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  1. I think he charged him to try and get the upper hand. Think back to Richie W panicking that Joe Giu was on his way. I don't think Joe Go is a real bad ass brawler. Just my opinion though.
  2. She is contributing financially now. She isn't doing the show for free.
  3. I don't care about either one of them. Joe Gorga is most definitely scared of Joe Giudice based on the christening and the season 5 fight where Richie Wakile was warning him Joe was on his way.
  4. See, I'm sick of hearing about storylines. IMO this is where these shows have lost their way. I think most of us watched them just to observe them in their day to day lives with a little crazy mixed in. Now it is this fake b/s and it gets tiresome.
  5. Well, he doesn't hold his tongue any longer because Joe Giudice will never be face to face with Joe Gorga again. Easy to speak your peace now.
  6. I know you have to take it with a grain of salt but Marge was on Heather McDonald's podcast and Heather asked if the Gorga's were doing this for a storyline and she said it is worse than has been shown.
  7. I don't think Melissa looks good at all this year from the head up. I think she tweaked one too many times and her hair looks different.
  8. He is a big talker now that he doesn't have to worry about Joe Giudice kicking his ass.
  9. Why didn't Kathy Wakile make us aware of this?
  10. Kelly Hanson of Foreigner? I'm shocked. He was pretty good looking in his day. My daughter and I were in the front row of one of their concerts when she was 12 and he made sure to high five her, gave her a guitar pic and drumstick.
  11. I am seriously annoyed. Kandy is horrible on every level.
  12. Teresa wasn't in jail when her mother passed. I remember seeing pictures etc.
  13. And lest they forget, Jen is getting paid to do this show. Just like Margaret. So she is contributing to the household income.
  14. Same. I have thawed some in Gottmick but not much. I found her clique with Tina and Kandy obnoxious. I think she is pretty one note and am not impressed.
  15. Oh you said it. Kandy has looked a mess this whole season. I couldn't understand her. Sick of Gottmick and that Paris Hilton voice she has been using since snatch game. I am more annoyed than entertained at this point.
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