisy situation. Definitely has my sympathy for her fight against cancer and not feeling well this season. I cant imagine how awful that must be. But I have a friend (never have been super close, not like a Daisy/Mica friendship) fighting stage 4 cancer and I'm always worried about saying or doing the wrong thing. She tells me that a lot of things other people say (meant as well wishes, "get well soon" or "we're praying for you") make her angry, as she is terminal and an atheist. She is often fatigued and In pain, so it's a fine line between imposing yourself and being around. Not to mention, I work on an airplane, so I'm pretty much always fighting a cold or virus which she can't be exposed to. So I try to check on her via text and phone as much as I can. I can tell that she doesn't think it's enough and that makes me feel extremely guilty. Unfortunately, a lot of her close friends have fallen by the wayside over the last few years because of personality clashes on both sides. I wish she would outright tell me when she wants or needs something, but I get that it's not about me and my feelings at this point. So I saw both perspectives this season.
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