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  1. I really don't like them either, and everyone is pretty much their BFFLs on this board. We can go be anti in a corner together lol. "Bebbehhhhhh!"
  2. I didn't imply she's ever asked for slack, because she hasn't. :) I just dislike her, and I feel like they're getting a way too positive edit. I still think there is some producer shenanigans going on. Come on, a surfing task... for pro surfers.
  3. I might be the only one but I find Bethany to be kind of a snake in the grass. To me, she's just a normal person and I don't give her any slack because of the arm (though she is bad ass)... she's competitive and kind of nasty and I thought so all along. And this is superficial, but I find her voice annoying. I smell a production setup with their FF. Of course... surfing for professional surfers! COME ON. I won't even talk about Brooke. She is such a defeatist and the total villain of this season, ugh. Go away.
  4. Like that little clip of them rapping in the car and Jordan didn't know the lyrics... ahahaha! I was DYING.
  5. I hate to say it, but this show feels so different. I used to laugh out loud every single episode but I hardly ever smirk now. Key and Peele, come on! I can't quit you...
  6. ... who can also afford her own place in a brownstone in Brooklyn. I'm sorry--as a NY native, it always makes me roll my eyes when shows do this. I know TV isn't supposed to be realistic but come on. Rent stabilization? Maybe. But mention it in passing, at least!
  7. Yeah, seriously. I'd be scared of her too! "You stay. You sit down and you serve. And use the sharper knife." Yes ma'am...
  8. God, this show is my absolute jam. Chelsea and Yamir: I feel like Yamir is genuine and is really having conflicted emotions, but Chelsea Ono is horridly selfish. She's been away for ten years and is only now realizing she wants to live at home? Girl, bye. He moved to another country and left everything for you--you can move a few hours away to Chicago. Yamir is an adult but he seems so innocent and totally sweet. I'd be his friend. Evelin and whatever his name is: The point of eloping is that you do it on your own. His family needs to back up. A wedding is not all about you--it's about
  9. I agree it's also comical. The accent is actually very nuanced (little things like "ahrange" instead of "oarange" for orange, etc.). I'd like to see, for once, someone get a real NY accent right and not exaggerate it for comic effect! But I digress. I totally agree with whoever said Ruth's mouth is distracting. I feel awful for saying it but sometimes I get so distracted staring at it, that I have to rewind.
  10. I know, I know... tv shows aren't supposed to be realistic. But I still don't understand why for the life of people on this show aren't portrayed with NY accents. As a native New Yorker (City) with a summer home in Suffolk County, you'd be hard pressed to find someone anywhere on Lawn Guyland without an accent, especially out on the End. Which brings me to my next point: on this show they act like they're in the middle of nowhere removed from civilization. Granted, Montauk really is the end of the island but they're hardly in the middle of nowhere. They're free to leave at any time, espec
  11. What I don't understand about this show--and what really bugs me because I pay attention to the little things like this--is that nobody on this show has a New York accent! Montauk is Suffolk County, which is filled to the brim with people who have these hilariously thick New York accents. I love it.
  12. I guarantee you they're setting up that judge to have taken heat from Hudson University or the mayor's office, and that this won't be the last we hear of it (I also feel like something is up with the defense attorney too). JMI.
  13. The twins' father was cracking me up! He's like a wise Danny De Vito. And I'm SO OVER JAC. She is a bottomless pit of need. How does Chris stand her?
  14. Yup! Manzo means beef. Giudice also means judge, as in the person behind the gavel! From the verb 'giudicare' or 'to judge.'
  15. I hadn't thought of that! You're absolutely right. They're definitely saying scimm'. I'm Sicilian (we say scemu or scimunitu or babbu, etc.) so it hadn't even occurred to me those little kids would be speaking Neapolitan and not English! That makes me feel better because saying "shim" in English isn't cool.
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