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  1. Now, admittedly, I get my info from the Dick Wolf School of Law, as many of us do, but I thought it took 7 years or something like that, to have someone declared legally dead. Guess Diane and her magical lawyering skills took care of it. And, couldn't they have had a memorial either way? What was stopping them? @@
  2. hahahaha! As if! But, my question is - if Sonny was only gone for 8 months, how did they get him declared legally dead so quickly? Or did they even bother? So, is the Carly/Jason marriage even legal?
  3. COME ON! don't leave me hanging!! LOL, I have no idea how that happened. And, I can't help thinking that SB was diagnosed with Covid right around those kissing scenes with LW. Also, I love the nickname Millowtonin.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one bothered by this; he got past the guards AND the front door was unlocked so he could waltz right it? Um..... I don't think so. Not sure where Jason and Carly are right now - that house? Metro Court? Somewhere else? and, OMG, someone in wardrobe does not like Kirsten Storms. It was a beautiful dress - on someone else; did her no favors. And,
  5. Don't know if this has already been speculated on, but what are the chances that when SMike and Nina finally sleep together, that his super sperm impregnates post-menopausal Nina?
  6. here is something I don't understand about the MC pool; aren't most hotel pools open to guests only? Seems like any random person can walk in off the street and just hang out there; admittedly, a fair number of characters live there, or are friends with Carly, but still. For such an "exclusive" hotel, this open door policy surprises me.
  7. I haven't seen it yet, but I've been noticing for a long time how much the hair/makeup/wardrobe department must hate her. I know she has had health issues, and that could explain the makeup, but not hair/wardrobe. Good thing I've seen pics of her outside of GH, so I know she really looks better than that,
  8. unless you count AJ on the meat hook.....
  9. <<Speaking of cults, whatever happened to Harmony? >> I saw the actress on the new season of Working Moms. Took me a minute to place her.
  10. Isn't Jason also in Pentonville? Seems to me that he should be well connected enough to keep Alexis safe. (are co-ed prisons even a real thing? I know they'd be kept separate, but still).
  11. did they say that? I must have missed it, but I heard no crying in the background when they walked in.
  12. what kind of crappy nanny do they have that she had to call Michael because the kid was crying? Also, he wasn't crying when they got home so why didn't the nanny call them back and tell them everything was okay, and to enjoy their evening out?
  13. Must be the go-to career move in PC. Julian had Charlie's Mac has The Floating Rib Carly has The Metro Court (yes, a hotel, not a bar/restaurant specifically) Lulu has/had The Haunted Star - not that she was ever there after she became a "reporter" and lets not forget Luke's Club and Kelly's, back in the day. Did I leave anything off?
  14. didn't stop Michael and Kiki (or Morgan and Kiki) who shared a sister. But I agree, Sam has been awful lately and she brings down any scene partner she has.
  15. same bridge; no way are they spending money on a second one. Also, looks just like the other one. I had the same thought.
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