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  1. Richard Francis Burton did an English translation of that, too. Scandalous! 😮
  2. I was unsure of FJ when the clue said "this work was introduced to Europe around 1700" because the famous translation that I'm aware of was by Sir Richard Francis Burton in the 1880s.
  3. Hannibal was from Carthage in Africa. Did you mean Hammurabi's Code? On Wednesday's game in the This is SU category Kevin correctly answered 'A 5 letter word for smoothly polite' as Suave. I admit my first response was Suck-Up... but that's more than five letters. I thought of Eddie Haskell; he tried to be 'smoothly polite,' but he sure wasn't suave!
  4. As for "Pullman Porters," the union (the most powerful union of black workers through the 20th century) was The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters so it could be argued that Gabe was correct. The dominant "brand" of sleeping car was from the Pullman Company but I'm not sure if it was the only brand. Like 'Kleenex' the brand has become the generic name for the item. So disallowing Gabe's answer should only happen if you're hewing to the exact name of the museum's exhibit. Interesting tidbit: the porters were generally called "George" after George Pullman, the founder of the company. I mean, why bother learning the individual name of the black man who'll be serving you for such a short time?😯
  5. Yay for the new champ, Helen Reddy. Hear her roar!
  6. Chicago Hope even did a few jokes about ER. Both were set in Chicago, so a Hope character made some reference to "that other hospital" being very popular, compared to theirs. And I thought there was a line about Adam Arkin's character (tall, dark-eyed, salt-n-pepper hair) being mistaken for George Clooney.
  7. Not related to Season 35, but ... as I've been reading this thread I'm also half-watching the AFI Life Achievement Award for Denzel Washington on TNT and spotted Alex Trebek in the crowd!
  8. If only Alex, the Man of Many Accents and Impressions 😜 had done an imitation of Henry Fonda I might have gotten (G.A.F.) View Master. I was baffled, and thought, um, What is Television?? I did get both missed Daily Doubles from the second round.
  9. James and John were brothers, but never indicated as twins. The New Testament twin was 'Thomas' ... too many letters.
  10. Maybe her parents liked or were friends with the '60s and beyond actress Salome Jens. Best known now, probably, as a 'changeling' on ST: Deep Space Nine -- but you wouldn't recognize her face in that!
  11. Woody Guthrie was an insta-get but then I started second-guessing Pete Seeger. I stayed with Guthrie, although I wondered if he was TOO obvious. I'm sorry to see Emma go. All through Double Jeopardy! and coming out of the break before final I kept fearing they would ding her for the 'Comic Sidekicks' response of "Asterisk" instead of "AsterIX" (I played it back a couple of times). Emma got away with it, but it ultimately didn't help.😯
  12. I came up with X-ray in time. Figured a German physicist of that era - it had to be something nuclear-related. My dad was a radio operator in WWII and mentioned some of the phonetic alphabet words once in a while. He was right in the middle there, too ... Mike! While Emma in in California, she can spend a swell few days in Lompoc.
  13. I think it was 'radiator caps,' not hubcaps.
  14. In High School she (and some boy she mentioned; they're always chosen in pairs) was voted: Most Likely to Rule the World. Then she did some crazy eyes and 'Dr Evil' gestures. It might've had more bite if she wasn't sitting there, halfway through the round at zero. (She also figured that she and the boy most likely... would rule together - until one assassinated the other. James better watch his back in the green room.)
  15. If they do a live MAUDE it'll probably be the one with her abortion. That's the most famous episode. I'm only afraid they'll cast Jane Lynch in the part.
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