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  1. They do this on project runway too. It is heartbreaking.
  2. Ryan’s Jidenna looking ass needs a better haircut and needed to prioritize masks over blindfolds. BUT folks got their interracial marriage they have been clamoring for. and we are getting a divorced man and an older man. Branching out. Chris sucks. Poor Paige. I don’t know anyone else’s name.
  3. This whole thing was sketchy. Jason as a married, gay pastor messing with a young girl...sketchy. Jason messing with young boys...sketchy. I usually feel bad for catfish victims but not this time. He got what he deserved.
  4. Isn’t he ugly? And how many random siblings does he have?
  5. I’m so sick of the sob stories. Sick. Of. Them. Gabby is nuts and folks need to quit acting like she deserves sympathy.
  6. Pastor Cal addressed this a while back. He says that some black guys come looking for white women but not enough white women come in looking for black men to have a big enough pool to match. I’m pretty sure race can be non-negotiable. Several things should be - religion, children - but they tend to brush past those as if they aren’t dealbreakers in real life.
  7. Stacey didn’t like him at the wedding until her girlfriend told her that Michael owned his own business and looked him up online. Then she was all in. That’s the only reason she is in love now. She had to lay it on thick when she saw him kiki with KC. She might be greasy but she ain’t slick. i don’t mind Ivan and Aleks not talking about their sex life. I don’t like their attitudes about it. They can just say they are comfortable with their level of intimacy in their relationship and leave it there. Hell, Cathy and Josh were sexual quick but might be in the friend zone now so sex clearly doesn’t keep a relationship intimate.
  8. Stacey and Michael are full of it. Last week she said leave and this week she is madly in love. FOH!!! And they were pure AH to KC and Drew. They are new into this thing and are trying to have their first serious conversation with the experts and these trash boxes are laughing. i don’t know where Mishel got the impression Steve was telling the cameras he was not attracted to her. Maybe a camera person?? But if that is true, I can see it as a betrayal. Don’t talk to someone else about your wife; talk to your wife. Period. Do I think Steve is that type of guy? No. But that is not my call. That is between them. the rear of them....sigh
  9. I think they have a month wait time before the wedding.
  10. I like this too. They don’t seem to interact that much outside of the dinners but they may just not be showing it. I like the stay/leave too. I wondered why they had so many couples but they have to if they are going to give people an out every week. I wish the US version really meant it when they say the couples can break up at the half way point. But we might end up with only one couple by the end so maybe not
  11. Just saw an article that some kind of way Karen found out ahead of time that she was matched with Miles and she already knows him....and told the producers that he was not her type. They asked if she wanted to go through with it. I guess she did. I can’t wait to see how this plays out.
  12. That q-tip is long and the test is uncomfortable (tears came to my eyes) but Jamie was doing too damn much. She acted like she had just finished her last meal and was on the way to the chair.
  13. I like the older couple thing but not the kids. The way Poppy broke down about her kids underscored for me why they shouldn’t select people with kids. But, like you, I’m all in.
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