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  1. I am so sad with what this franchise turned into. It used to be my favorite Housewives show for years. Not anymore. Now I don't have a favorite. I was already down to NY and BH. I'm only watching BH to see Erika fall. Judging by the number of posts here, a lot of people feel the same way about NY. I remember in the past when there would be pages of posts the day after the episode. Now not even a full page.
  2. To any of you who live in the Boston area, there is the Moldavan Restaurant in Newton. I checked out the menu and the peasant food looks yummy. On topic, I am happy this season is over. I have watched Angela for the last time no matter what franchise she may be on.
  3. Kyle is a bitch. She assigned the seating and seated Sutton next to Erika. She did this knowing what was going to be said to Erika after attending the meeting at Dorit's.
  4. Erika was claiming she didn't know how to make a deposit at the bank. Where did she get the cash that she was depositing? It must've been left over from all that cash that Tom had lying around that he gave her her spending money from. lol
  5. Maybe Florian had a vasectomy and doesn't want Stacey to know.
  6. Totally agree that Adam's beard is gross. I don't understand how he can look in a mirror and think he looks good. Too much Destiny. I cannot stand her and her pretentious ways
  7. I was reading the comments and my phone rang. It was my friend. She was watching the episode. She yelled, "What the fuck is this car story? It doesn't make any sense and she's a liar". Told her that everyone on this forum felt the same way! lol
  8. Wasn't Kyle the one who originally brought up the car accident too? Talk about scripted.
  9. I was picturing her trying out different mascaras to see which one runs better. And I agree that no one doesn't swipe at the tears on their face.
  10. Tiffany seems like she gets larger every episode. When Ronald left, she kept on eating. I was thinking that she was more interested in shoveling the food into her mouth than leaving with Ronald. Family Libby are a bunch of assholes. Obviously Charlie and his nasty wife flew so they could bad mouth Andre before he got there. The brother in law seemed to be on Andre's side because the sisters were acting ridiculous. The aunt and grandfather are assholes too.
  11. Same here. I stopped watching a few episodes ago. I am still reading this forum to see if anything has changed. Since I'm from Boston, I wanted to watch this episode. After reading my fellow posters opinions, I'm glad I didn't. Bravo needs to get rid Leah and Eboni in order for me and others to come back and watch. I don't need lectures. I need fun.
  12. I have watched this show since the very first episode. I stopped watching a couple of episodes in this time around. I could not stand the Eboni lecturing and the Leah shit show. I'm still reading this thread as I wanted to see how others react. Most of the posts today are about Eboni. I'm curious if Luann or Sonya were even on this episode as they aren't mentioned by anyone in this thread.
  13. Well this was the Destiney hour. Everything about her is fake from her personality to her face to her way of talking. When she was at the cafe with Reza, she looked scary, truly like Dracula. Not sure about her stalker story. It was revealed at a very convenient time.
  14. I cannot stand Destiny. Not one poster has had anything good to say about her. It's like Bravo reads the board to see who we can't stand and gives that person more airtime.
  15. If they do get another season, I'm praying they drop Destiney. I don't think I've ever seen someone be such a try-hard on a reality show. If she does come back next season, I'm betting she will have had a butt lift.
  16. I was thinking the same thing. Then I figured that some designer had donated the clothes (family or friend) to showcase their clothes.
  17. Eww is right. Mother was hugging Mike like he was a hero going off to war. Mike patting her head was revolting. I literally left the room during the sex talking by Aseulo. Kalani and Aseulo have nothing to offer so TLC highlights their sex life. I'm sure if we took a poll on this board that 100% would vote to have this couple off our screens.
  18. I love Garcelle doing that too. I totally didn't understand why Lisa was telling that story of Harry's friend being a rapist. All I was thinking was that there were rumors of Harry being a rapist and why would she bring up this about his friend. It just made me remember those rumors.
  19. I'm with you. I only watched for 16 minutes and then changed the channel. I'll read this board to see if anything changes. I've never met anyone that acted like Leah in real life. I've tried to hang in but just can't anymore. I want to be entertained and this show is far from entertaining.
  20. And Charlie thought he was Thurston Howell.
  21. Destiney sucks. Her lips look ridiculous. Her constantly speaking Persian is such an affectation. She has no story so moving in across from Reeza and his creepy husband gives her more screen time. Can't stand her. Wish she would take her tacky outfits and go away.
  22. She doesn't know any better unfortunately for her. Imagine if she stays with him and that is her only experience with sex.
  23. I was yelling, shut up Leah, for most of the show. I was pissed that she was lecturing the other housewives in her talking heads. And she had the majority of talking heads throughout the show. Why?! I'm sad RHNY has changed to the Leah show. I'm still watching for now. I loved this show but when I spend the majority of the hour unhappy with what I'm watching, maybe it's time to stop. I like Eboni. Ramona and Sonja arguing about Ramona's animal prints was funny. I do think that Sonja needs some serious therapy tho. Good for Luann trying hard to stay sober. I don't care if she smokes
  24. It was a stupid theme. I think Leah just wanted someplace to wear that ridiculous ass-baring outfit.
  25. And get some women that are actual housewives as someone posted above. Not one of these ladies are married and isn't that the premise for the show? If not, this should be called the Single Ladies of NYC.
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