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  1. I just finished a re-watch. I think I enjoyed it more than the first time I watched it. Kim comes to Jimmy's rescue a few times. Most recently with the confrontation with Lalo in their apartment. Oh Kim, you are so in the game!! I can't wait for the final season. What happens to Kim? What happens to Lalo? What happens to Nacho and his papa? So many questions. Please don't make us wait another year!!!!
  2. I got season 5 from the library for free.
  3. As having a family member with alcohol issues, I agree with the "pinging my radar" sentiment. What if several of the judges were alcoholics and they could not sample the food because of the alcohol content? There will always people with different food allergies or other food issues. A show like Top Chef can't cater to all of them.
  4. If there is not camera crew, who was filming Meri and Christine's talk as they were walking? One of the kids? One of the other wives? Kody? There is a lot of inconsistency with the filming if they are supposedly doing it themselves. Also, why is Robin in her car during the zoom meetings? She has a 1000 room mansion. Can't she find a private place to talk? That was so painful to watch Ysabel, Christine and Kody's talk about the surgery. I just can't with him. I'm sure most of his kids can't either.
  5. I just finished binging all three seasons. Love the show. What intrigues name are the 4 symbols at the beginning of each episode. I try to remember them while watching. But I get too sucked into the episode and for get the symbols. Is there a chart anywhere I can look at?
  6. I don’t know what this commercial is for but some guy is brushing his teeth and a “motivational speaker” is telling him to brush in circles. “ Do another one, another one, another one.” this MS is not very motivating. It is like an ear worm. Another one, another on..........
  7. I love the new opening sequence. Everyone looks so unhappy. No smiles, nothing. Great poster for polygamy.
  8. What is it with these people? Always have to have feet in the pix!
  9. I know, I thought the same thing. We called them waders when we were in school.
  10. The Bissell carpet shampoo-er commercial for pet stains. The lady just pours the dirty pet stained water down her kitchen sink. Just yuck! Why would you do that? Everyone knows it goes down the toilet.
  11. Yes, now that you mention it, I could see that.(palm to the forehead).
  12. I agree! Loved it. Piper is a cipher. It seems to me that at certain times something takes over her and she does things she does not remember. Like cutting the tracker out. and the scribbles on the memory journal that she tore out. Also, when she was sitting on the staircase eavesdropping, it was like she heard something in the wall. Just kind of weird.
  13. Just went to the Golden Corral nearest to me. I can say that I will never go back to that place. The furnishings were run down, ripped chairs dirty floors. The food was lukewarm and disgusting. I asked the grill guy for a rare steak and he glares at me like I'm bothering him and cuts me off a chunk of practically raw meat. I use the restroom on the way out and it was totally disgusting. Sorry for the rant.
  14. I think this commercial is for a bank. It shows a little girl who looks about 10 years old (old enough to know better) drawing on the walls with crayons. The spokes-person is so happy about it. The parents should save their money to send her to art school. First of all, if she has crayons, she has paper to draw her wonderful pictures on and second I would have been punished for drawing on the walls. She does a curtsy and smiles like am I not the cutest for drawing on your walls with crayons. I bet a lot of kids get in to trouble for following her example. https://ispot.tv/a/Iexl
  15. I think every car commercial running right now annoys me one way or another. The Buick one where UNCLE JUICE so cleverly wrote down the unspoken thoughts. The Chevy ones where some dimwit always shouts "Just look at it!" The truck commercial where everyone's jaw drops open when it drives by because the tailgate has hinges so you can fold it different ways. The truck commercial with the remote control tailgate. (That one should be on the hinged one.) Toyota Jan doing her country/western imitation. and her fist bumping one. I could go on and on but that is enough fo
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