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  1. When the FJ category was announced my pre-clue guess of a '50s movie was Touch of Evil - so I guess we were all in Charlton Heston mode!
  2. I eliminated 'Grant' pretty quickly. 1862 was too early for him. But the "no trouble sitting still" MIGHT have suggested him - if you thought Grant was passed out drunk and couldn't move!
  3. Speaking of overshoes, when I was a kid we wore a style my dad called, "Four-buckle Arctics (pronounced 'artics')."
  4. Did I hear "Gull-er-val's Travels"?? That's what it sounded like. Sid's physiognomy makes me think of Buzz Aldrin.
  5. That was my problem. I've never read MOREAU or seen the movies (Laughton or Brando) but the French name led me to think it was by Jules Verne; therefore "not British."😯
  6. You're right, of course. I misremembered. 'Redneck Singers" would not be a strong category for me.
  7. My only second guess for final was - Waylon Jennings? He was in the er, audience - at one of Cash's prison shows!
  8. Nobody's addressed my complaint about this and several other stories of the 13th Doctor: Why do they park the freaking TARDIS so far away!? The Fam had to schlep all that anti-cyber gear at the start some uncomfortable distance. Similarly in the one with the dying birds they parked it a hundred yards down the beach from the lab. In the Villa Diodata ep they left it far out in the woods. The point of the TARDIS (it's smaller on the outside) is that you can bring it into a building or a ship - even a pretty small one. Now, I know this can be a Deus ex Machina answer to problems but it's dumb to ignore it. When all cyber-heck broke loose, they had to flee the planet in two different ships - abandoning the TARDIS! They could have piled all the refugees inside while working out a plan of survival. If all the running around is supposed to be more 'dramatic'....? Bad writing I call it.
  9. I, too, often forget the category during a (Forrest)bouncy game; but what I wish they'd keep on the screen are the "Words from ________" categories where the response must be made up from the letters in some longer word. Much more difficult if I don't have that "long word" in front of me, as the contestants do in the studio. Same with categories like "Past Midnight" - words in the dictionary shortly after 'Midnight.'
  10. Gee, some people probably think Dave Barry looks like Harry Anderson. Barry was interviewed shortly after the DAVE'S WORLD sitcom started and he said, "I don't have to act in it? And I don't have to write it? You just give me money? COOL!" But he did mention the show subtracted one of his dogs and added a second kid ... better opportunities for dialog that way I guess.
  11. I still say " 'Tain't funny, McGee!" from Fibber McGee and Molly and that was WAY before my time. The first rock star marriage that came to my mind was Paulina Porizkova(sp?) and Ric Ocasek.
  12. Terry was an aircraft maintainer(?) from Akron. I had wondered if he worked on Akron's iconic Goodyear Blimps! Six freakin' clues left on the DJ board! 😡😡😡 I wondered if Terry was doing a "Maxwell Smart in the phone booth."
  13. Twenty years too early for 'Victorian'! 😉
  14. My wife (from Kent, OH) and I couldn't believe a guy from Akron didn't know Steubenville from all the hints in the clue. Maybe should've added Dean Martin?
  15. Yes. Coming back from Munich waving a piece of paper. "Peace in our time."
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