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  1. Was Sarah Chalke at Dan & Louise's wedding? I thought I saw her sitting near the isle.
  2. When you tease that Kendall is going to be on the final episode, she better arrive with a declaration of love for Joe and an intent to move to Chicago or it is a waste of a cameo. Very disappointing for this viewer who is still on team Kendall. Joe still loves Kendall. If he didn't, he wouldn't have felt like crying after she left. Serena and Joe are doomed once he admits to himself that he still loves Kendall.
  3. Could this episode have been Kendall's audition for The Bachelorette?
  4. Maurissa and Riely are only still together because Maurissa was picked over by Demar for a date with Chelsea. When Riely sees the episode he will see how Maurissa was batting her mile-long eyelashes at Demar. Pahlezzzzzz!
  5. What the? I thought Zac Bagans was going to host. He wasn't even there. Who thought this was a good idea? Halloween Wars is ruined and Holiday Wars was ruined last year. If they can't get Jonathan back, is Jesse Palmer busy? Somebody on the FN fix these shows please!
  6. I think James is one of the best looking guys this season. He just has to lose the douchey hair.
  7. Yes! We were yelling this at the screen! "Try the ramp, try the ramp! Why won't anybody try the ramp?"
  8. Where is everybody getting cakes, birthday signs and ugly jewelry? Is there a Bachelor in Paradise Mart down the beach? Maybe they can go get another cake for Riley.
  9. Katie said to Greg, "If you leave, this will all be for nothing"... and to the producers, "I'm done. Book my flight home". That doesn't sound like someone who was in love with Blake.
  10. Katie chose Blake because Greg left. Katie is a victim. If ABC and BN told Blake that he was going to be the next Bachelor, he would drop insecure Katie and her family of lonely, bitter “strong” women in a heartbeat. I started the season liking Katie and ended the season hoping Blake would break up with her and leave her standing alone in her dusty green dress. No more former contestants as host(s). Bring back Chris or find a permanent fatherly or motherly host. ETA the host comment.
  11. I don't think Greg is a gaslighter. I think his face says it all when he realized Katie wasn't the person who he thought she was after he told her about his feelings for her and his happiness since his father's death. You can see the moment Greg realized that marrying her would be a mistake. She didn't respond at all! If you are at a bus stop and a total stranger tells you about his/her father's death, you would show more emotion than what Katie showed. Even my son thought her reaction was really weird before Greg said anything about it. Saying that she likes the way he looks in response t
  12. Rainsong, this gave me the hardest belly laugh. Well done!
  13. Victoria enjoyed the bullying way too much!
  14. Hate the new format! I have nothing against Raven but she is a terrible fit for this show. Where is Jonathan? This was published in October saying that Jonathan was going to host https://www.thethings.com/food-network-holiday-wars-2020/. I don't like the show starting as if it has already been on for 5 minutes. We were never introduced to the contestants/teams. The set is too busy. I am a cake decorator and I love these shows because I learn new things. For the first time watching a show like this I could totally be competitive! Please bring back Jonathan!
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