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  1. Lucy is a good player! I hope she stays for a long run. As for hosts, I'd like to see Jimmy and/or Sarah (the Clue Crew) given a shot.
  2. Some family named Burger named their son Ham(ilton). He grew up to be a prominent but usually unsuccessful district attorney...
  3. "What's a Paladin?" Oh, come on - Dale is old enough to remember Have Gun, Will Travel.
  4. Dang! In the 15 year old chimp clip Rachel Dratch and Darrel Hammond looked super freaked out.
  5. I believe he didn't pick up his keys from beside the door when he ran out of the apartment.
  6. Gaetano's exit was pure "White Boy Bob" from Steven Soderberg's OUT OF SIGHT.
  7. When the receptionist was quizzing Rabbi and Satchel to see if they were East or West (Plymouth Rock or Sutter's Mill? Etc.) I thought one of the choices was "McCarthy or Eisenhauer?" and I thought it meant the Army-McCarthy Hearings. But it's too early in the decade for that. I realize she must have said or meant "MacARTHUR (commander of the war in the Pacific; East) or Eisenhauer (war in Europe; West). Rabbi heard a few minutes of anti-communist diatribe before he turned off the radio. Was that Senator Joe McCarthy or Father Charles Coughlin?
  8. I wonder if the receptionist was a Miss Slippers... first name Ruby?
  9. Liberal, KS, hosts one side of the International Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race. The other half, which I attended about 15 years ago, is in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England. That race has been run since the 1400s, and the Kansas end since 1950. Housewives of the town race a certain distance carrying (or flipping) a pancake in a skillet. Dignitaries from England come to Kansas and vice-versa. It's quite the event.
  10. "The Future is Now" is the motto from THE HUDSUCKER PROXY. (You know -- for kids!)
  11. Gee, I thought it was a call-forward... Leonard Cooper was the 2012 JEOPARDY! Teen Tournament winner. Of course, he doesn't look anything like Amy or Sheldon - being a black kid with a big 'fro!
  12. The Fargo gang! And c'mon -- Oraetta hadn't looked into her closet of trophies until NOW!? How many days (or weeks) has it been since Ethelrida was there?
  13. Don't forget, SNL's first Biden was Kevin Nealon in the Anita Hill (Ellen Cleghorne) / Clarence Thomas (Tim Meadows) sketches. With Phil Hartman as Ted Kennedy, Dana Carvey as Strom Thurmond and Al Franken as Sen. Paul Simon. Special appearance by Chris Rock as Long Dong Silver. That was definitely the hair-plugs era.
  14. They killed everybody else in the house; just drag that rug down the stairs. I didn't notice when they arrived - did they have a driver, to help lift him into the car? BTW, ladies had coats on but not much else. Must've been mighty cold, judging by the weather during Deafy's stakeout of Odis' building.
  15. So he was one of those "premature anti-fascists" -- later known as commies. 😕 The ones who were against fascism before Pearl Harbor.
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