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  1. 1. Telling their son about their relationship, which ended when he was a toddler, is unnecessarily. 2. My best friend’s name is Lisa and she is better than an ice cream sandwich.
  2. If she says “it wouldn’t be fair” one more time…. she sucks! She lies! She does NOTHING on her own but it is Dr. Now’s fault she isn’t ready for surgery. FOH!
  3. Correct! He is not worth a wooden nickel and Jessica is holding on to a man who cheated on her like he is her last breath. He is weak. He needs to go back to Jessica. April also needs to go back to Roy. Alex also needs to go back to Stephen. He and Caroline are gross. Just looking at them kiss is gross and seems so fake.
  4. Right! No loving pet owner would agree to give up their pet for a STRANGER, married or not. There is a lot of breed bias when it comes to dogs so putting someone who does not like dogs with someone who owns a Pitt is irresponsible. I’m afraid of large breed dogs mostly bc I don’t have much experience with them. I have a dog (a Shih tzu puppy) and my stepmom will probably never visit again bc she doesn’t like dogs. I know I can never stay at my dad’s house with my dog bc she doesn’t even want dogs in her house.
  5. Carlo is my favorite person on the show. He needs to go around to every mother/daughter duo and tell them about themselves, especially Lauren and Lisa. They are GROSS. as for Carlo’s own duo, how is 5 houses down from your mom not close enough? That has to be a show plot…right?
  6. She can still go see lavender fields with her friend, Chris, who I am also not sure is a biological male. She just needs to give up hope for more.
  7. I have watched the whole “Jess gets called out” on YouTube so many times prior to it actually being shown on TV. I was so happy to see it “on the big screen”. ”Dan’s such a good faaaaatherrrr” to a son I’ve never met!! BWAHAHAHA!! ”nothing’s changed” Yeah, give it a minute… ”Man to man did she have a crack at ya”. Ummm….did ya NOT see that she didn’t care who she hurt trying to find love? Oh, you know, like Mick and Tam. if you haven’t seen it go on YouTube for them discussing it on “live TV”. BWAHAHAHA
  8. Looking at this, I really hate that Iris and Keith didn’t work. 🥲
  9. Jess is gross. She is worse than Dan IMO bc she has been in the experiment from the beginning and has never been nice to Mick, hit on Nic, and hit on Dan immediately after getting turned down by Nic. She has no remorse. She is smug. She made a comment about not caring if she hurt someone trying to meet her mate. Disgusting. At least Dan feels bad about it.
  10. When I say they weren’t hurt I mean in the “at least I wanted to leave you anyway” way. Neither wanted their partnership any longer. Yes the disrespect was ridiculous and the experts should have said “get to know each other on your own dime” (wait to see how that works out).
  11. That’s my mom’s story (except at 71). She did have chemo before and is on chemo pills now but has decided not to get the reconstruction. She doesn’t need to go back under the knife again after other surgeries.
  12. Sam decided he didn’t want Ines bc she was going too fast so that wasn’t an option. I think Jess and Dan got to stay bc 1. Mick and Tam didn’t really care that much/weren’t hurt (other than feeling like their time was wasted) and 2. There are only two weeks left in the experiment. There are and have been so many trash people on this show and it is too long. I do love the format but I swear when I watched online I skipped to dinner parties and commitment ceremonies bc these people wear me thin.
  13. I’m in love with Brandon. He is handsome, even if a little feminine looking, talented, and positive. Jeanne? I want to punch her in the throat every time she says she deserves the surgery. No one who doesn’t do the work deserves surgery. Is all this free?
  14. That’s the nicest thing anyone should ever say about Jess. She is the absolute worst. She is disgusting. was it her that Heidi’s Michael said had a “trout pout”? That’s the funniest thing in the whole world to me.
  15. Are y’all really cribbing about Briana having the title engineer just bc she doesn’t have an engineering degree? Seriously, it’s not that big a deal. Every company titles their jobs differently and engineering is such a diverse field and set of skills. Education is not the only way to gain engineering acumen. source: my life. I have a BS in Chemistry and Bachelors in Chemical Engineering and have worked in different engineering roles that had absolutely nothing to do with my education. I honestly didn’t need an engineering degree at all to do any of my engineering roles. my poin
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