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  1. MaiLuna

    S07.E22: Leaving Storybrooke

    Well...that was that. Things I liked: -Rumple's sacrifice. For once a redemption worked, I loved how he said you don't do good things for a reward (you hear that, Regina?) I got a little emotional when Hook said "Goodbye, old friend". -I actually liked the realms being brought together. Now people can't lose each other any more and they won't need any "last magic bean"s anymore. -The mention of Lily's father. It was completely ridiculous, but they seemed to have listened to fans, that for some reason kept asking for it in social media. -Captain Swan being happy and adorable. -Regina not getting a love interest. -Robin and Alice in Storybrooke. Robin's scene with WHook was nice too. -That last pan around Storybrooke and the montage were nice. -Henry's reaction about Regina casting another curse. LOL. Things I didn't like: -Regina being the queen of everything, what the hell? How about Snow, Charming, Emma? If Regina had really changed, she would've given the crown to one of them. Imagine telling someone who's on season 1 that Snow and Charming would bow to Regina (disrespectful, I say). Does anyone know Regina killed Graham? Has she returned the hearts in her vault? Has she apologized to Snow, Charming, Emma, the bride whose groom she killed, etc? I'm guessing not, so how is she the good queen? Literally the worst ending they could've done. This really brings the whole series down. Tiana got to be Queen, for like what, a month? Because now it's all Regina, so Elsa, and all the other royals are nothing. -Regina and Wish!Henry. He remembers Emma raising him, the same Emma that at the end just walked in and only interacted with original Henry. She has memories of him and doesn't care? But now Regina is his "mom". I love how Regina told Wish!Henry she cared when she had abandoned him as an orphan and never even thought twice about it. -Do Belle and Rumple even care about Gideon at all? -You could've given Blue at least ONE line. -The timeline has been completely thrown out the window. I won't give myself a headache trying to figure out how 2017 Henry disappeared and older Henry is there with Ella and Lucy.
  2. MaiLuna

    S07.E14: The Girl in the Tower

    Please don't let it be another crock-pot situation! Jokes aside, this was one of the best episodes in a while. Alice/Tilly is so endearing, and even if they had Alice/Robin have an adventure on their first day, they didn't end up proclaiming their love after 24 hours, which is an improvement for this show.
  3. MaiLuna

    A New Beginning: OUAT 2.0

    We all knew this would be the last season. A&E created a bunch of new stuff for nothing. They should've just had a final season in Storybrooke wrapping up all the storylines they forgot about (Lily's father, Mulan, Untold Stories, etc.).
  4. MaiLuna

    S07.E09: One Little Tear

    Decent episode, but the different pronunciations of "Anastasia" bother me. Especially coming from the same character! Rapunzel says it one way in the flashback and when we cut to present-day Victoria she pronounces it another way. It's a small thing but for some reason it really bothers me.
  5. MaiLuna

    S07.E07: Eloise Gardner

    That tweet about Gothel is awfully similar to the response Adam posted about Regina. And now Regina is a hero, so Gothel (just like Zelena and Arthur) will probably get away with rape also. The thing is, those things are acknowledged -- up to some point. The word "rape" has never been used on the show or by one of the writers in those scenarios.
  6. MaiLuna

    S07.E06: Wake Up Call

    Well, for the first time I found Regina likeable the whole episode. She did act stupid (that's a given in this show for the plot to go forward) but she didn't do anything totally morally wrong at least. I do believe the flashback was rushed, it should've spanned more time. And I hate that they ignore the reason the show started! Kid Henry wasn't happy with Regina. From Regina's reaction, it seems Henry dies if the curse is broken. Or maybe Lucy. I don't see Regina having that reaction for anyone else. If it's Lucy then we can have the parent/child TLK at the end of the season like everything else they're coping from season 1. It seems pretty obvious Ivy didn't cast the curse, just because of the way she's phrasing it: "When the curse was cast"... I haven't decided if Tilly really is WHook's daughter or if she'll be someone else. Or maybe they'll make us think it's someone else for a while, then reveal it was Alice all along. They're trying with Henry/Jacinderella but there's no much chemistry. Imagine how good it'd have been to have cursed Captain Swan falling and pining for each other *sigh*
  7. MaiLuna

    Online Quizzes, Games, Polls, and More!

    Episodes Titles Quiz If after this you become obsessed with Sporcle, I don't take any responsability for it.
  8. I enjoyed it. It wasn't perfect but it worked for a quasi-series finale. The curse made me miss season 1. I liked all the callbacks. It's good that they bookended the series with a Henry/Emma TLK but Hook was right there! They don't want to give CS a TLK, fine; but don't tease us like that. I would've liked Hook, Emma or Charming to give Emma the final pep talk. Why couldn't any of the others kill Gideon to stop the "trap" that Emma gave into anyway? I was kinda ticked off that they have given the EQ a happy ending just to take it away. But then again, dying sacrificing herself would've been good. Regina's gotten much better but she still doesn't deserve being called Queen and having the dwarves bow to her. She still has hearts in her vault!! I liked the montage in the end. A little weird that Rumpel was there, but whatever. Why did Gideon turn back into a baby? It wasn't explained. And where was Zelena's bit? She earned one. I will watch next season, I am intrigued even if they're just repeating the same thing. The little Charming/Hook adventure was great. My favorite part of this show are the adventures at the Enchanted Forest.
  9. I...I don't know how to react.
  10. MaiLuna

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    I'm heartbroken. If there is a season 7 I'll watch it even if I have to bitch about it every step of the way. But right now I'm just sad.
  11. MaiLuna

    S06.E20: The Song in Your Heart

    I loved it. Was it perfect? No. But I'm gonna take my critical cap off for once and just enjoy it. It was fun, it was hopeful and it was beautiful.
  12. MaiLuna

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    So Hook is going to be singing around his fetal future wife. Only on this show.
  13. MaiLuna

    S06.E18: Where Bluebirds Fly

    Well, I enjoyed an episode focused on Zelena because at least it's something different. While I applaud Zelena's noble sacrifice, I would personally would've gone to Oz to find my tin man friend instead of sticking in Storybrooke because of...Regina. Can't the heroes ever NOT be set up by the villains? Will they ever learn not to fall in their traps instead of winning last minute because of some random magical object? I loved the wedding planning plot, it's nice to have a domestic storyline that's about the characters. I may have rewatched the pancakes scene a few times... Oh look, the Black Fairy has a sad backstory. Shocker. Why can't we have more Cruellas?
  14. MaiLuna

    Spoiler Discussion: The apple was poisoned?!

    The line Snow said tonight about Emma not having to face the final battle alone made me a bit sad because it'd be cool if all the characters were involved, but we already know they're stuck watching from the sidelines again.
  15. MaiLuna

    S06.E17: Awake

    This episode actually gave me a feeling of hope, like the writers say this show is about but lately it has been failing. Such a shame they had to end it with the Rumpel/EF scene, where we could see the difference between Rumpel and Snowing. This episode shows you can have a good episode based on the "boring" heroes. Even if Hook was a former villain, we could see him a good-natured adventure (even if he was selfish at the start). That's where I think the writers fail with Regina's redemption, don't give us a flashback of her whining, give us some present-day redemptive adventure with her and it'd be much more fun. I hate that once again Snow & Charming put Emma the savior over Emma the person. Aren't they always saying they'll find another way? Rumpel said Emma would go back to the town on her 28th birthday, he never said she had to go back alone. Plus, if it was a prophecy, doesn't it mean it would have happened even if Snowing had gone to her? At least Snow made it up to her, this time thinking she WOULD find another way (how convenient, like it was also convenient that they didn't wake up while Emma was living on the streets). They didn't have a problem cursing the Enchanted Forest to save Neal though, because they knew Emma would save them (it seems she just can't save them if she's happy and loved I guess). I liked Tiger Lily and I wish she'd have gone through the portal, it doesn't seem she has much fun in Neverland. I also liked the Regina/David scene, I wish they'd interact more. The resolution was cheesy but OK (prop people, just fill the cup next time, please) but I'm bitter there was STILL no CS TLK. And I wish Hook had actually apologized to Charming! But overall, I liked the episode. It was entertaining because it was over quickly. And the CS proposal was sweet!!